What help us to know ourselves what things are not helping factors, and how we can analyse ourselves from the outgoing faculties and intellect is a practical subject. This is truly called spirituality.
Sant Kirpal Singh

Love versus lust – II

From the book "Morning Talks", by Sant Kirpal Singh, 31 January, 1968
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­There is ­lust out­side ­and ­true ­love ­inside. ­God is ­love. ­Love is also ­innate in ­our ­souls ­and ­wishes to ­attach ­itself to some­thing. A con­scious ­entity ­should be ­attached to ­all Con­scious­ness. It is ­now ­attached to ­the ­world ­and out­ward attach­ments. ­This is ­the rea­son ­why we ­are com­ing ­again ­and ­again to ­the ­world, ­because we ­are ­attached to ­the ­world.

­How to dif­fer­en­tiate ­and under­stand ­what is ­true ­love ­and ­what is ­outer ­love is ­the ques­tion? I ­was ­just explain­ing ­that we ­shall ­really under­stand ­the dif­fer­ence ­between ­the ­two, if we ­just ­study ­our ­own ­selves. We ­are con­scious ­beings. We ­are ­drops of ­the ­Ocean of ­all Con­scious­ness. ­The mac­ro­cosm is in ­the micro­cosm. In ­the mac­ro­cosm ­there ­are ­three ­planes, phys­i­cal, ­astral ­and cau­sal. We ­have ­got a phys­i­cal ­body, an ­astral ­body ­and a cau­sal ­body, ­which ena­ble us to ­work in ­these ­planes. We ­are ­now work­ing in ­the phys­i­cal ­plane ­and we ­also ­have ­our ­astral ­and cau­sal bod­ies. ­While work­ing in ­the phys­i­cal ­plane, we ­use ­the out­go­ing facul­ties, ­which ­are ­fixed in ­the phys­i­cal ­body ­and ­open out­side to ­receive ­the impres­sions ­from ­the exter­nal ­world, what­ever ­they ­are, ­good or ­bad. ­Those ­who ­are ­imbued ­with ­the attach­ment or ­love of ­the out­ward enjoy­ments ­have ­these impres­sions embed­ded in ­their ­astral ­body ­through ­their phys­i­cal out­go­ing facul­ties. ­The ­true col­our of ­our ­own ­selves is ­not ­the phys­i­cal ­body, ­which ­may be ­very ­clean, ­very ­much beau­ti­ful, ­but is embed­ded in ­our ­astral ­body. ­This we can­not ­see ­with ­the ­outer ­eyes. ­Our Mas­ter ­used to ­say, "­When a ­man ­comes to me, I ­see ­him as in a ­glass ­jar, ­whether it con­tains ­sweet ­things or ­sour ­things". ­His ­eye ­had ­become eth­e­real­ized, ­and He ­could ­see a ­man in ­his ­true col­ours.

