We are all lovers, devotees of a higher power, thousands of lovers, but the Beloved is one for all. He whom we desire is the beloved of the whole world and is the one God for all men, not specifically for Muslims only, or for Hindus only, or for Christians only.
          Sant Kirpal Singh

Don't you want to go home

By ­Sant Kir­pal ­Singh, Char­lotte, ­North Car­o­li­na, ­October 4, 1972

May I put a question to you? You have been putting so many questions to me, may I also put one question to you? – Well, do you permit me? – All right; if the time runs short, what should we do to lengthen it? Put chains on the legs of time. We have had a good time for two days, so only one day is left – only one day. You can have the sweet remembrance with you; that can prolong it – constantly – not to forget it!

Question: On occasion, people question why a living Master should be necessary since Jesus said, "Blessed be those who believe without seeing."

This apparently means that those who have got faith as a result of past actions are blessed, of course. Have you read St. John's Gospel? Yes? There it gives: "He's the light of the world." Christ has lived before Jesus. "I am that I am." So he believed in God, and as a reaction of the past developed faith; moreover that power works all through. First he said, "I am the light of the world as long as I am in the world." Then again he said, "I work during the day because at night nobody works." And third he said, "I shall never leave thee nor forsake thee till the end of the world." So that is the Christpower, Godpower, (to my mind), as borne out by all.

You should believe in his own words. Somebody on my last tour, or the first tour I think, put the question to me, "When is Christ returning?" I asked him, "Has he ever left you?" Christ said, "I shall never leave thee nor forsake thee till the end of the world." When he does not leave us – then what's the question of returning? So that is the Christpower or God-into-expression Power working at different human poles from time to time to guide the child humanity. That is always One. That manifests from time to time as required. The point is, as I said today in my talk: some teacher is required who can give it to us.

Science does not change, it's the same as ever. In all outer subjects, too, we require somebody who knows better; but we also need one who can give us a boost. This is something which starts after rising above the physical body. In this morning's talk I said, "Call it by any name, that Power works through different human poles." This has also been said by other Masters: "This has been going on from posterity, where there's hunger there's food; where there's thirst there's water." The child wants it today, and Nature provides milk in the mother before the child is born ...  It happened in the past, it will happen in the future; natural laws don't change. We want that thing; that is God.

God is the Gurupower at different human poles in which It manifests. Some  claimed that we are sent by God, others are a little quiet; but most of them have claimed it. Kabir has claimed it, Guru Nanak has claimed it, tenth Guru has claimed it; Christ has also claimed it. So we are concerned with whether we are helped  in that way or not.

Where the world's philosophy ends, there religion starts. And that faith arises in few. Here some higher power is working, and they have faith. These are reactions from the past, not now. So what I have seen and what I have understood from the scriptures is that "Shabda" or "Word" is the only Guru. Word made flesh hundred per cent, or seventy per cent, or fifty per cent, as the time required. They (the Masters) worked to the extent that the time required, but the Power is the same. Guru Nanak was asked, "Who is your Guru?" He said, "Shabd is my Guru." And Shabd is called the God-into-expression Power or Word made flesh; you have that in the Bible.

And who can give you contact with that? Where His grace is working, that's all. Our Master used to say, "Simply take me as your elder brother or as your father and go on according to my instructions. When you go inside and find there is more, then you may call me by any name you like." That is a matter of gratefulness, you see? When you have got something very unusual and wished for, for a long time – and you have it – then you naturally say out of gratefulness, "You are greater. You are God." But he cannot be God. God is God. You are also microgods, but where there is full effulgence sent to the mission, that is where His teachings work. One thing: now we are sitting; (excuse me for the words I use), some rogues, some thieves come and they begin to beat you up. What will you do? You will stop them! If someone comes with some commission: "I am superintendent of police. Here, tell us please." This is someone who comes with a commission. Then what? Then words go to the heart, simple of course. And moreover, may I say something more? These histories are written later on, sometimes they are right, sometimes not. I read somewhere that somebody said, "Don't read out history to me for I know that must be false." If something is written by the man himself, you don't doubt it. He says, "That Power will never leave us; one bulb is fused, the other is put in and the electricity remains the same: they are different phases." Somewhere electricity gives you heat, and somewhere cold; electricity is the same.

