Spiritual knowledge is a regular science. Just as two and two make four, similarly everything is clean and obvious here also and there is no scope for any kind of modification or change in that.

Sant Kirpal Singh

The gift of the Master

By ­Sant Kir­pal ­Singh, Sant Ba­ni Ash­ram, Oc­to­ber 19, 1972

I may submit to you – this is my last talk here – that the subject of spirituality wholly hinges on the word "Master" or "Guru". If you understand the word "Master" or "Guru", you understand the whole theory of the teachings of the Masters.

All scriptures that we have at our hand speak of the unavoidable necessity, I would say, of the existence of a Master or a Guru or a Saint. This is no new subject. Even in the old days, when the Masters came up to the scene, this question was considered to be very important. Guru Nanak (1469 – 1539) took four trips: one to the North, to the Himalayas; one to the East, to Burma and China; the third to the South, up to Ceylon; and the fourth to the West, Persia, Arabia, Jerusalem, Egypt. When He went to the Himalayas, the Siddhas put a question to Him: "Who is your Guru? Who is your Master?" Everybody naturally asked. And He told them that "Shabd is my Guru." Do you know what is meant by Shabd? God is Ashabd, Wordless, Nameless; when it came into being, into expression, It was called Word, It was called Shabd, It was called "Name" or Naam. So He said, "My Guru is Shabd – the God-into-expression Power is my Guru. God is my Guru, and He will lead me into the Absolute God."

Guru Gobind Singh (1660 – 1708) refers to his past lives – very few Saints have referred to their past lives. So tenth Guru was one of such great Masters who gave reference to their past lives. He said, "I was undergoing great penances, great meditations – ultimately I realized that God was within me and I was in Him. God ordered me to go to the world. I told Him that I did not like to go back to the world."

Who is ready to leave that blissful state and come back to the world? You see, when the Masters come, they are ordered to come. Nobody would like to leave that place of permanent bliss and joy to come down. "But God ordered me, 'All right, you go!' – 'What for shall I go?' And He said, 'I have sent so many before; they all gave out message, of course, but ultimately they asked all to worship them.'" We worship the incarnations, you know. Only a few Masters who were sent by God, you might say, gave out: "My Father has sent me." Kabir (1398 – 1518) said, "I am the messenger of God, I was sent by Him to communicate the message He has sent; He remains contacted with me." You see? And Guru Gobind Singh says, "I came up, I submitted to His will and pleasure." And he came here and said to the people, "Do you know who I am? I am the servant of all of you. I am no more than that – a man like you. Of course, God has sent me." – "Then what you want?" – He said, "Worship God and God alone!"

Then, because it has become the custom, the common people began to praise him though they are sent by God, you see, and they forget the Name of God. So He put a great admonition: "Whosoever shall call me God will go to hell."

Kabir was asked, "Who is your Guru or Master?" He said, "The One who has sent me, He is my Master, I am His slave; I am His messenger." Prophet Mohammed said the same thing, "I am detailed for that duty, I am a mere messenger!" You see? "Rasul" means, "he who brings the message of God". Similarly, Kabir was asked, "Who is your Guru?" – "My Guru, my Master lives where? He lives in me but He lives above all these outgoing faculties."
So they are quite conscious. They are sent by God. They are Word made flesh. And they say, that Word resides in every heart, and you are to worship Him and Him alone. Have respect for everybody, but One is to be worshipped – God.

So all Masters who have come, they are working to just unite you with God. "Go back to your home!" They help us to go back home, and also give you a contact. Because to meet God – Where is He? He is in the same body in which you are living. He is the controlling Power within you. He is the controlling Power of the whole universe. How systematically it works, you see. There are so many planets and other things going round and round, they never clash with each other. How controlled they are! Some scientists have also come now to the decision that there is a Maker of this whole universe who is conscious.

So who is a Master? That God resides in everybody, but he is the Master in whom He is manifested. In all of us, He is there; He is the controlling Power; but He is not fully manifested (in us).

So that manifested God in Him, what He says? What is His work? He says, "I will give you eternal life, and those to whom I have given, they will never perish." – I am quoting Christ's words, you see – "never perish, and there is no power which can snatch him away from my hands." Strong power! Soami Ji (1818 – 1878) also referred to that, "In whomsoever I sow the seed of Naam, or Word, even the negative power has no control to drag up." All other Saints say the same thing.