When we ­leave ­this phys­i­cal ­body, we ­appear in ­our ­true col­ours. ­The ­man ­whose ­astral ­body is ­quite ­clear of out­ward impres­sions, ­with no ­lust, attach­ment or ­hatred, ­but ­who is ­imbued ­with ­the ­love of ­God, ­such a ­man, ­when ­you ­come in ­His com­pany, ­will radi­ate ­those qual­i­ties to ­you. In ­the cau­sal ­body ­are ­the impres­sions of ­the ­past ­births. ­When ­these ­are ­also ­cleared, ­that ­man is ­called a ­Saint, in ­the ­true ­sense of ­the ­word. ­The Mas­ters ­always dep­re­cate ­the ­love of ­the phys­i­cal ­body ­and out­ward attach­ments. If ­you ­have ­the com­pany of or ­think of some­one ­whose ­astral ­body is ­not ­cleansed, ­who is ­not ­imbued ­with ­the ­love of ­God or is ­imbued ­with ­the ­outer attach­ments of ­loves ­and ­hatreds, ­the com­pany of ­such a ­man ­will ­give ­you a ­like radi­a­tion. If ­you ­think of a ­man ­whose cau­sal ­body is ­cleared of ­all ­past ­births, ­His ­form ­will ­always be ­with ­you, guard­ing ­you, help­ing ­you, ­even if ­the ­man con­cerned is ­not ­aware ­that he is ­being ­helped. Such­like peo­ple ­appear in ­the ­case of ­Saints ­and Mas­ters. ­Those ­who remem­ber ­the Mas­ter ­are ­heard ­and ­His ­form ­appears to ­them. ­That is ­why ­Kabir ­said, "My ­mind ­has ­become so ­cleansed ­that it is as lim­pid as ­the ­water of ­the Gan­ges at Hard­war. If ­you go ­there ­for a ­bath, ­even ­the ­small peb­bles ­seem ­very ­clear. So my ­mind ­has ­become so ­clear, ­that my ­astral ­and cau­sal bod­ies ­are com­pletely ­cleansed ­and ­even ­God is ­after me". ­God is ­after ­such a per­son ­whose ­astral ­and cau­sal bod­ies ­are ­all ­clear, ­who is ­imbued ­with ­His ­love, ­not ­imbued ­with ­the ­worldly attach­ments. ­There is a ­vast dif­fer­ence ­between ­the ­love of ­the ­outer ­and ­the ­love of ­the ­inner. ­The Mas­ters dep­re­cate ­the ­love of ­the phys­i­cal ­body. ­The ­man ­whose ­astral ­body is spot­ted, ­you ­might ­say by ­the ­filth of ­the out­side attach­ments ­and ­other ­things, ­may ­look ­very ­clean on ­the out­side. If ­you ­sit by ­him, ­you ­will ­have ­that radi­a­tion ­which ­comes ­from ­his ­astral ­body. If ­you ­sit by a ­man ­whose ­astral ­body is ­clear, ­you ­will ­have ­the radi­a­tion of clean­li­ness. He is ­imbued ­with ­the ­love of ­God ­and nat­u­rally ­you ­will ­feel ­the ­same ­love ­from ­him. If ­you ­think of ­one ­whose cau­sal ­body is ­quite ­clear, ­even if ­you ­have ­never ­seen ­him ­but ­have ­only ­heard ­about ­him, he ­will ­appear. So ­this is ­the dif­fer­ence ­between ­true ­and ­false ­love. We ­should ­love ­whom? We ­should ­love ­God. ­And ­who ­else? He ­whose ­mind is so ­clear, ­that ­God is ­reflected in ­Him. ­God is ­Light ­and ­Sound Prin­ci­ple ­and when­ever ­such a ­man ­speaks to ­you, ­you ­will ­get ­Light ­and ­Sound. ­The ­man ­whose ­astral ­and cau­sal bod­ies ­are ­not ­clear ­may ­tell ­you to do ­this ­and ­that ­thing ­and ­you ­might be put­ting in ­four or ­six ­hours a ­day, ­but ­still ­you ­won't ­get any­thing. ­You ­find ­the dif­fer­ence ­now, ­between ­real ­love ­and phys­i­cal or out­ward ­love?

All so-­called mas­ters ­will ­tell ­you to med­i­tate on ­the ­form of ­the mas­ter. ­God for­bid! If he is ­not ­clean ­inside, ­then ­you ­will ­become ­what he is. ­God is ­One ­who ­comes of Him­self. I ­never ­ask any­body to med­i­tate on ­the ­Master's ­form. So ­you ­should ­love ­one ­whose ­astral ­and cau­sal bod­ies ­are ­quite ­clean. He ­may ­for cer­tain rea­sons be ­strict out­side, ­but ­His ­mind is ­quite ­clear, hav­ing ­love ­for ­God ­and every­body. He ­also ­has ­love ­for ­His ene­mies. ­Such a ­man is a Mas­ter ­and ­you ­should ­love ­God ­for ­the ­sake of ­Him in ­whom ­God is ­reflected in ­full, ­whose ­mind's ­vision is ­quite lim­pid. If ­you ­love ­such a ­man, ­then I ­think ­that ­God's ­love ­will go in ­you ­and ­you ­will ­rise ­above ­the phys­i­cal, ­astral ­and cau­sal bod­ies ­and go ­where ­that ­very ­God is man­i­fested ­from. ­This is ­the dif­fer­ence ­between ­real ­love ­and ­impure ­love. So ­love ­God ­and ­any ­other ­whose ­astral ­and cau­sal bod­ies ­are ­quite ­clean. If ­you ­sit ­there ­you ­will ­have radi­a­tion ­like ­that. If He ­gives ­you Ini­ti­a­tion, ­you ­will ­get ­Light, ­because He ­has ­got ­Light ­reflected in ­Him. ­One ­who ­has ­got ­no ­Light ­reflected in ­him, ­how ­can he ­give it? A hun­dred ini­ti­a­tions ­may be ­given, ­hours ­and ­hours ­may be ­put in, ­but ­Light can­not be ­given. ­This is ­the ­vast dif­fer­ence ­between ­the phys­i­cal ­outer ­love ­and ­the ­inner ­love.