Some people come into the world, they're sent into the world with some purpose, some mission. The purpose of incarnated beings (avataras) is to punish the wicked, uphold the righteous, and set the world a going. That is also the work of God, He takes from some of them. And Saints or Masters also come, you see; their mission is a bit different, though it is the same Power working. Their work is to let the people be contacted with God and become conscious co-workers of the Divine Plan. So let the world be depopulated; the more go (back to home eternal), the more the population will be lessened, is it not? It's quite the same Power working also. Take another example: there is a prison house; the prisoners there are in bad condition. One man goes out of sympathy, he was granted a certain amount and asks that they be given good food in the future. He goes back, he did service for them. Another man went  there; they had poor clothing. He also allotted some money and the prisoners began to have good clothing. A third man went, he saw that they had unventilated places to live in. He also granted a certain amount and in the future the prisoners began to have good houses to live in. The purpose of all three was to give them good conditions, good clothing, and good food. Another one went who had the keys of the prison with him. He opened the door and let them all go – whoever would. All did good work and sympathized with them; but what do you think of the third one? So Masters come here as the last one; they tell all to go out of the prison house of the manbody, of the world. They open the doors and let everybody go. Those who do not want to go – that's another thing; but they offer.

Guru Ram Das said, "When a Master comes, he cries with his hands up: 'Hello, come on, whoever wants to go out of here to your home – come  up!'" Here's the golden opportunity: He comes to take us back home. And who sends them? God. And for whom? Those who are fed up with the world – who  really hanker after God. He makes some arrangement for everybody; he sends somebody to tell them to please come back. "You've been in exile so long; why don't you come back and enjoy your home?" So this is something that is true. The same Power, of course, working in different times for different purposes suited for the time. So who are fortunate? Those who want to go back home, is it not? Doors are open!

It is very difficult, too; even though the doors are open – we don't want to go. It is said of Lord Krishna that his devotee, Uddho by name, said, "Well, if you want everybody to go out of all this misery, why don't you let them go?" He said, "I do want but they don't want to go!"  "How can that be?" He entered a house  and there was an old man there. He asked him, "Would you like to go back to heaven?" – "How can I go? I've got my grandson to be married. I've this thing to be done, that thing, and you want me to go up? What are you talking about? Go away!" Then, they say, he died and became a parrot. They (Uddho and Krishna) again went to him, "Well, how would you like to go home to heaven?" – "Well,  all are sleeping tonight, and I watch them. How can I go?" Then again they say, the parrot died and became a small insect in the gutter. They went to him: "Insect, would you like to go to heaven?" – "Why, am I the only man left for you to take home? Why can't you find anybody else?" Is there anybody ready? Tell me, honestly? Very few; maybe one or two. It is God who responds to those who want to go home.

Prayer should be quite sincere and true. We say – but we don't really want to go;  even in very difficult circumstances nobody wants to go, even  though we may say, "I pray."

There is one story: An old woman's granddaughter was sick, seriously sick. So she always prayed, "Oh God, take me in her place. Let her live, she's quite young." She used to pray like that every day. It so happened one day that a cow entered the home and there was one big pot that was black underneath in which things were boiling. She entered her horns into it; they got stuck fast and could not come out and she was going around the house. It was black in the front and that old lady considered that perhaps the angel of death had come. She told him, "Well, my granddaughter is there!"

Who is there who wants to go? Very few; very rarely. If you really want it – you have it!

