What can other people know of the condition of one’s heart? If the enigma of the mystery of life enters the heart, the person knows no peace until it has been solved.

Sant Kirpal Singh

Love versus lust – II

From the book "Morning Talks", by Sant Kirpal Singh, 31 January, 1968
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­There is ­lust out­side ­and ­true ­love ­inside. ­God is ­love. ­Love is also ­innate in ­our ­souls ­and ­wishes to ­attach ­itself to some­thing. A con­scious ­entity ­should be ­attached to ­all Con­scious­ness. It is ­now ­attached to ­the ­world ­and out­ward attach­ments. ­This is ­the rea­son ­why we ­are com­ing ­again ­and ­again to ­the ­world, ­because we ­are ­attached to ­the ­world.

­How to dif­fer­en­tiate ­and under­stand ­what is ­true ­love ­and ­what is ­outer ­love is ­the ques­tion? I ­was ­just explain­ing ­that we ­shall ­really under­stand ­the dif­fer­ence ­between ­the ­two, if we ­just ­study ­our ­own ­selves. We ­are con­scious ­beings. We ­are ­drops of ­the ­Ocean of ­all Con­scious­ness. ­The mac­ro­cosm is in ­the micro­cosm. In ­the mac­ro­cosm ­there ­are ­three ­planes, phys­i­cal, ­astral ­and cau­sal. We ­have ­got a phys­i­cal ­body, an ­astral ­body ­and a cau­sal ­body, ­which ena­ble us to ­work in ­these ­planes. We ­are ­now work­ing in ­the phys­i­cal ­plane ­and we ­also ­have ­our ­astral ­and cau­sal bod­ies. ­While work­ing in ­the phys­i­cal ­plane, we ­use ­the out­go­ing facul­ties, ­which ­are ­fixed in ­the phys­i­cal ­body ­and ­open out­side to ­receive ­the impres­sions ­from ­the exter­nal ­world, what­ever ­they ­are, ­good or ­bad. ­Those ­who ­are ­imbued ­with ­the attach­ment or ­love of ­the out­ward enjoy­ments ­have ­these impres­sions embed­ded in ­their ­astral ­body ­through ­their phys­i­cal out­go­ing facul­ties. ­The ­true col­our of ­our ­own ­selves is ­not ­the phys­i­cal ­body, ­which ­may be ­very ­clean, ­very ­much beau­ti­ful, ­but is embed­ded in ­our ­astral ­body. ­This we can­not ­see ­with ­the ­outer ­eyes. ­Our Mas­ter ­used to ­say, "­When a ­man ­comes to me, I ­see ­him as in a ­glass ­jar, ­whether it con­tains ­sweet ­things or ­sour ­things". ­His ­eye ­had ­become eth­e­real­ized, ­and He ­could ­see a ­man in ­his ­true col­ours.