I ­was explain­ing ear­lier ­and in a ­way ­that ­was ­quite ­clear, so ­that ­there ­would be no mis­ap­pre­hen­sion, ­that we ­should ­love ­God ­and oth­ers in ­whom ­God is ­reflected. ­The cri­ter­ion to ­know, is ­that at ­the ­time of Ini­ti­a­tion, ­you ­will ­have ­Light. As ­Christ ­said, "I am ­the ­Light of ­the ­World. Who­soever ­will ­come to me ­shall ­never ­walk in dark­ness". ­These ­things ­are ­given in ­books ­but ­even ­then ­you ­need guid­ance ­from ­some prac­ti­cal ­man, ­who ­knows ­what is ­what. He ­will ­explain ­these ­things ­very ­clearly ­and in a ­few ­words. We ­should ­love ­God, ­because we ­are con­scious ­beings ­and nat­u­rally, we ­all ­want to go to ­our ­own Real­ity. ­Why ­should we ­love a ­God-­man ­and ­not oth­ers? ­What is the cri­ter­ion of a ­God-­man? A ­God-­man is ­one ­whose ­astral ­and cau­sal bod­ies ­are ­quite ­clear, lim­pid, in ­which ­God's ­Light is ­reflected. ­Whoever ­comes ­into con­tact ­with ­such a ­God-­man ­and ­gets a lit­tle of ­His atten­tion, ­will ­have ­His ­Light ­reflected in ­him. ­There ­are ­so ­many hun­dreds of peo­ple giv­ing ini­ti­a­tion now­a­days. ­There ­are so ­many ­gurus ­and mas­ters ­that ­there ­are ­hardly ­any fol­low­ers or dis­ci­ples. ­The ­only cri­ter­ion of a ­true Mas­ter is ­that ­when He ­gives ­you Ini­ti­a­tion, ­you ­will ­have ­some expe­ri­ence to ­start ­with, ­you ­will ­get ­some ­Light. ­This ­means ­that ­the ­man ­through ­whom it is ­given is ­clean. ­God's ­Light is ­reflected in ­Him ­and ­that radi­ates. Oth­ers sim­ply ­give ­some ­few ­words to ­repeat, ­some lit­tle ­things to do. When­ever peo­ple go to ­them, ­they ­are ­just ­told to ­put in ­more ­time. ­They ­put in ­four ­hours, ­six ­hours ­daily ­and ­even ­then ­they ­don't ­get ­any ­Light. ­The rea­son ­why is ­very ­clear ­now.

