Spiritual knowledge is a regular science. Just as two and two make four, similarly everything is clean and obvious here also and there is no scope for any kind of modification or change in that.

Sant Kirpal Singh

A flood of compassion

Evening satsang given by Sant Kirpal Singh, July 26, 1973 at Sawan Ashram during the celebration of Baba Sawan Singh's Birthday


N1 0019Mastersouls are born in this world from time to time to liberate human souls. The Mastersoul whose birthday we are celebrating today can be understood fully only by those who are spiritually on the same level. The man who has personal experience alone can take you and show you the wonderful world inside you.

The first thing the Masters do is, to tell us that there is definitely God who runs and controls this world. The worldly people today are turning away from God and becoming atheists. Guru Amar Das, the third Guru of the Sikhs, was in search of truth up to the age of 70 or 72 years. He practised all sorts of rituals and went to the Ganges and other places of pilgrimage, but got nothing. When he met Guru Angad Sahib, he said that praising the Lord without seeing Him is how a (spiritually) blind man describes God according to his own fancy. He who has actually seen the Lord inside is the true man and the true interpreter of truth. The only wish of mankind is that they should see the Lord in person. The pure souls cry and are always in search of the Lord. We have respect for all Masters, but the one Master who sees the Lord and can show us Light and Sound – he is the true Master.

It is also difficult to be a Gurusikh. One should follow the teachings of the Master implicitly and faithfully. The Master will not give you contact unless your mind and thoughts are clean, and you are prepared to surrender to Him completely. The Master sees inside and will show you God inside. The test is, that you do not believe the Master unless he shows you the Light of God inside you.

My Master, through radiation, abundantly gives to us. He belonged to every community and to every person. The Master gives contact when you are ready to receive it. One who sees the Light of God becomes a perfect man. We are first human beings, and then Hindus, Sikhs, Christians and Muslims. Wherever there is a true desire to meet the Lord, it will be fulfilled. Demand and supply is the law of nature. There is food for the hungry and water for the thirsty. When Master-souls come into this world, there is a flood of compassion. Be receptive first; offer devotion implicitly.

I used to weep for nights in search of the Lord and true Master. I used to say, 'When You have appeared to devotees in the past, why don't You appear now to me?' In my meditation I saw the radiant form of the Master Baba Sawan Singh seven years before I actually met Him in Beas. When I went to Beas and I saw Baba Sawan Singh and met Him in person, I came to know it was the same holy man I had seen within and regarded as Guru Nanak. I asked the Master, 'Why have You been so long in meeting me?' At once He said that this was the proper time. Guru Nanak said to his followers at the time of his death, that he would come again and befriend them.

This science is very simple. Invert inside, close the outer eyes and penetrate within to see the Light of God. Learn to die (while yet living in the man body) so that you may begin to live. You must have some experience at the time of initiation, maybe little or more. With your Third Eye, you will see all according to your background and karma.

God is Nameless. When He came into expression, He was known as Naam or Name. It has two phases, Light and Sound.

Mastersouls bless millions. They advise us to lead a clean life and to sit for meditation every day. When we go before the Guru, we should surrender to Him completely. He who surrenders mind, body, and everything will be successful. He will get the capital (experience) on the very first day. With the blessings of my Master, thousands are making progress on the holy path of Naam. If you hear the Sound and see the Light, you will go straight to the source from which these things are emanating. You will go straight to God. With your third eye, you will see all this. Previously this was a hidden science, but today it is being preached openly. The Lord or Godpower is working through the Master. You have to lead a clean life, keep your diary and remove all sins and shortcomings steadfastly. Masters never conceal what they have attained. Master or Godpower is working to help every seeker after truth.

My Master was perfect in every way. He would ask us to close our eyes, and He would show us the new world of Light and Sound inside. Do not go after miracles! They impede you on the way to holy Naam. If you meditate daily and honestly, all nature will be at your beck and call. This science is nothing new, but is an old thing. Truth is one – not two.

Who can give you contact with God? Only one in whom the Godpower is working. Masterpower never dies. When one bulb is fused, it appears in another bulb. It goes on forever.