When we ­leave ­this phys­i­cal ­body, we ­appear in ­our ­true col­ours. ­The ­man ­whose ­astral ­body is ­quite ­clear of out­ward impres­sions, ­with no ­lust, attach­ment or ­hatred, ­but ­who is ­imbued ­with ­the ­love of ­God, ­such a ­man, ­when ­you ­come in ­His com­pany, ­will radi­ate ­those qual­i­ties to ­you. In ­the cau­sal ­body ­are ­the impres­sions of ­the ­past ­births. ­When ­these ­are ­also ­cleared, ­that ­man is ­called a ­Saint, in ­the ­true ­sense of ­the ­word. ­The Mas­ters ­always dep­re­cate ­the ­love of ­the phys­i­cal ­body ­and out­ward attach­ments. If ­you ­have ­the com­pany of or ­think of some­one ­whose ­astral ­body is ­not ­cleansed, ­who is ­not ­imbued ­with ­the ­love of ­God or is ­imbued ­with ­the ­outer attach­ments of ­loves ­and ­hatreds, ­the com­pany of ­such a ­man ­will ­give ­you a ­like radi­a­tion. If ­you ­think of a ­man ­whose cau­sal ­body is ­cleared of ­all ­past ­births, ­His ­form ­will ­always be ­with ­you, guard­ing ­you, help­ing ­you, ­even if ­the ­man con­cerned is ­not ­aware ­that he is ­being ­helped. Such­like peo­ple ­appear in ­the ­case of ­Saints ­and Mas­ters. ­Those ­who remem­ber ­the Mas­ter ­are ­heard ­and ­His ­form ­appears to ­them. ­That is ­why ­Kabir ­said, "My ­mind ­has ­become so ­cleansed ­that it is as lim­pid as ­the ­water of ­the Gan­ges at Hard­war. If ­you go ­there ­for a ­bath, ­even ­the ­small peb­bles ­seem ­very ­clear. So my ­mind ­has ­become so ­clear, ­that my ­astral ­and cau­sal bod­ies ­are com­pletely ­cleansed ­and ­even ­God is ­after me". ­God is ­after ­such a per­son ­whose ­astral ­and cau­sal bod­ies ­are ­all ­clear, ­who is ­imbued ­with ­His ­love, ­not ­imbued ­with ­the ­worldly attach­ments. ­There is a ­vast dif­fer­ence ­between ­the ­love of ­the ­outer ­and ­the ­love of ­the ­inner. ­The Mas­ters dep­re­cate ­the ­love of ­the phys­i­cal ­body. ­The ­man ­whose ­astral ­body is spot­ted, ­you ­might ­say by ­the ­filth of ­the out­side attach­ments ­and ­other ­things, ­may ­look ­very ­clean on ­the out­side. If ­you ­sit by ­him, ­you ­will ­have ­that radi­a­tion ­which ­comes ­from ­his ­astral ­body. If ­you ­sit by a ­man ­whose ­astral ­body is ­clear, ­you ­will ­have ­the radi­a­tion of clean­li­ness. He is ­imbued ­with ­the ­love of ­God ­and nat­u­rally ­you ­will ­feel ­the ­same ­love ­from ­him. If ­you ­think of ­one ­whose cau­sal ­body is ­quite ­clear, ­even if ­you ­have ­never ­seen ­him ­but ­have ­only ­heard ­about ­him, he ­will ­appear. So ­this is ­the dif­fer­ence ­between ­true ­and ­false ­love. We ­should ­love ­whom? We ­should ­love ­God. ­And ­who ­else? He ­whose ­mind is so ­clear, ­that ­God is ­reflected in ­Him. ­God is ­Light ­and ­Sound Prin­ci­ple ­and when­ever ­such a ­man ­speaks to ­you, ­you ­will ­get ­Light ­and ­Sound. ­The ­man ­whose ­astral ­and cau­sal bod­ies ­are ­not ­clear ­may ­tell ­you to do ­this ­and ­that ­thing ­and ­you ­might be put­ting in ­four or ­six ­hours a ­day, ­but ­still ­you ­won't ­get any­thing. ­You ­find ­the dif­fer­ence ­now, ­between ­real ­love ­and phys­i­cal or out­ward ­love?

All so-­called mas­ters ­will ­tell ­you to med­i­tate on ­the ­form of ­the mas­ter. ­God for­bid! If he is ­not ­clean ­inside, ­then ­you ­will ­become ­what he is. ­God is ­One ­who ­comes of Him­self. I ­never ­ask any­body to med­i­tate on ­the ­Master's ­form. So ­you ­should ­love ­one ­whose ­astral ­and cau­sal bod­ies ­are ­quite ­clean. He ­may ­for cer­tain rea­sons be ­strict out­side, ­but ­His ­mind is ­quite ­clear, hav­ing ­love ­for ­God ­and every­body. He ­also ­has ­love ­for ­His ene­mies. ­Such a ­man is a Mas­ter ­and ­you ­should ­love ­God ­for ­the ­sake of ­Him in ­whom ­God is ­reflected in ­full, ­whose ­mind's ­vision is ­quite lim­pid. If ­you ­love ­such a ­man, ­then I ­think ­that ­God's ­love ­will go in ­you ­and ­you ­will ­rise ­above ­the phys­i­cal, ­astral ­and cau­sal bod­ies ­and go ­where ­that ­very ­God is man­i­fested ­from. ­This is ­the dif­fer­ence ­between ­real ­love ­and ­impure ­love. So ­love ­God ­and ­any ­other ­whose ­astral ­and cau­sal bod­ies ­are ­quite ­clean. If ­you ­sit ­there ­you ­will ­have radi­a­tion ­like ­that. If He ­gives ­you Ini­ti­a­tion, ­you ­will ­get ­Light, ­because He ­has ­got ­Light ­reflected in ­Him. ­One ­who ­has ­got ­no ­Light ­reflected in ­him, ­how ­can he ­give it? A hun­dred ini­ti­a­tions ­may be ­given, ­hours ­and ­hours ­may be ­put in, ­but ­Light can­not be ­given. ­This is ­the ­vast dif­fer­ence ­between ­the phys­i­cal ­outer ­love ­and ­the ­inner ­love.