So what do Masters do? Those who come to Him may leave Him, but the Master never leaves them. That's one thing, you see. Our Master used to say, "He has got a long rope." Any time He just draws the chain, he will be all right. So blessed you are; you are fortunate you have been given that seed – by God's grace, with the grace of my Guru, of course. That will never perish. That Power which once takes you up never leaves you.

When I came on my first tour, people asked me, "When is Christ returning?" I told them, "Has he ever left you?" – Because we have got His words with us, "I shall never leave thee nor forsake thee till the end of the world." If he is not leaving us, then how can he leave us? Come again? He never leaves! He manifests from time to time at different human poles to guide the child Humanity. He is always, at all times, even now – every time, because that is the divine link. Those who are hungry, there is food for them; those who are thirsty, there is water for them – and the Masters come down to give that Water of Life or Bread of Life.

So the first thing is that they never leave you. And those who come to Him and abide by His commandments, if at least they have got ruling love for Him, they can never go to hell. They can be punished by Him, you see: if you have got a son who commits something wrong, will you turn him over to the police? Would any father want his son to be taken by the police? He would himself slap him.

He who comes under the care of such a One, his whole administrator is the Master – the God in Him, that is the power given to Him by God. Maulana Rumi (Persian Saint 1207 – 1273) says in one place, "They have the power to stop an arrow shot from heaven on the way." People asked him, "Are they equal to God?" He said, "No, no, no. They are the beloved Sons of God." The Son won't do anything against His Father's wishes. He simply gives out what He has been ordered to. But if anything comes up, He accepts. He is not equal to God. This is what the Masters mean when they say, "I am in the Father and the Father is in me. I am within Him and He is within me. I and my Father are one. Son and Father have been dyed in the same colour." I am quoting from different Saints; you follow?

The Master is such a one. He is born like us, same way as you are born. He has got only two eyes and two ears; outer construction and inner construction is the same. But the difference is, in Him the Word is manifested. He is Word made flesh and dwelt among us. So they do their work while it is day – I am quoting the words of Christ – while they are alive. And they say, "The night cometh, when no man can work." This is what they mean: that he is the light of the world. This all Masters say. When they go back, they say, "We are going back to our father – don't stand in the way, don't say anything!" When Baba Jaimal Singh had to leave the body, he said, "Look here, I am going to my Father: don't say anything to stand in my way." When our Master was physically sick, we prayed to Him, "Kindly ask your Master to spare you here to live some time." He said, "I won't tell Him; I am ready to go. You may pray to Him, if you like!" This morning, you remember? One lady was telling me that my Master asked me to come back. Very good tidings, you see!

You know, they know what their work is: They do that much as they are instructed to do by God. They are not bound by any outward opinions, they carry on their work. This is one phase of it, you see?

Who can lead you to God? Do you know? Guru Nanak says, "The One who is called God, He is One and 'One' goes to express that unlimited Power." We say "God is One" because we are finite, and we have to address Him in finite terms; there are no other words, you see. So he says, "God is One; He is the ruler of all three planes; He is ever true, eternal; He is permeating all creation. He is the Controller of all creation; He is the Maker of all: He is the ruler of all. No other power is above Him. He comes into expression of his own self; He is not born by anybody." What he (Guru Nanak) says further? "It is a gift from this Master: Satguru parshad". It is the parshad or gift of the Master: God gives you God as parshad to you! You see?

So suchlike Saints you will find who can say that. And he tells you that he will just give you some experience of that Beyond whom he addresses as One. He is not one; if you say He is one, then the question of two arises. If there are two, then there is something equal to God. God is all alone; no equal to Him.

So such a Master, who is Word made flesh, He gives you some "Beautific Vision" of that Beyond which is expressed by the word One, the figure One. Do you know how great He is? Maulana Rumi says, "The prophet Mohammed says, 'God said, I am so great that nothing in this world or the next, none of the universes made by me are able to contain me in them. I'm so great, high and low, everywhere. But strange enough I can reside in the heart of a Gurumukh." Strange enough! "If you want to seek me, seek me there!" Kabir says openly, "They say, Kabir and God are two. They are one in two and two in one; those who have got no insight, they say they are two."