Once in the time of our Master, there was a crowd, a big crowd. Master said, "If anybody can give his mind, surrender his mind, he can go to the highest plane all at once." One man stood up, "I want to go." – "Can you surrender your mind?" – "Yes, I'll surrender it." – "First make your mind your own, obedient to you; only then you can surrender it." So we say something; we are not true to our own self – not honest. If you honestly want something, you will have it. Sure and certain you will have it. What prayer is true? If what comes out of your heart is interpreted the same way by the mouth, and that same thought is in your brain – only such a prayer is true. The Lord is not in the heavens. Swami Ram Tirath says, if He is in the heavens, in the sky, He will get cold. He is within you, controlling you in your body. He hears (your prayer). Pray and wait!  Prayer should be true. We, excuse me, we deceive our own Self in many cases – most cases I would say. So that is why I always request you people to be true to your own Self. God is within you, the Godpower is within you; if you become true, honest, you'll have anything you require.

I'll tell you the story of the old lady in the ashram. I ask everybody to keep diaries. (I've been keeping a diary as a student, too. I had transvision – I saw that some man was dying.) I ask that nobody comes to the ashram without a diary, they should bring it. Now I wanted what – do you know? That they should sit one hour in meditation; only then should they show their faces to me and let me have their darshan. One lady could not read or write but she kept a diary form. What did she do? She offered flowers on it. And some person asked about this, "Are you keeping a diary?" – "Yes." – "How are your meditations going on?" – "I always see Master within me." You see, keeping diary with faith, ...  she sees me. Most of us are giving wrong information on the diary. When some people bring me their diary, I simply tell them, "Dear friend, if this diary is true, you must go to the third plane. But you say you cannot see light." (Laughter) Don't (laugh) – take it seriously what I am telling you! Don't smile over these things. If we are true, my experience is, we get transvision. Let the question of God be set aside; when the water's at rest, no weed on it, can't you see your face in it? The only thing I can tell you: those who want to meet God – they must – it's their right to meet Him. They should meet Him. They're sure to meet Him – must. This is God's law. What you want you get, if it is sincere in you. If it is sincere, I say, because we are not true to our own self.

In outer things, in a class, it takes about a year to pass from one class to another, promoted. Sometimes they do work in the schools, sometimes for homework. Now in a year, a year means 365 days, if we spend some time, say at least four hours at home – six hours a day – then how many hours in a year? About fourteen or fifteen hundred. And how much time do you put in? Let me be a business-like man: some ten minutes, some five minutes, others an hour. Some are not regular, some days they put in time, otherwise not. So time factor is necessary. You understand, no student can go on to the highest class if he does not burn the midnight oil. He has to work for it. No wrestler can become a wrestler unless he puts in time. No saint can become a saint (without taking efforts, putting in time). Every saint has his past and every sinner his future.

When I was in Lahore in 1912, I was very fond of rivers, the waterside. I used to go to the riverside at night. In the winter it is very cold at night. One father wanted his son to be a wrestler. At night he would turn him out in the cold without any coat on; he'd go all through the night exercising. And the time did come when he became the wrestler in India that defeated all wrestlers. So a strong man revels in his strength and the weaker man wonders how he got it. How does someone become a professor? In one day? Or any other line, you see – you have to work for it. Be true; if you are true to your own self, even if you are not able to do sufficient time – God is within you, grace works.

I was just referring in my talk today to something I think perhaps you people have noted. Those who are initiated, their judgement is not to be done by the Lord of Judgement but by the Master Himself. A father whose son has committed something wrong won't send him to the police; he'll slap him in the face himself. Those who are sincere to the Master will never go to hell. If he wants to send you back he'll bring you back in a very good higher family where you can go further ahead. I've noted that references are given in the scriptures by all Masters. Christ also did say that he was given the authority to judge them. So it is a great blessing to be put on the way, by God's grace. You should work for it! When I went to the Master, I was a family man with two children and I earned my own livelihood. I asked Him, "How much time should I put in?" and the Master said, "Five to six hours at least, and the more you can do the better."