I ­was explain­ing ear­lier ­and in a ­way ­that ­was ­quite ­clear, so ­that ­there ­would be no mis­ap­pre­hen­sion, ­that we ­should ­love ­God ­and oth­ers in ­whom ­God is ­reflected. ­The cri­ter­ion to ­know, is ­that at ­the ­time of Ini­ti­a­tion, ­you ­will ­have ­Light. As ­Christ ­said, "I am ­the ­Light of ­the ­World. Who­soever ­will ­come to me ­shall ­never ­walk in dark­ness". ­These ­things ­are ­given in ­books ­but ­even ­then ­you ­need guid­ance ­from ­some prac­ti­cal ­man, ­who ­knows ­what is ­what. He ­will ­explain ­these ­things ­very ­clearly ­and in a ­few ­words. We ­should ­love ­God, ­because we ­are con­scious ­beings ­and nat­u­rally, we ­all ­want to go to ­our ­own Real­ity. ­Why ­should we ­love a ­God-­man ­and ­not oth­ers? ­What is the cri­ter­ion of a ­God-­man? A ­God-­man is ­one ­whose ­astral ­and cau­sal bod­ies ­are ­quite ­clear, lim­pid, in ­which ­God's ­Light is ­reflected. ­Whoever ­comes ­into con­tact ­with ­such a ­God-­man ­and ­gets a lit­tle of ­His atten­tion, ­will ­have ­His ­Light ­reflected in ­him. ­There ­are ­so ­many hun­dreds of peo­ple giv­ing ini­ti­a­tion now­a­days. ­There ­are so ­many ­gurus ­and mas­ters ­that ­there ­are ­hardly ­any fol­low­ers or dis­ci­ples. ­The ­only cri­ter­ion of a ­true Mas­ter is ­that ­when He ­gives ­you Ini­ti­a­tion, ­you ­will ­have ­some expe­ri­ence to ­start ­with, ­you ­will ­get ­some ­Light. ­This ­means ­that ­the ­man ­through ­whom it is ­given is ­clean. ­God's ­Light is ­reflected in ­Him ­and ­that radi­ates. Oth­ers sim­ply ­give ­some ­few ­words to ­repeat, ­some lit­tle ­things to do. When­ever peo­ple go to ­them, ­they ­are ­just ­told to ­put in ­more ­time. ­They ­put in ­four ­hours, ­six ­hours ­daily ­and ­even ­then ­they ­don't ­get ­any ­Light. ­The rea­son ­why is ­very ­clear ­now.