Go through the scriptures; you will find strange events, strange things – can we ever dream of the greatness of a Master? Maulana Rumi says that only those who can fly in the air know what it is like to fly in the air, into the Beyond. Can a rat running very fast on the ground ever dream of what height they are? But they have the power, you see! What?

They say, one rat was running very fast and a pigeon flew overhead and asked him, "Why are you running so fast?" He said, "I have to go visit my place of pilgrimage in Mecca." The pigeon had pity on him; he took him in his claws – pigeons fly 70 or 80 miles an hour – he just took him to Mecca. So we are grovelling on the earth, they (the Masters) can take our souls and place them there.

Who can rise above body-consciousness? Yogis have sometimes taken hundreds of years to rise above body-consciousness. You people can have it in no time! That is the gift of the Master. He is a man like you; He never says, "I am God"; He says, "The Father – He is God." He is conscious of that: "He does it"; not, "I do it." We can only explain the Master by bringing Him down to our own level, you see. Once He gives any man any gift, once He gives this gift of Naam, nobody is able to snatch that man away from Him. Even Kal (the negative power, or that aspect of the One God that flows downward and is responsible for the maintenance of the causal, astral and physical planes) has no power to snatch him. They say that when a soul is taken by the Master beyond the three planes into the fourth one, then Kal and Maya (delusive matter of the physical and astral world) begin to beat their breasts and say, "O, one man is gone!" He won't let you go, you see!

As I told you, mind is a very cunning friend; but he never lets you out. It is just like sheep who are locked in a pen so that they can't run out of it; the owner is all at peace. If the door is open, then he is very cautious, so that some sheep won't run away. If one goes out because the door is open, then he sends a man to catch it, to bring it back. You see?

So mind that, as I told you, the negative power or Kal will never let you go out of his pale. His power runs up to the three planes. If anybody goes further up with the grace of the Master, he says, "O my Lord, one man is gone, after all!" (Master chuckles.) Are you not fortunate?

So my point is: What is the Master? What is His work? His work is to take you out of the body, liberate you from the mind, outgoing faculties and intellect by self-analysis, and open your inner eye to see the Light of God. "If thine eye be single, thy whole body will be full of light."

As President of the World Fellowship of Religions, I contacted most of the religious heads; there were one or two who, by hypnotism or mesmerism (producing a state of trance by the consciously exerted "animal magnetism" of the operator so as to subordinate the willpower of his subject ) or radiation, could affect others. I have seen only very few yogis who have risen above body-consciousness. When I was in the Himalayas in 1948 I found only one man; he has now passed away, at the age of about 115 years – Raghuvacharya. His photo is in one of the books.

You will rarely find someone speaking about that. Do you hear suchlike things from any other Master? They will say, "Think of God, you will be absorbed in Him." How? The soul can be absorbed only by knowing oneself – not at the level of feelings or drawing inferences – but really by self-analysis, by rising above body-consciousness. He drags you up with a little attention; that costs you nothing. In Him that perennial source is working. He is Word made flesh, you know? How fortunate you are!

So what should we do? He is the one who helps you here, takes you above body-consciousness, passes you through the "strait gate and narrow way". He leads you through life and gives you life eternal; and when you go Beyond, He goes along with you. He never leaves you alone, throughout all planes, until He absorbs you in the Father – Sat Naam – who takes you to the Wordless State, which is inapprehensible.

When He meets somebody, what does He do? He takes you out of the depths of the poison of the outgoing faculties in which you are drowned; He drags you up out of them. And you know what you are, you know yourself – you are not the body. Then you come in contact with God who is controlling you in the body. He sees to it. When the Lord of Reckoning sees that you are under the control of such a Power, what will he do? (Dharam Raj is called the Lord of Reckoning; he gives results according to: "As you sow, so shall you reap.") When you come under the care of such a Master, you see, all your file with the negative power is transferred to the Master. So it is not the providence of the Lord of Reckoning to deal with your case, mind that.