God will choose you for any work for which you are considered fit; it is He that takes work from somebody. It does not go to the credit of the man from whom He takes the work; all credit goes to Him. But he should be chosen. All credit goes to God, or the Master, or God-in-the-Master. Man is in the make, he has not just started now. Some come with good background, some little, some start here. Those who have got some background, they begin to see light, hear sound, and I have found suchlike people going to the doctor to get treatment for something wrong with the ears or the eyes; even those who have heard do not know. Even if a man comes with this background, he is here dilly-dallying; he always puts in less time. And another man who just starts now, afresh, he is more sincere, puts in more time, with due respect to self-introspection; he will go ahead of him, sure and certain. So you're all fortunate you've been put on the way, on the path. There are millions and millions of other people seeking. These things appeal to you, that is why you've been put on the way. When you've been put on the way, it means it is your good fortune: God has selected you for that. Make the best use of it. I am telling you all these things from a common sense point of view; no imposition, you see? You are the better judge.

Be sincere; don't spare yourselves. Judge and you'll see. What are we doing? What are we here for? To see that in the manbody to know God is the hereditary right, I would say; hereditary right! Have you made the best use of it? You are afforded the opportunity and you do not care to make the best use of the time. It is only prolonging our time away from home. I think these things are put before you in a very simple way – from heart to heart. You must work for it!

Once it happened, I was in service, I was in charge of a section. There were others supervising other sections, too. My section was all calm, quiet, no worry, and did double work the other sections did. And one day the other superintendent came to me: "What is this? You're calm, quiet. The men never fight, they're always working." (And the officers would give me any newcomers that were being added, and without my growling.) I told him, "Well, control yourself. I have self-discipline, you see." Then I told him, "There is something within you – if you withdraw your attention from all outside ..." (I was not initiated then, I tell you.) "Just sit to your own self for some time; you will develop slowly." He went away; he began to sit at home. There was one water-pump working. After fifteen days he came to me: "Well, you told me that, but the sound of the water-pump does not permit me to ..." – "All right, be left to your own self solely, don't pay any attention outside." Then he came (he was sincere), he came in another fifteen days: "In the beginning I do hear the outer noise, but after some time that goes up. I don't hear it." – "All right, go on further." Then again he came after a month or so, he said, "Now I sit; there's no noise." So it is only withdrawing our attention from all outside. You are attention, you see. You'll feel rich, fresh. Your body may not permit you, but with all that you'll be fresh. It's the Bread of Life and the Water of Life, and this you can have only in the manbody. Animals cannot do that. You are all sitting here – can animals come and sit here? No? So I will advise you to keep a diary. I was in the forest for some time – five months. There, in the beginning, I thought about how to induce people to live up to what I tell them. Then I thought, what have you been doing yourself? I kept a diary as a student all through. The event I related to you today: I had transvision. I could see what was happening beyond this wall. Everything calm, quiet, no ripples, no filth in it; you can see your face in it when the mind is at rest. You can have transvision, you can foresee. Those who don't keep diaries they cannot progress.

The diary is meant for two things: one, for self-introspection. Don't spare yourself, criticize yourself as you'd like to criticize others. Never mind if you've got thousands of failures; now you know some of them, then weed out! To say simply, "I'm a sinner, I'm a sinner" – that won't do. Weed out, and you'll say like Guru Amardas says, "We were some time like you. Now with the grace of God we are not. We have passed through it."

So I submit to you: as a man you've got the heritage, the right to know God. If you don't utilize that, that's a misfortune. Even when God affords somebody the opportunity to be put on the way, and with all that, they don't do it, then it's a great misfortune. So procrastination is the thief of time. This is what we do: "I'll start it when such and such work is finished. I'll do it when I'm retired. I'll do it when that thing is done first." Well, who knows if you'll live longer, till that time? So Masters say that those who do not care while young, when their brain, their memory, their body is fit; then who can do it in old age, when the hairs are quite white? The point is, if you have not lived a normal chaste life, you have misused this life, then who knows, if you'll be able to see Him in your old age? You will become deaf; your eyesight will become shortened, lessened; you won't be able to walk. Then can you do it? You can, I think, when you're young, quite fit. You can do that: you can exert, you can put in time. And thank God it is not the way of great penances. It is a very simple natural way: only put in some time out of 24 hours. So maintain your diaries: record how much time you put in; and criticize yourself, not sparing yourself; and weed out all imperfections.

