The Masters are not the monopoly of anyone, they come for everyone, not for one group of humanity or another. They give a knowledge which is beyond the senses, which is an ocean of intoxication – a mighty effulgence of bliss.

Sant Kirpal Singh

How can we please the Master

From the book "Morning Talks", by Sant Kirpal Singh, 27 January, 1968

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If ­the Mas­ter or ­the ­Guru is ­pleased ­with ­you, ­then be ­rest ­assured ­that ­God is ­pleased ­with ­you, ­because ­God is man­i­fested in ­Him. If at ­the ­heart of ­hearts He is ­not ­pleased ­with ­you, ­then ­who ­can ­approach ­Him to be ­kind to ­you? If ­God is dis­pleased, ­there is a ­way, ­there is a ­place ­where ­you ­can ­approach. ­That ­place is ­where ­God is man­i­fest, ­the ­God-in-­man. If ­the ­God-in-­man is dis­pleased, ­there is no ­place.

What is ­the cri­ter­ion ­for a ­man to ­know ­whether he ­has ­got a ­real ­love ­for ­the Mas­ter or ­the ­Guru? If ­the Mas­ter is dis­pleased ­with ­you ­and ­calls ­you ­names, ­even ­then ­your ­love ­for ­Him ­should ­not ­waver, ­not ­the ­least. ­This is ­the cri­ter­ion to ­show. ­Even if He ­calls ­you ­names or ­rebukes ­you (of ­course He ­will ­not do ­that), ­you ­will ­still ­love ­Him, ­you ­will be ­attracted to ­Him. Some­times a ­child ­will ­say some­thing to ­the ­mother ­which is ­not fea­si­ble, ­but ­even ­then ­the ­mother ­does ­not ­take it ­ill.

Now ­the ques­tion ­arises, ­how ­can ­the Mas­ter be ­pleased? ­There ­are ­two ­ways ­and ­the ­first ­one is, what­ever attrib­utes He ­has ­got in ­His ­life ­should be ­adopted in ­our ­own ­life. We ­should ­copy, ­live accord­ing to ­those qual­i­fi­ca­tions ­which we ­see in ­Him. ­The qual­i­fi­ca­tions in ­Him ­are ­the qual­i­fi­ca­tions of ­God on a min­i­a­ture ­scale. ­God ­gives to every­body ­whom He ­creates, ­because nat­u­rally ­the Crea­tor ­will ­love ­His Crea­tion. So ­the ­Guru ­will ­love ­His dis­ci­ples, ­because it is He ­who ­has ­given ­birth to ­them in ­the ­inner ­way. As He ­loves us, so ­should we ­love ­all. He ­won't ­let any­body suf­fer ­and ­you ­should ­not ­let any­body suf­fer. ­You ­must ­share ­with oth­ers. ­These ­are ­some of ­the qual­i­fi­ca­tions ­that ­the Mas­ter ­has ­and ­are ­the attrib­utes of ­God ­reflected in ­Him. ­The sec­ond ­way is to ­just ­live up to ­strictly, lit­er­ally, ­what He ­says. I ­gave an exam­ple of ­the ­five Pan­da­vas, ­who ­were ­sent to a ­Guru ­for edu­ca­tion. So ­the ­first les­son ­that he ­gave ­them ­was to ­learn to ­tell ­the ­truth, to ­speak ­the ­truth. He ­then ­told ­them to mem­or­ize ­this. ­They ­went ­away ­and ­with ­the excep­tion of ­one, ­returned ­the ­next ­day. ­The ­Guru ­asked ­the ­other ­four Pan­da­vas ­where ­the ­fifth ­one ­was ­and ­they ­replied ­that he ­was mem­or­iz­ing ­the les­son ­given to ­him. A ­week ­passed ­before he ­turned up, ­and ­when he ­came, he ­said, "­Well ­Guruji, I ­have ­now ­learned ­what ­you ­told me, to ­tell ­the ­truth, to ­speak ­the ­truth." ­The oth­ers rid­i­culed ­him ­and ­said, "Look ­here ­Guruji, we remem­bered ­these ­few ­words ­the ­very ­moment ­you ­told us, ­while it ­has ­taken ­him a ­week to mem­or­ize ­them." ­The ­Guru ­then ­explained ­the ­true mean­ing of ­the les­son ­and ­made ­the ­other ­four Pan­da­vas prom­ise to ­speak no ­lies. So what­ever ­the ­Guru ­says, ­live up to it. ­Just ­write it in ­your ­own ­life.