These things might be given to you, but they are not new things, they are given in the scriptures. So, what else He does? He makes you hear that Sound Principle within you; makes you open the inner eye to see the Light of God. He not only gives about the physical plane, but He refers to the five planes – all five planes.

Muslim Masters also said the same thing: "When you draw your attention from the six chakras (six ganglion centres in the body on which the yogis concentrate in meditation) below and rise above, He gives you contact with the Sound coming from heaven." And the Name of God is given, you see, who is manifested in the Five Sounds: Panch Shabdi. So He is a Master. He has a form like you, and people don't recognize Him. Even one of the disciples of Christ did not recognize Him; He became the cause of His being put on the cross. So people do see Masters, you see, but they do not see Him as He is.

Who can see Him? Who can know Him? He whom He wants to know. We can know Him only as much as He manifests Himself to us. Our Master used to give an example of that: When you read in the primary class, the teacher gives you, out of the knowledge he has attained, only that which is at the level of the primary class. When you reach the middle class, he gives you knowledge according to that level. When you reach college, then he gives you knowledge according to that level. So you know Him as you come across Him.

I may tell you my own case: when I was a child about five or six years old, I saw a man giving a very vehement talk. I looked into his mouth – where is all this talk coming from? I am telling you my ignorance! I was wondering where it was from.

So it is a matter of levels, you see. You know your Master only up to the level which he will reveal Himself to you. If you know Him, you are a Master: so to know a Master is to become a Master. A Master alone can know the worth of another Master, no other. You see all these things, these little things I have put before you? What is the Master's work like, on the human level? He does not say, "I have come"; He will (always) say, "I am sent by God." But He meets you from the level of man; He has got a human touch.

So Masters do come from time to time. The world is never without them. Those who are yearning for God, only those alone can be brought in contact with them by God. Because the God within us knows the very trend of our mind, where we are being led away. So if we repose everything in Him, surrender ourselves to Him, then? It is for Him to see. But very rarely we can surrender to Him. There are many people who can give Him their physical possessions; very few who can dedicate their physical body throughout life to Him. But few there are who can surrender their mind to Him. It is rare. So we have to learn to surrender ourselves step by step, unless we surrender everything. If one coming to Him becomes like that, then? He becomes as He is. "As you think, so you become!" No attention is left for the other things outside except his own Self or Him.

So this is why He says, "Whatever gift is given by a Master, nobody else can give it." He gives God as a gift to you, you see; it does not mean He is above God, but the manifested God in man can give you a contact with God. It is said somewhere that if God and the one in whom God is manifested are both standing beside you, to whom will you pay obeisance? To God, or the God in man, manifested God? They say: "Pay obeisance to the God manifested in the manbody first, and then to God! Because, if the one in whom God is manifested did not meet us, how could we have known God?" This is only comparative – it is a matter of gratefulness.

Godman cannot be more than God. God is God. The sun is the sun. A ray of the sun is a ray of the sun. The whole world came up out of one ray, one word of His. Nobody can know all this. Take it for granted he can know, but that cannot be expressed in words. But even if he does know that work of the one ray – then? God is all rays; all rays are coming from Him. How can he know exactly what God is? You follow my point?

So Masters tell us about the gift that the Master gives – Kabir says so, Guru Nanak says so – that there is nobody else who can give you such a gift as a Master gives you. Master is one, you know; He is Word made flesh. That human pole never says, "I am the doer!" He says, "He is the doer." Because He is the conscious co-worker of that Power working through him. So these are the missions, you see, given to Masters.

One night, about nine or ten o'clock, I was sitting with my Master; Dr. Julian Johnson was there also. If you leave the Masters to their own selves, they reveal many things to you. If we simply ask Him, He gives reply only to that extent what you want. But if you leave it to Him, sometimes He will refer to it of His own self – who He is, what He is, what He is here for. So He mentioned that night, "Well, we are sent by God for a certain mission, and when we come we bring our own staff with us to work. And when one work is over, we are sent to another place."

So they are suchlike Masters. It is a great blessing to have a living Master. And what is the criterion of that? He who can give you at least a lift from the body, open your inner eye to see the Light of God, and open your inner ear to hear the Sound. That is some capital to start with. When this is given, you just enter the second birth. And you go to the door of death, and beyond that.