In 1912, I met a professor. He was a Mohammedan; he was a spiritual man. he put a sign on his house that nobody can come: NO ADMITTANCE. But I was free to; I used to go to him when he was saying prayers. In Mohammedanism you'll find they have five sitting times of prayer. I went on watching him; then one day I asked him, "Well, dear friend, you are authorized for five times a day; you are going on for hours." He said, "These five times are enjoined on us by the Prophet – that is to be obedient to Him; and the more time I put in is to earn His pleasure." We have pity on our own selves and that pleases the One, that God overhead. I tell you nothing new, you know all these things; don't you know what I have submitted? I think any one of you can stand up and give a very wonderful talk in a bombastic way – you'll even break the tables, too. At your height of language – what you could cry … In churches and some of the schools, they kneel and say, "Oh, God." Something that goes out of the heart, that is what is wanted – sincere, true. Don't think God is deaf, you see? He's everywhere. He's omniscient. The only thing required, I would say: we have to be true to ourselves. But for that we have got no aim in life, we are aimlessly adrift. Sometimes we want one thing, pursue it, then other times we want some other thing – we change it. We dig the pits in the ground, some four feet deep, some five feet deep, some seven feet – and water nowhere. So you should decide your aim in life, what you would like to become, what you want. It may take you a day, two, three, four, five days; never mind, this is well spent. When you decide something once and for all, then stick to it! Every step you take you will be nearer the goal.

I can only say for myself that in 1912 it took me ten or eleven days to decide. At night I used to go out when nobody was there; I would decide for or against, what should be my aim. I had ambition in life, too, and I had a little background, with God's grace. So I decided once and for all; God first and world next. All scriptures say, you do that and all things shall be added unto you. I had a good position in the office, the highest officer believed in me more than the comptroller. So may point is, decide what you want! Don't you want to go home? Say no – hands up! No? Everybody wants to go – but everybody doesn't want to work! God is waiting for you and nobody is prepared to go; like that insect in the gutter, "Can't you find anybody else to take home?"

So in manbody you can have that. This is what I say, have some aim set up before you, and work for it. You take one step; when the child begins to walk, when he begins to stand up, then the mother gives her hand to support him. The little steps he takes at first – if he goes to fall, then she gives support. Similarly, if you want to go back to our God, every help will come. He's more than hundreds of mothers – sympathetic, loving – more than thousands of mothers. Never think you're all alone. Somebody's looking after you. We are all His children; How can He forget?There may be hundreds of children. If you have seven children, would you forget any child? When you go anywhere, you take the children, do you forget any of your children, leave them behind? No, you'll count, one, two, three, …now you're set.

So you are fortunate you have been put on the way. Now it simply depends on you to work for it; to obey; to live up to what you have been instructed to do, and that is in your own interests. You are benefited and you earn pleasure for nothing. Did I say anything unbecoming? Or very common sense? Now, I think this will appeal to each one of you. Is there anybody who these words do not appeal to? Hands up, please! No? Then you're to do it – live up to them!

I am not telling you anything new, it is the same thing that you know already. I only request you to have discipline. It is high time – we should not put off this work till some other time. Kabir says, you are to never put off till tomorrow what you can do today. He says, how do we know what will happen after an hour or so? Why do you put off till tomorrow? This procrastinating habit is wrong, you'll have to repent for it. When you leave the body, you'll go crying: "God, I have not done anything." Why not go jolly, smiling – "I'm going to my home." The whole thing remains: we should decide, have some aim before us and live up to it. We will come unasked for. God granted it, all Masters have granted it; that will come without asking for it. Mother knows what the child wants – needs – you see? We are His children.