One pan­dit, ­Guru ­Dutt by ­name, ­was a dis­ci­ple of ­Swami Day­a­nand, ­the ­founder of ­the ­Arya ­Samaj. Some­body ­said to ­him ­that he ­should ­write ­the ­life ­story of ­his ­Guru. "­All ­right," he ­said,  "­I'll ­write." ­Two ­months, ­three ­months ­passed, ­and ­they ­asked ­him ­what he ­was ­doing. He ­said, "I am writ­ing." ­Six ­months, a ­year ­passed ­and ­they ­wanted to ­know ­what he ­was ­doing ­with it. He ­replied, "Oh, I am writ­ing ­very ­hard." ­Another ­two ­years ­passed ­and ­they ­again ­asked ­him ­how ­much he ­had writ­ten. "Oh, I am writ­ing ­very ­hard," he ­said. ­What is ­the writ­ing of a ­Master's ­life? It is ­just to ­have ­the ­very qual­i­fi­ca­tions of ­the Mas­ter in ­our ­own ­life. So what­ever we ­say, it ­must be ­sweet ­words. ­Kind ­words ­imbued ­with humil­ity ­don't ­cost any­thing. If ­you ­have ­that atti­tude in ­life, I ­think ­that ­ninety per­cent of ­your trou­bles ­will be ­avoided. So we ­must ­live up to ­what ­the Mas­ter ­says, lit­er­ally. ­This is ­one ­way of pleas­ing ­the Mas­ter or ­the ­Guru. ­The ­other ­way is ­that ­you ­should ­adopt ­the qual­i­fi­ca­tions ­that He ­has ­got in ­your ­own ­life.

Some­times ­the Mas­ter ­has to ­train ­the dis­ci­ple in ­order to ­make a ­man ­out of ­him. Some­times He ­has to ­boost ­him up, say­ing, "­All ­right, ­you ­have ­been a ­very ­good ­boy, ­doing ­your ­best ­and I am ­pleased." ­Other ­times, He ­has to ­say ­that ­the dis­ci­ple ­has ­done some­thing ­wrong ­and ­does ­not ­pay atten­tion to ­the Mas­ter. ­Not to ­pay atten­tion to ­what ­the Mas­ter ­says is ­more ­than ­death to ­the ­man ­who ­has ­love ­for ­the Mas­ter. A lit­tle ­word of encour­age­ment ­from ­the Mas­ter ­and he ­gets a ­boost ­within ­for ­his ­soul. ­The Mas­ter ­has dif­fer­ent ­ways to ­bring ­out ­the ­man in ­the dis­ci­ple, ­but peo­ple gen­er­ally do ­not under­stand ­Him. So ­you ­should ­live, ­try to ­copy ­the ­life of ­the Mas­ter in ­your ­own ­life ­and ­adopt ­the ­good qual­i­fi­ca­tions ­that He ­has ­got, ­and ­also ­live up to ­what He ­says. ­The ­best ­way to ­become ­the ­abode of ­all qual­i­fi­ca­tions is to ­have a ­sweet ­tongue, ­kind ­words, ­imbued ­with humil­ity. ­The Mas­ter ­has to ­clean ­the ­heart of ­the dis­ci­ple, ­not in ­one ­day, ­but it ­takes ­time. ­The ­clothes ­which ­have ­been ­washed ­can be ­put in ­the bas­ket, ­not ­the ­dirty ­clothes. ­The Mas­ter ­has ­love ­for ­the dis­ci­ple, as ­the ­mother ­has ­love ­for ­her ­child. If ­the ­child is ­besmeared ­with ­filth, ­what ­does ­the ­mother do? ­She sim­ply ­washes it ­with ­love ­and ­then ­hugs it to ­her ­breast. So, ­love ­the sin­ner, ­but ­hate ­the ­sin. Do ­not ­have ­hatred in ­the ­outer ­way, ­but ­have ­sweet ­words, ­imbued ­with humil­ity. ­These ­are ­the ­things ­that ­will ­endear us to ­the Mas­ter. ­You ­should ­live up to ­what He ­says, ­even if it ­costs ­you ­your ­life. ­This is ­the cri­ter­ion to ­show ­how ­the Mas­ter ­can be ­pleased. If He is ­pleased, ­the ­God in ­Him is ­pleased, ­then ­God is ­also ­pleased.