Who can give gifts like that? And even that is very elementary! He is someone, you see, who cannot only put us on the way, but can also guide us further. Those are the criteria. He does not look at who you are, what label you are carrying. He says, "You are man. You have got the manbody, which is the highest rung in creation. You are conscious entities, you are ensouled bodies, a drop of the ocean of all consciousness. God resides in you, controlling you in the body, just as He controls the whole universe." If you would like to find Him, then as I just quoted, prophet Mohammed says, "I am so great that no universes high or low can contain me, but I reside in the heart of a 'momin' (Gurmukh or Godman)." So who can reveal Him, you see?

It is He who sent us to the world, is it not? We were sent down. Some day we were in the lap of God. After all we are His children, you see, and when we feel very unhappy, He sees His child crying, in great trouble, in great agony – then He takes the robe of a manbody, comes over here and takes us back home. "Come, child, have your eternal life which is permanent peace and joy and bliss. Why do you continue here in such misery?"

So you will find that God which the Masters give us contact with. That resides where? In the manbody – each one of us. God does not reside in temples made by human hands; He resides in the temples that He has made in the womb of the mother. He is within you. The body is the true temple of God.

Those whose eyes are awakened, they see the manbody as the temple of God. The symbols of the God-into-expression Power – Light and Sound – are kept in models of the manbody: dome- or headshaped, as Hindu temples; foreheadshaped, as mosques, etc. They were put there only for the beginners to know that suchlike Light is within you and suchlike Sound is reverberating within you.

So all are alike – no high, no low. And where that which is symbolized in the models is manifest – that is the highest. And that you are. With great fortune you have got the manbody, you see, and you are still of greatest fortune if you have met somebody who has given you a contact within you. That should be developed from day to day.

That is why, when Masters come (into the world), they say that the nectar of eternal life is within you, and it can be had when you sit at the feet of a Master. In whatever social body you have joined, you have joined only for the purpose of knowing God, of coming in contact with God, who is controlling you in the body and controlling the whole universe; and by coming in contact with that, you have everlasting life. Just attain that thing while living in any social body. You have joined these different schools of thought, for what purpose? To know God – not what custom you follow, what label you follow, but to know God; and that will only be when you, while living in your temples, your social bodies, rise above to the level which they set before you.

There is God. All human beings are alike with the same privileges from God – no high, no low – like a class in which men of different denominations, having their own labels, are all reading together. So all humanity is wearing different labels, customs, everything, but they are studying in a class – with whom? With a Master to reach God. He has got no separate label to carry, and He does not touch your outer label. "They come to fulfil, not to destroy." So this is the teaching of the Master, what a Master is.

Can you ever dream of His greatness? In the beginning, when I went to my Master, people asked me, "How great is He?" I simply told them, "I don't know how great He is, but I know He is far above what I want to know." You see? In the beginning, who can penetrate the depths of a great man? Only that much which He reveals to us of it. To some He appears, God knows, like a false prophet. When I went to Italy, there had been some yogi teaching over there. Two men came up to me and were talking against him very much: "All yogis are alike, we don't want to hear you", this and that thing. They were going by the experience they had. The other day, when they sat (for meditation) they were thankful.

My point is, you see: "All are not alike." All are not wearing the skins of lions, but there are some who are lion-hearted. When you come to a lion's feet, then you are not to fear any other animal in the jungle. So those are fortunate who are led to the feet of a Master. That is why it is said, "It is a great blessing to have a living Master." How great He is!

So the first thing that the Master gives is: He tells you that the factory of your manbody is being run by you. You have got different departments of the body, just as a factory has. These departments are sight, hearing, touch, smell, and taste. The outer expression of your soul is called "attention". If you want to close any department of the factory, you will take off the connection which is connected with that department. Then it will close down; it won't work. If you want the whole factory to be stopped, then you shut off the main switch. Similarly, it is you who enlivens all the departments of the body. The Master shows you how to withdraw your attention, how to disconnect your connection with the different departments. There are ten departments (five gross and five subtle): sight working through eyes, hearing working through ears, smell working through nose, taste working through tongue, touch working through skin. It is He (Master) who can give you a demonstration of how to rise above them all, and stay there. When you know, "I am the one who is working all these departments", you will work through them at your will and pleasure. You will not be dragged. Now you are dragged; that is the difference. Outward enjoyments drag our outgoing faculties like anything; outgoing faculties drag the mind, and mind is dragging the intellect. The poor soul is dragged the most, although all these take strength from the soul.