If ­you ­come ­across some­body ­who is com­pe­tent to ­give ­you ­some ­Light, ­that ­means ­His ­inner ­life is ­clear. ­Just sit­ting ­and repeat­ing some­thing hun­dreds of ­times ­may be ­good ­actions ­but ­not ­clean ­life. ­Light ­will ­come up ­only (it is ­there), ­will man­i­fest ­only ­when some­body in ­whom ­that Light is ­reflected sim­ply ­directs it. If a ­child is ­born in a ­cave, he ­will be in ­all dark­ness. If a mir­ror is ­put in, ­through ­which ­the ­light of ­the ­sun is ­reflected ­into ­the ­cave, ­the ­child ­will ­see ­that ­light. ­Any ­heart ­that ­has ­got ­the ­Light of ­God ­will ­reflect ­that ­same ­Light ­and ­this in ­turn ­will be ­reflected in ­whom it is ­directed. ­This is ­the dif­fer­ence ­between a ­true ­love ­and a phys­i­cal ­love. ­You can­not ­have ­this ­thing ­from a ­man ­who ­has ­not ­reflected ­the ­Light of ­God ­within ­him. ­There ­are so ­many mas­ters in ­India ­and else­where. ­They ­have ­good prop­a­ganda. Prop­a­ganda ­can be ­had by ­money ­and ­that any­body ­can do. ­But ­what is ­the cri­ter­ion? He ­has to ­give ­you some­thing. So a ­true Mas­ter is ­one ­who ­can with­draw ­your atten­tion ­from out­side, ­bring it up ­from the out­go­ing facul­ties ­and ­then ­give ­you ­some reflec­tion of ­Light. ­This is a ­sort of ­gift ­and is ­the cri­ter­ion to ­judge ­right ­from ­wrong. ­Books ­refer to ­these ­things, ­but ­words can­not ­explain ­them as viv­idly as I am tell­ing ­you ­now. So ­love ­God ­and oth­ers in ­whom He is ­reflected. ­What is ­the cri­ter­ion? ­When He ini­tiates ­you, ­when ­you ­think of ­Him, ­the ­Light ­will be ­boosted up ­within ­you. He is com­pe­tent to ­give ­you a ­first ­hand expe­ri­ence on ­the ­very ­day of Ini­ti­a­tion.

I am in ­touch ­with ­the ­heads of relig­ions as I hap­pen to be ­the Pres­i­dent of ­the ­World Fel­low­ship of Relig­ions. ­They ­all ­describe ­these ­things. ­That ­works ­for a lit­tle ­while ­since con­cen­tra­tion is ­there, ­but ­Light can­not ­come. A ­man ­who is ­imbued ­with ­the ­lust of ­the ­world ­may ­look ­very ­clean out­side ­and ­have a ­very ­good prop­a­ganda, ­but ­still ­you can­not ­have ­Light ­from ­him. ­You ­will ­only ­have ­Light ­from some­body ­whose ­astral ­and cau­sal bod­ies ­are per­fectly ­cleansed, ­quite lim­pid, in ­which ­God's ­Light is ­reflected. Such­like Mas­ters do ­come. ­The ­world is ­never with­out ­them, ­the ­more ­the bet­ter. Such­like peo­ple ­come to ­give to ­the ­world, ­not to ­take any­thing ­away. So ­love some­body ­who is ­imbued ­with ­the ­love of ­God, ­whose ­astral ­and cau­sal bod­ies ­are ­quite lim­pid, in ­which ­the ­God-­into-Expres­sion ­Power of ­Light ­and ­Sound ­are man­i­fested. ­When He ini­tiates ­you, ­you ­will ­have an expe­ri­ence of ­these prin­ci­ples. He ­may be hav­ing ­eyes in ­His ­face or ­not. So ­love ­God ­and He ­who is com­pe­tent to ­give ­you some­thing. ­This is a pos­i­tive ­proof ­that He ­has ­got a ­clear ­astral ­body ­and a ­clear cau­sal ­body. ­This is ­the dif­fer­ence ­between ­the ­love of ­the phys­i­cal ­body ­and ­the ­love of ­God or ­the ­God-in-­man. ­There is a ­vast dif­fer­ence. ­These ­things ­are ­referred to in ­the ­books by giv­ing var­i­ous exam­ples, ­but ­not ­quite as ­vivid ­and ­clear to ­the under­stand­ing as I am giv­ing ­you ­now. ­When ­God ­meets ­you ­and ­gives ­you ini­ti­a­tion, some­thing to ­start ­with, He ­guards ­you ­against rev­el­ling in ­the out­ward enjoy­ments, in ­the ­low pur­suits of ­lust, ­anger ­and ­their ­effects. ­These impres­sions ­are ­received ­through ­the out­go­ing facul­ties, ­which ­are ­open to ­the out­side ­world, ­and ­they ­are embed­ded ­into ­the ­astral ­body. To ­give an exam­ple, if ­you ­take a ­glass ­and ­cover it ­with ­some ­wax, ­make ­some impres­sions on ­the ­wax ­and ­then ­pour ­some ­acid ­over it, ­all of ­those impres­sions ­will be embed­ded ­into ­the ­glass. Sim­i­larly, ­all impres­sions ­from out­side ­are ­impressed in ­our ­astral ­body ­through ­the phys­i­cal ­body ­and out­go­ing facul­ties. There­fore, ­when ­you ­leave ­this ­body ­you ­appear in ­your ­true col­ours. So ­the ­outer cri­ter­ion is, ­when He ini­tiates ­you, He ­gives ­you some­thing to ­start ­with, ­because ­God is ­reflected in ­Him. A ­man in ­whom ­God is ­not ­reflected ­will ­ask ­you to ­repeat ­this or ­that ­for ­hours ­and ­hours, ­but ­still ­you ­will ­not ­get any­thing. If ­because of reac­tions of ­the ­past some­thing ­comes up, he ­does ­not ­know ­what to do fur­ther. So be ­very care­ful, I ­would ­say, ­about hav­ing soci­ety ­with peo­ple ­who ­are ­imbued ­with ­the ­love of ­the phys­i­cal ­world.