If ­you ­come ­across some­body ­who is com­pe­tent to ­give ­you ­some ­Light, ­that ­means ­His ­inner ­life is ­clear. ­Just sit­ting ­and repeat­ing some­thing hun­dreds of ­times ­may be ­good ­actions ­but ­not ­clean ­life. ­Light ­will ­come up ­only (it is ­there), ­will man­i­fest ­only ­when some­body in ­whom ­that Light is ­reflected sim­ply ­directs it. If a ­child is ­born in a ­cave, he ­will be in ­all dark­ness. If a mir­ror is ­put in, ­through ­which ­the ­light of ­the ­sun is ­reflected ­into ­the ­cave, ­the ­child ­will ­see ­that ­light. ­Any ­heart ­that ­has ­got ­the ­Light of ­God ­will ­reflect ­that ­same ­Light ­and ­this in ­turn ­will be ­reflected in ­whom it is ­directed. ­This is ­the dif­fer­ence ­between a ­true ­love ­and a phys­i­cal ­love. ­You can­not ­have ­this ­thing ­from a ­man ­who ­has ­not ­reflected ­the ­Light of ­God ­within ­him. ­There ­are so ­many mas­ters in ­India ­and else­where. ­They ­have ­good prop­a­ganda. Prop­a­ganda ­can be ­had by ­money ­and ­that any­body ­can do. ­But ­what is ­the cri­ter­ion? He ­has to ­give ­you some­thing. So a ­true Mas­ter is ­one ­who ­can with­draw ­your atten­tion ­from out­side, ­bring it up ­from the out­go­ing facul­ties ­and ­then ­give ­you ­some reflec­tion of ­Light. ­This is a ­sort of ­gift ­and is ­the cri­ter­ion to ­judge ­right ­from ­wrong. ­Books ­refer to ­these ­things, ­but ­words can­not ­explain ­them as viv­idly as I am tell­ing ­you ­now. So ­love ­God ­and oth­ers in ­whom He is ­reflected. ­What is ­the cri­ter­ion? ­When He ini­tiates ­you, ­when ­you ­think of ­Him, ­the ­Light ­will be ­boosted up ­within ­you. He is com­pe­tent to ­give ­you a ­first ­hand expe­ri­ence on ­the ­very ­day of Ini­ti­a­tion.

I am in ­touch ­with ­the ­heads of relig­ions as I hap­pen to be ­the Pres­i­dent of ­the ­World Fel­low­ship of Relig­ions. ­They ­all ­describe ­these ­things. ­That ­works ­for a lit­tle ­while ­since con­cen­tra­tion is ­there, ­but ­Light can­not ­come. A ­man ­who is ­imbued ­with ­the ­lust of ­the ­world ­may ­look ­very ­clean out­side ­and ­have a ­very ­good prop­a­ganda, ­but ­still ­you can­not ­have ­Light ­from ­him. ­You ­will ­only ­have ­Light ­from some­body ­whose ­astral ­and cau­sal bod­ies ­are per­fectly ­cleansed, ­quite lim­pid, in ­which ­God's ­Light is ­reflected. Such­like Mas­ters do ­come. ­The ­world is ­never with­out ­them, ­the ­more ­the bet­ter. Such­like peo­ple ­come to ­give to ­the ­world, ­not to ­take any­thing ­away. So ­love some­body ­who is ­imbued ­with ­the ­love of ­God, ­whose ­astral ­and cau­sal bod­ies ­are ­quite lim­pid, in ­which ­the ­God-­into-Expres­sion ­Power of ­Light ­and ­Sound ­are man­i­fested. ­When He ini­tiates ­you, ­you ­will ­have an expe­ri­ence of ­these prin­ci­ples. He ­may be hav­ing ­eyes in ­His ­face or ­not. So ­love ­God ­and He ­who is com­pe­tent to ­give ­you some­thing. ­This is a pos­i­tive ­proof ­that He ­has ­got a ­clear ­astral ­body ­and a ­clear cau­sal ­body. ­This is ­the dif­fer­ence ­between ­the ­love of ­the phys­i­cal ­body ­and ­the ­love of ­God or ­the ­God-in-­man. ­There is a ­vast dif­fer­ence. ­These ­things ­are ­referred to in ­the ­books by giv­ing var­i­ous exam­ples, ­but ­not ­quite as ­vivid ­and ­clear to ­the under­stand­ing as I am giv­ing ­you ­now. ­When ­God ­meets ­you ­and ­gives ­you ini­ti­a­tion, some­thing to ­start ­with, He ­guards ­you ­against rev­el­ling in ­the out­ward enjoy­ments, in ­the ­low pur­suits of ­lust, ­anger ­and ­their ­effects. ­These impres­sions ­are ­received ­through ­the out­go­ing facul­ties, ­which ­are ­open to ­the out­side ­world, ­and ­they ­are embed­ded ­into ­the ­astral ­body. To ­give an exam­ple, if ­you ­take a ­glass ­and ­cover it ­with ­some ­wax, ­make ­some impres­sions on ­the ­wax ­and ­then ­pour ­some ­acid ­over it, ­all of ­those impres­sions ­will be embed­ded ­into ­the ­glass. Sim­i­larly, ­all impres­sions ­from out­side ­are ­impressed in ­our ­astral ­body ­through ­the phys­i­cal ­body ­and out­go­ing facul­ties. There­fore, ­when ­you ­leave ­this ­body ­you ­appear in ­your ­true col­ours. So ­the ­outer cri­ter­ion is, ­when He ini­tiates ­you, He ­gives ­you some­thing to ­start ­with, ­because ­God is ­reflected in ­Him. A ­man in ­whom ­God is ­not ­reflected ­will ­ask ­you to ­repeat ­this or ­that ­for ­hours ­and ­hours, ­but ­still ­you ­will ­not ­get any­thing. If ­because of reac­tions of ­the ­past some­thing ­comes up, he ­does ­not ­know ­what to do fur­ther. So be ­very care­ful, I ­would ­say, ­about hav­ing soci­ety ­with peo­ple ­who ­are ­imbued ­with ­the ­love of ­the phys­i­cal ­world.