So the first thing is, He rises you out of your body by self-analysis. Somebody asked this morning what "self-analysis" means. It is not knowing oneself at the level of feelings or drawing inferences; it is just to give you a boost, way up, so that you come to the place from where you enliven all these departments. When you reach that, you will find the Water of Life trickling down – the Nectar of Life is there.

When you have that bliss, what happens? You won't like to leave that Nectar. Then you will be able to work on the level or through whichever department you want to work; you won't be dragged. That is the difference between one who is realized and one who is not yet, who has been put on the way.

You see, each man is attracted to his own real source. Soul is of the same essence as that of God. When it is free from everything outside, then naturally it would like to go to God. The flame of a burning candle always goes up, because the sun is the source of light in this world. Soul is the light of God, you see? If we are withdrawn from all outside, naturally soul will like to go to God. It is but natural. No matter how hard you throw a clod of earth into the sky, no matter how far, it will come back to the earth which is its source. So when you are divested of all these outgoing faculties, then naturally you will see God – if you come up there (to the Third Eye). Everybody likes to go back to his own source. You see?

That is what the Master first gives. He makes you reborn; He makes you twice born. That you have only by rising above body-consciousness, just as at the time of death you leave the body. This is what He gives. From there on, naturally, soul wants to go up. It is only the physical covering which takes you out.

The Master helps you here and also in the Beyond. Earthly teachers cannot take you to the Beyond; they cannot even speak about the Beyond; let alone but to take you there. He says, "Seek the feet of some Master who can help you here and who is also competent to help you when you leave the body." Worldly affairs and relations leave you when their purpose is not served; some in poverty, some in difficulty, some in sickness. But even those who are very true to you, they will also have to leave you at the end of your life. You are in agony; nobody can help you; those who love you can only say, "O God, help this man!" And the Master helps you there, by teaching you how to rise above the body-consciousness, by teaching you "how to die so that you may begin to live". He gives you a demonstration of that at the very outset. If you rise daily, then? (Where is the fear at the end?) "I die daily", St. Paul said. "Take the cross daily." This is the cross. (Master points to His body.) Go up!

So this is what Masters do at the very outset. They also guide you in the astral plane, and higher planes, too. He never leaves you till the end of the world which continues up to the supercausal and pure spiritual planes. Our destination is very far off; and we are grovelling on the earth in the physical body. Guru Nanak prayed at one place, "O God, You live in the Beyond, above all; I am grovelling on the earth." He prays, "God, o God, how can I reach You? I don't know which way leads to You. Strait is the gate and narrow is the way that leadeth unto life – I don't know which way it is." Many people sit in their penances, in their practices, in their meditations, but they don't find any way out. Man asks, "How to come up?" Then when he fails, he cannot find any way, he prays, "O God" or "O Saint, You are going to God daily, will You kindly relate to Him my state of affairs? I am crying for Him; tears are rolling down my cheeks. I want to come to You, but I do not know which way leads to You. I am in the dark – will You please help me?" Naturally, if you want help, you want it from anybody who can give it to you. When I wanted it, I prayed, "O God, if You are manifested anywhere on the earth, please meet me." And He did meet me, with His grace. I thought He was Guru Nanak. So God hears. Then what does He do? He sends some man to call, bring her (the soul) back. "Bring the soul back to me." When the Master meets you, take it that He has been sent by God to take you back home. What should you do? If you are married, and your husband sends for you, would you like to hear your parents or anybody ask you, "Why are you going back?" – "O, I am going to my husband; he has sent for me!"

The world says so many things about those who have been put on the way. Be not afraid! It is just like a hen who hatches duck eggs along with her own. When the children are born, the ducklings and chickens each have their own tendency naturally. If they go by a pond like this, the duck children plunge into the water. The hen and the other chickens cry, "O, they are drowned!" Truly, they are not drowned, you see; they are following their own nature. So those who come to the teacher – people may speak anything they like of you, but you know where you are going.