The ­Sikhs ­have a ­prayer ­which ­says, "O ­God, ­give me ­the soci­ety of ­one ­who is ­the mouth­piece of ­the Mas­ter. ­Because ­the Mas­ter is ­the mouth­piece of ­God, he ­too ­becomes ­the mouth­piece of ­God". ­Every ­day, ­this is a ­prayer ­among ­the ­Sikhs. At ­night ­they ­pray, "O ­God, ­give us ­the com­pany of a ­Saint". ­The com­pany of a ­Saint is ­the com­pany of ­the ­God in ­Him, is it ­not? So ­this is ­the ­very ­fine dif­fer­ence ­why we ­should ­love ­God, ­why we ­should ­love ­God-in-­man ­and ­why we ­should ­love oth­ers. ­Love ­the ­God-in-­man, ­whose cri­ter­ion I ­have ­given ­you, ­only ­for ­the ­God in ­Him. ­Again, be care­ful ­that He is ­one ­with ­God, so ­that ­when ­you ­become ­one ­with ­the Mas­ter, ­you ­are ­also ­one ­with ­God. ­That is ­why ­all Mas­ters ­who ­came in ­the ­past, or ­those ­who ­just ­sat at ­the ­feet of Mas­ters, ­said ­like ­Saint ­Paul, "I ­live, ­not ­now I, ­but ­Christ ­lives in me". ­All ­other ­men ­should be ­able to ­say ­this. ­God is ­One ­who ­can man­i­fest Him­self in ­the sub­con­scious res­er­voir of ­the ­mind. He ­will ­come of Him­self. ­That is ­why I ­don't ­advise any­body to med­i­tate on ­the ­form of ­the Mas­ter. A ­very ­valid rea­son, I ­think.

In my ­early ­life, I ­always ­prayed, "O ­God, I ­want to ­meet ­Thee, ­but I am ­afraid I ­might go to some­body in ­whom ­Thou ­are ­not ­reflected. ­Then my ­life ­would be ­wasted. In ­the ­olden ­days, it is ­said ­that ­Thou ­didst ­appear to ­those ­who ­loved ­Thee, ­then ­why ­can't ­Thou man­i­fest ­now?" ­This ­was my ­prayer, a ­very ­strong ­prayer. My Mas­ter ­used to ­appear to me ­before, ­but I ­took ­Him to be ­Guru ­Nanak. I ­met ­Him phys­i­cally ­seven ­years ­after, in 1924, ­but He ­was ­with me in 1917. I hap­pened to be trav­el­ling in ­the ­hilly coun­try, vis­it­ing var­i­ous ­places, ­but ­was ­very ­fond of riv­ers ­from ­the com­mence­ment. So ­when I ­came to ­Lahore ­and as ­Beas ­was ­quite ­nearby, I ­thought ­that I ­would go to ­see ­the ­River ­Beas. ­When I ­arrived ­there by ­train, I ­asked ­the sta­tion mas­ter, ­which ­way ­the ­river ­flowed. "Oh! ­You ­have ­come to ­see ­the Mas­ter," he ­said. "Is ­there ­any Mas­ter?" I ­replied. "­Yes, He ­lives by ­the ­side of ­the ­river." So I ­went to ­see ­the ­river ­and ­saw ­the Mas­ter, ­the ­same Mas­ter ­who ­used to ­appear to me ­seven ­years ear­lier. ­You fol­low me ­now? A ­true Mas­ter ­appears of Him­self, ­but ­the ­heart ­should be ­pure. ­God is ­within ­you ­and if ­you ­pray to ­Him, He ­brings ­you in con­tact ­with some­body in ­whom ­His ­Light is ­reflected, ­and ­truly speak­ing, ­such a ­one is a ­true Mas­ter. So ­love ­God ­and ­One ­who is com­pe­tent to ­show ­you ­that ­God is ­reflected in ­Him. ­This is ­the dif­fer­ence ­between ­those ­who ­are ­imbued ­with ­the ­lust of ­the ­body ­and ­those ­who ­are ­imbued ­with ­the ­love of ­God, ­whose ­astral bod­ies ­and cau­sal bod­ies ­are ­quite ­clean.