The ­Sikhs ­have a ­prayer ­which ­says, "O ­God, ­give me ­the soci­ety of ­one ­who is ­the mouth­piece of ­the Mas­ter. ­Because ­the Mas­ter is ­the mouth­piece of ­God, he ­too ­becomes ­the mouth­piece of ­God". ­Every ­day, ­this is a ­prayer ­among ­the ­Sikhs. At ­night ­they ­pray, "O ­God, ­give us ­the com­pany of a ­Saint". ­The com­pany of a ­Saint is ­the com­pany of ­the ­God in ­Him, is it ­not? So ­this is ­the ­very ­fine dif­fer­ence ­why we ­should ­love ­God, ­why we ­should ­love ­God-in-­man ­and ­why we ­should ­love oth­ers. ­Love ­the ­God-in-­man, ­whose cri­ter­ion I ­have ­given ­you, ­only ­for ­the ­God in ­Him. ­Again, be care­ful ­that He is ­one ­with ­God, so ­that ­when ­you ­become ­one ­with ­the Mas­ter, ­you ­are ­also ­one ­with ­God. ­That is ­why ­all Mas­ters ­who ­came in ­the ­past, or ­those ­who ­just ­sat at ­the ­feet of Mas­ters, ­said ­like ­Saint ­Paul, "I ­live, ­not ­now I, ­but ­Christ ­lives in me". ­All ­other ­men ­should be ­able to ­say ­this. ­God is ­One ­who ­can man­i­fest Him­self in ­the sub­con­scious res­er­voir of ­the ­mind. He ­will ­come of Him­self. ­That is ­why I ­don't ­advise any­body to med­i­tate on ­the ­form of ­the Mas­ter. A ­very ­valid rea­son, I ­think.

In my ­early ­life, I ­always ­prayed, "O ­God, I ­want to ­meet ­Thee, ­but I am ­afraid I ­might go to some­body in ­whom ­Thou ­are ­not ­reflected. ­Then my ­life ­would be ­wasted. In ­the ­olden ­days, it is ­said ­that ­Thou ­didst ­appear to ­those ­who ­loved ­Thee, ­then ­why ­can't ­Thou man­i­fest ­now?" ­This ­was my ­prayer, a ­very ­strong ­prayer. My Mas­ter ­used to ­appear to me ­before, ­but I ­took ­Him to be ­Guru ­Nanak. I ­met ­Him phys­i­cally ­seven ­years ­after, in 1924, ­but He ­was ­with me in 1917. I hap­pened to be trav­el­ling in ­the ­hilly coun­try, vis­it­ing var­i­ous ­places, ­but ­was ­very ­fond of riv­ers ­from ­the com­mence­ment. So ­when I ­came to ­Lahore ­and as ­Beas ­was ­quite ­nearby, I ­thought ­that I ­would go to ­see ­the ­River ­Beas. ­When I ­arrived ­there by ­train, I ­asked ­the sta­tion mas­ter, ­which ­way ­the ­river ­flowed. "Oh! ­You ­have ­come to ­see ­the Mas­ter," he ­said. "Is ­there ­any Mas­ter?" I ­replied. "­Yes, He ­lives by ­the ­side of ­the ­river." So I ­went to ­see ­the ­river ­and ­saw ­the Mas­ter, ­the ­same Mas­ter ­who ­used to ­appear to me ­seven ­years ear­lier. ­You fol­low me ­now? A ­true Mas­ter ­appears of Him­self, ­but ­the ­heart ­should be ­pure. ­God is ­within ­you ­and if ­you ­pray to ­Him, He ­brings ­you in con­tact ­with some­body in ­whom ­His ­Light is ­reflected, ­and ­truly speak­ing, ­such a ­one is a ­true Mas­ter. So ­love ­God ­and ­One ­who is com­pe­tent to ­show ­you ­that ­God is ­reflected in ­Him. ­This is ­the dif­fer­ence ­between ­those ­who ­are ­imbued ­with ­the ­lust of ­the ­body ­and ­those ­who ­are ­imbued ­with ­the ­love of ­God, ­whose ­astral bod­ies ­and cau­sal bod­ies ­are ­quite ­clean.