So this is what I have to tell you, in a few words: what is before us and how fortunate we are to have been put on the way. Now we are to work for that, you see. That costs you nothing. Our Master used to say, "What does it cost you? One or two hours of sleep!" Instead of sleeping eight hours, sleep six hours. You don't have to pay for anything. It is a gift of nature. Like all other gifts of nature, it is free.

The last two times I was here – in India, too – I gave all my talks free: no tickets, no donation boxes. Why? Because it is a gift from God, it must be given free. You know, what's there in the books I have written? "No Rights Reserved." I know it is a gift from God. So I congratulate you; what for? You have been put on the way. Those who have been put on the way, they can never perish. Nobody can pluck you from the hands of God – the Word made flesh. Simply turn your face to Him; obey His commandments; keep them. Nothing more. It is to your own benefit.

So you are gathered together here from different parts of the country, and you are fortunate, because you have heard what a Master is. I have given you nothing new. It is given in the scriptures. We don't believe unless we see for our own selves. Only live up to it and you will see for yourself that what is written in the scriptures is all true. There is one Saint, Dadu. He says, "I say what I see; others say only what they have read or heard." That is the inner way. It is in each of you. And this way you have been put on, that Master has put you on, is the most easy, most natural way, because you have got something to start with the very first day, you don't have to earn money.

So I am also very fortunate: I see all of you who have been put on the way, and those who would like to be put on the way. The only thing wanted which would make me more happy: Live up to the commandments of the Master! Have righteous lives – true living. And the more you can advance on the way while living on the earth, the better. You can advance in the earthly life more quickly than in the Beyond. So be thankful to God who has afforded you this opportunity. It is He who afforded opportunity. The only thing remaining is to live up to what you have been asked to do. If you don't live up to the commandments and you have been initiated, put on the way, what will the others say when you fall down like anybody else with lust, anger, and other things? What will they say? Who will they blame? They will put blame on the teaching of the Saints. Do you know what Christ said? "Who says anything against me, God can forgive them. But what you say against the Spirit, that cannot be forgiven by God!" Have you read the Bible? If you say anything against this Holy Ghost which has been given to you, even God won't forgive you. So the only thing remaining is, stick to your diaries and weed out the imperfections you have got. Put in regular time to your meditation; progress from day to day. Help will come: the more help you want, the more will come. The more fire burns, the more oxygen comes to help – without demand. So I may say, I am thankful to you for taking the trouble to come here from different parts of the country; it is a forlorn place, but fortunately it is in touch with nature, you see. Nature speaks more than words, more than books. There are books in rivulets and sermons in stones here.

This was a temporary period that you had for a few days; I just requested you to derive the most you could from your stay here; the very first day I requested you. So now you may go back; but don't forget what you have come to know. Take as much time you can snatch away from your busy life; it will be in your own interest. If, in Government service, some appointments are vacant, sometimes they are filled by promoting from the ranks, sometimes by inviting someone direct from outside. So the more you progress in earthly life, you will be directed to higher planes.

So my wishes are with you. That Power – Christpower or Godpower – never leaves. Remain in touch – I would like to request you, remain in touch through correspondence. What you have been given, you see, is that which I got from my Master. I think it is the best thing referred to in all the scriptures. If per chance – I don't think there is anything superior to that, but if you do get something more – don't you go alone please. Take me with you. (Laughter) No, I am not joking, you see. We are after truth – if there is more truth there, we are ready (to go there). But I have not found anything so far; scriptures do not speak of more than that. This means you will avoid any propaganda. Beware of the false prophets who come in lamb's clothes.

Remain in touch, that's all. I have had a very good feast here, I would say, with you people. Perhaps you might have enjoyed it, but I think I have enjoyed the most. This is all I can submit to you. Put in as much time as you can; snatch it away from your busy hours! After all, for urgent things we do eliminate other things that are not so important; this is of the most important, this is the most private, the most personal question; it is a misconception not to find any time. No, no; this is very important; other things are not important, we will eventually put them in "the wastepaper basket". All right, this is what little I had to say.