The human body is a holy book of God. Study it! Search it! Those who rose above the plane of senses and realized themselves, they realized God. This is the highest ideal of all.

Sant Kirpal Singh

The way of love - 1965

A letter from Sant Kirpal Singh send to disciples of California, dated May 4, 1965.

Dear Ones:
You have been all along on my mind and your sweet remembrances have always been fresh by the presence of dear .......

I send you my loving message.

Human body is a precious asset granted to you all. It is the highest rung in God's creation. The highest object of this earth life in human form is to realize our own selves and then realize God. It is such a noble task, which can only be accomplished in the human body. Soul is a conscious entity, a drop of the ocean of all consciousness, and in its miniature capacity carries all the divine attributes of Godhood. Since it is environed by mind and matter, it has lost its heritage and forgotten its origin, the true home of the Father. The Masters come to our help, to awaken us from this long slumber of ignorance. All the past Masters including Christ have been stressing the importance of this inner development of soul. An unbiased study of scriptures will reveal to you that the Masters have been coming to this earth planet in all ages for the guidance and deliverance of child humanity. Those dear ones who were privileged to sit at their holy feet enjoyed the rare bliss of inner communion with them. The imperative necessity of such a Master-soul is still felt by such loving souls who yearn to meet Him during their lifetime. The eternal law of demand and supply continues working for all time. So it is under divine dispensation that a living Master comes for rendering feasible assistance and guidance for such ready souls.

It is in accordance with the execution of the divine plan that I have been assigned this noble task of assisting all dear ones in the fulfillment of their cherished goals. I would love to assist them in this respect. It is the divine grace of my Master that whosoever had the good fortune of seeking inner life has been blessed with the conscious contact of the holy Naam within. The holy initiation into the mysteries of the beyond is a unique start for further development. Most of you have been blessed with this rare gift of heavenly nature with the grace of the Master. Now it is up to you to develop it from day to day by regular, faithful, and accurate meditations. I am glad that most of you have been devoting regular time for your holy meditations and enjoying inner bliss and harmony. I wish you more of success in your ventures.

I would stress the importance of self-introspection, for which the maintenance of the diary has been prescribed. A keen vigil and careful living is an essential helping factor for inner progress. A disciplined life by having complete control over the senses, which feed the mind which in turn overpowers the soul, should be cherished. The inner divine links of Light and Sound are most helpful for controlling the senses. If you will follow these divine principles, the inner change of life will follow automatically. Truth is above all, but higher still is true living. You should love one another so that others may see and know for themselves that you belong to the Master.

God is love and love is God. The way back to God is also through love. You should always remember this divine principle: that love begets love. The father is always pleased to see the loving children laying their heads together for the common holy cause of the Master. When two lovers of the Master meet, they grow in loving devotion and right understanding.

Satsang is a great helping factor for spiritual progress. It is the divine grace of the Master which radiates in such holy congregations where the dear ones get together for imbibing the sacred teachings. I would say that it is an arena where spiritual stalwarts are built. The loving life impulses are radiated in great abundance by the gracious Master Power in these gatherings. You can derive immense spiritual benefit by getting together in his name.

My heart goes out to all you dear ones. You see, distance is no barrier for the Master Power and anywhere the yearning souls would pray for his guidance, he would materialize and bless you through and through. Time and tide wait for no man. Make hay while the sun shines. You should always hie on your holy path irrespective of worldly gains or losses. You will appreciate that after all everything is to be left behind at the final hour of death, and only the holy Naam will accompany us into the beyond. You know very well the supreme importance of regular meditations. The more you are developed while living here, the more of the inner journey is covered in the beyond. Know it for certain that you are here in this mortal world only for enjoying the rare bliss of holy Naam. God and Master (God in man) first; all else secondary. It is the bread of life which must be partaken regularly so that your souls may become strong enough to pass through the vicissitudes of physical life. Love is the panacea for all ills. Please give up all remorse and resentment and live cheerfully. You should remember that nothing binds the human soul more than drooping spirits of morbidity. Always keep cheerful, resigning yourselves to the will and pleasure of the Master. You should know it for certain that you are under the gracious protection of the Master Power and He is ever with you through and through.

One learns swimming in water. You must be alive to your mundane obligations and try to meet with the challenge as best as you can and leave the rest to Him. If you will keep the target of your spiritual progress in the forefront, the pinching effect of worldly pains will be lost with the grace of the Master. An elegant horseman keeps both of his feet well fixed in the stirrups. If you will run Godward, all else will follow of its own accord. A disciplined life is an asset; make it a principle to be always happy, cheerful and grateful. Prayer and gratitude are akin. There is much to be grateful for, if we only just count the manifold blessings granted to us by the Master Power. A healthy physical body, strong enough to attend to mundane obligations, and a sound mind purified by meditations in the holy Naam are perhaps the superb blessings. Always radiate loving compassion for others which will invoke divine grace, and your heart will be purified.

I would reiterate that our days are numbered, and before the great final change, viz., death, comes, the initiates should develop rising above body consciousness by attuning their souls with the holy Naam. If you will take one step, He will come down hundreds of steps to greet you. Each and every moment spent in holy meditation stands to your spiritual credit. With these few words, I conclude and send you all my love and best wishes for your spiritual progress.

Thank you, dear ones.
Yours affectionately, Kirpal Singh