Those ­who ­have ­got ­very ­lusty ­thoughts ­will ema­nate col­ours of ­red ­and ­black com­bined. ­Those ­who ­are ­affected by ­anger ­will ema­nate a ­lurid ­red. ­Those ­who ­have ­love of ­God ­will radi­ate a ­bluish col­our. ­Those ­who ­are ­men of ­true Spir­i­tu­al­ity ­will radi­ate a ­golden col­our. ­These ­are ­the dif­fer­ences. ­The ­books ­give us ref­er­ences to ­these ­things. When­ever ­they ­give a pic­ture of a Mas­ter, ­they ­show a ­halo ­around ­His ­head, ­either in a ­golden or ­white col­our.
­Those ­who ­are for­tu­nate ­are ­led to a Mas­ter ­and ­given some­thing to ­start ­with, ­may be lit­tle or ­more. ­This ­means ­that ­there is some­thing in ­Him. ­You ­are ­put on ­the ­right ­way ­and if ­you ­develop it, ­God ­will man­i­fest of Him­self to ­you. ­Love of ­the phys­i­cal ­body is ­the ­love of a ­dead ­body. It is col­oured accord­ing to ­the ­thoughts ­which ­are embed­ded in ­your ­astral ­body. ­You ­will ­become as ­good as a ­Saint in ­due course of ­time. Of ­course, ­the ­time fac­tor is a neces­sity. We can­not be ­above ­the Mas­ter ­but we ­can ­become as ­good as He is, ­because He is ­God in ­Him, ­and ­who ­can be ­above ­God?

So ­look to ­the ­true ­state of ­affairs ­and ­just ­stick to it. Peo­ple ­are mis­led by prop­a­ganda. ­They ­hear ­one ­thing ­and ­after hear­ing it ­ten ­times ­that ­becomes as ­good as ­truth. ­Saints ­never ­make ­any coun­ter prop­a­ganda, ­never. ­Time ­will ­prove ­what is ­what. So ­those ­who ­have ­got ­the ­true under­stand­ing ­should ­stick to it. ­They ­may ­explain ­things in a ­friendly ­way to ­those ­with ­whom ­they ­come ­into con­tact. If any­body ­thinks ­evil of it, ­then ­don't ­you ­think ­evil of ­them, ­because ­you ­will ­spoil ­your ­own ­inner ­state of ­mind. So ­put in ­time, as ­much as ­you ­can, ­with ­due ­love ­for ­God, ­for ­the ­God in ­Him, ­and have ­love ­for ­all ­the ­world ­over, ­because we ­are ­all broth­ers ­and sis­ters in ­God ­and ­God is in ­them. ­This is ­the ­most impor­tant ­part of ­our ­life. As a ­man, we ­should ­have ­some spir­i­tual ­food, a con­tact ­with Spir­i­tu­al­ity, ­the ­God ­within us. On spir­i­tual ­health ­depends ­the ­life of ­mind ­and ­body ­both. Learn­ing is ­the ­food of ­the ­brain, of ­the intel­lect, ­but con­tact ­with ­God is ­the ­Bread of ­Life. If ­you ­give ­more impor­tan­ce to ­that, ­other ­things ­will fol­low of them­selves.