Those ­who ­have ­got ­very ­lusty ­thoughts ­will ema­nate col­ours of ­red ­and ­black com­bined. ­Those ­who ­are ­affected by ­anger ­will ema­nate a ­lurid ­red. ­Those ­who ­have ­love of ­God ­will radi­ate a ­bluish col­our. ­Those ­who ­are ­men of ­true Spir­i­tu­al­ity ­will radi­ate a ­golden col­our. ­These ­are ­the dif­fer­ences. ­The ­books ­give us ref­er­ences to ­these ­things. When­ever ­they ­give a pic­ture of a Mas­ter, ­they ­show a ­halo ­around ­His ­head, ­either in a ­golden or ­white col­our.
­Those ­who ­are for­tu­nate ­are ­led to a Mas­ter ­and ­given some­thing to ­start ­with, ­may be lit­tle or ­more. ­This ­means ­that ­there is some­thing in ­Him. ­You ­are ­put on ­the ­right ­way ­and if ­you ­develop it, ­God ­will man­i­fest of Him­self to ­you. ­Love of ­the phys­i­cal ­body is ­the ­love of a ­dead ­body. It is col­oured accord­ing to ­the ­thoughts ­which ­are embed­ded in ­your ­astral ­body. ­You ­will ­become as ­good as a ­Saint in ­due course of ­time. Of ­course, ­the ­time fac­tor is a neces­sity. We can­not be ­above ­the Mas­ter ­but we ­can ­become as ­good as He is, ­because He is ­God in ­Him, ­and ­who ­can be ­above ­God?

So ­look to ­the ­true ­state of ­affairs ­and ­just ­stick to it. Peo­ple ­are mis­led by prop­a­ganda. ­They ­hear ­one ­thing ­and ­after hear­ing it ­ten ­times ­that ­becomes as ­good as ­truth. ­Saints ­never ­make ­any coun­ter prop­a­ganda, ­never. ­Time ­will ­prove ­what is ­what. So ­those ­who ­have ­got ­the ­true under­stand­ing ­should ­stick to it. ­They ­may ­explain ­things in a ­friendly ­way to ­those ­with ­whom ­they ­come ­into con­tact. If any­body ­thinks ­evil of it, ­then ­don't ­you ­think ­evil of ­them, ­because ­you ­will ­spoil ­your ­own ­inner ­state of ­mind. So ­put in ­time, as ­much as ­you ­can, ­with ­due ­love ­for ­God, ­for ­the ­God in ­Him, ­and have ­love ­for ­all ­the ­world ­over, ­because we ­are ­all broth­ers ­and sis­ters in ­God ­and ­God is in ­them. ­This is ­the ­most impor­tant ­part of ­our ­life. As a ­man, we ­should ­have ­some spir­i­tual ­food, a con­tact ­with Spir­i­tu­al­ity, ­the ­God ­within us. On spir­i­tual ­health ­depends ­the ­life of ­mind ­and ­body ­both. Learn­ing is ­the ­food of ­the ­brain, of ­the intel­lect, ­but con­tact ­with ­God is ­the ­Bread of ­Life. If ­you ­give ­more impor­tan­ce to ­that, ­other ­things ­will fol­low of them­selves.