So this is the question I have put: "Is there anything to lengthen the time? Time is short." I wish to be with you physically all the time, but it's not possible. By radiation you can have the benefit, by developing receptivity. I issued one circular, probably most of you must have it: ‘How to develop receptivity'. If you become receptive – you will ask the same question of the Master and the same question to the one who has developed receptivity, they will repeat the same words. It is just like water, the vibrations go on; if there is no dirt in the instrument – then nothing remains between you and Him. It is all up to you. Now I ask you, "Do these things appeal to you? Do you have a resolute will to start it all at once?" How many are there? – Hands up! I am very fortunate if we have got so many with a resolute will. Start from now: not try, mind that. You will say, you'll try; trying means half-heartedness, you cannot progress in any line whatsoever. Start from today and I think so many can become ambassadors. I am a man like you. I'm not just telling anything. What little things I have learned from the biographies of the great men I am repeating to you. I've lived up to them and had wonderful progress on the way. So each great man has some beauty in his life; some beauty. I was very fond of, and I was a very voracious reader of books on esoteric subjects and biographies. I am not telling you anything new, I think everybody thinks that way. The only thing is, we don't live up to it! We must have some model before us to work by. Just like that old lady, you see, she kept the diary form, only she put flowers on it, incense on it – and she finds Master is going around within. The sweet remembrance of the Master means: constantly. Every time you'll confess, "O God, I won't do it again!"

In churches you are to confess once a month, fortnight maybe? Now you are to confess every time you fail. So think of God: "O God, I won't do it." Start from today, and in a month or so you'll find wonderful progress.

I'm repeating the same thing to you that you know already, only I tell you from my heart, not from my brain – they are changed with my heart… my love …I wish you real progress; to make the best use of your manbody. That Power still reminds in you, that Godpower is with you. Once I wrote to one bishop in London who had written, "Sometimes I read, ‘Masterpower will be extending all help and protection to you,' then sometimes, ‘My best wishes are with you.' What do you mean by that?" So that Godpower, Christpower is with you. Ever since man is initiated, that Power sits in him and watches every action. Baba Jaimal Singh, who was the grand Guru, the Master of our Master, when He initiated anybody, He told them, "Look here, now I reside in you, I am in you. Always remember me; I am watching your every action. Don't think that I am not here; I am residing in you now." When he used to come back, he said, "Well, what have you brought?" Not money, you see. What have you earned out of the ten talents, maybe twenty, or is it all frittered away? Our Master's way was the same. We went to Him: "How are you getting on? Alright, have you done anything for me?" We used to say, "My son was sick, he is alright now."  – "My wife was on the death-bed, she was saved." We would go on. We would say, "Have you done anything for me?" You see, that is his work. He takes his work and pleads for nothing and helps our own selves. Would you find any man like that who does his own work? The other is only pleased with you when you're doing your own work. Is this not your work?

So I'm very glad almost all of you put your hands up, very glad. I wish that in a month or so you'll see progress for your own selves, and I'll see the diaries quite clear; not saying, "Light does not come, it comes and goes away." You see? You'll have that Music of the Spheres going on 24 hours of the day and night, while everything goes on. We have to tune ourselves to that, that's all.

Those who are initiated, others also – God is nearer than your hands and feet; you're never without Him. But when you are initiated, something special comes up. So that is why I put the first question to you, "Could you prolong this time?" you see, "It is so short." Do you remember these words? These are not new words. Only try to live up to them and that time is prolonged all alone; never forget them. In the Koran, God says, "I remember him who remembers me." So my wishes are there with you. God will help you, He is with you always. You simply turn your face to Him. Sometimes, when you forget something, what do you do? Do you know? You turn your thoughts over there. So this time you put in for meditation is something like that. You wind up the watch, it will run for 24 hours, some for a week, some for a month. Never miss meditation, this is the Bread of Life and Water of Life! I am pleased to be here with you. I hope your hand is up, I can rely on you – you'll do your work and earn pleasure for nothing. So remain in touch, that's all – quite clear. That remaining in touch will come up when you keep diaries. Don't spare yourselves yourselves and submit for information how much time you put in, what difficulties are there. I think without even asking for anything you'll find your own solutions clear to you. All right; God bless you all. My best wishes are with you all.