So ­the ­first cri­ter­ion to ­know if ­you ­have ­real ­love ­for ­the Mas­ter is, ­even if He ­hates ­you, ­calls ­you ­names – ­God for­bid, He ­never ­does it – ­but ­even if it ­comes to ­that ­pass, ­your ­love ­for ­Him ­should ­not ­waver. He ­may ­not ­allow ­you to ­come ­near ­Him ­for ­some ­time – I am speak­ing ­out of my ­own expe­ri­ence in ­life – ­because of ­some prop­a­ganda or ­other ­things, ­then ­still ­you ­must be ­endeared to ­Him, ­you ­must ­love ­Him. ­This is ­the ulti­mate cri­ter­ion to ­show ­the ­man ­who ­has ­become, "I ­live, ­not ­now I, ­but ­Christ ­lives in me". Sec­ond, what­ever qual­i­fi­ca­tions He ­has ­got, ­try to ­adopt ­them in ­your ­own ­life, ­live up to ­them ­and ­third, ­live up to ­strictly ­what He ­says, lit­er­ally, with­out ­any ­regard to ­what ­your ­mind ­says or ­what ­your ­heart ­likes. ­Once it ­was my ­duty to ­give a Sat­sang at ­Lahore on ­one Sun­day. At ­that ­time, I hap­pened to ­visit my Mas­ter, ­who ­was resid­ing at ­Beas, ­and ­arrived ­there at ­about ­twelve at ­night. I ­had ­the ­good for­tune to be per­mit­ted to ­see my Mas­ter at ­any ­time. He ­lived on ­the ­third ­floor ­and I ­went up ­there to ­see ­Him. So, ­the ­time ­was get­ting ­late ­and I ­had a ­mind to ­remain ­with my Mas­ter ­and ­detail some­body ­else to ­give a ­talk. ­The ­time ­came ­for me to ­leave ­for ­Lahore ­and ­the Mas­ter ­said, "­Aren't ­you to ­give a Sat­sang in ­Lahore?" "­Yes," I ­replied. "­All ­right, go ­then." So of ­course, I ­caught ­the ­train ­for ­Lahore ­and ­gave ­the Sat­sang.

So I ­have ­given ­you ­three ­things to ­show ­whether ­you ­have ­got ­real ­love ­for ­the Mas­ter. He is ­the ­abode of ­all ­good qual­i­fi­ca­tions. What­ever qual­i­fi­ca­tions ­are in ­God ­are ­also ­reflected in ­the Mas­ter. ­Live up to ­them, ­adopt ­them in ­your ­life ­and ­live ­strictly, lit­er­ally, up to ­what He ­says. ­Pay ­respect to ­His ­words, ­rather ­than to ­His ­body. If ­there ­are ­four or ­five chil­dren ­and ­one ­child ­goes accord­ing to ­the ­will ­and pleas­ure of ­his ­father ­and ­does ­not ­demand any­thing, ­while ­the oth­ers ­demand ­this ­and ­that ­thing ­and do ­not ­live up  to ­what ­the ­father ­says, ­then ­whom ­will ­the ­father ­love? So ­try to ­win ­the pleas­ure of ­the Mas­ter, by liv­ing as I ­have ­told ­you. ­Just ­have ­those qual­i­fi­ca­tions ­that He ­has ­got in ­His ­life, ­write ­them ­down in ­your ­life, ­not on ­paper. I ­gave an exam­ple of Pan­dit ­Guru ­Dutt, ­who ­was a dis­ci­ple of ­Swami Day­a­nand, ­the ­founder of ­the ­Arya ­Samaj. ­When ­some peo­ple ­asked ­him to ­write ­the ­life his­tory of ­Swami Day­a­nand, he ­replied ­that he ­would do so. ­Two ­months ­passed, ­three ­months ­passed, a ­year ­passed. ­They ­asked ­him ­what he ­was ­doing ­with it. "­Well, I am writ­ing," he ­said. ­Two or ­three ­years ­passed ­and ­they ­asked ­him ­how ­far he ­had ­got ­with it. He ­replied, "I am writ­ing ­very ­hard." "Oh, ­what ­have ­you writ­ten ­after ­all?" ­they ­asked ­him. ­The writ­ing of a ­life his­tory of ­the Mas­ter is ­just to ­have ­His ­life in ­your ­own ­life. I am writ­ing in my ­own ­life. Such­like stu­dents ­work won­ders, ­because of ­the ­God in ­Him.

So ­you ­have ­come to ­know ­three ­things ­today. ­First ­the cri­ter­ion to ­show ­whether ­you ­have ­got ­real ­love ­for ­the Mas­ter. ­Even if He ­calls ­you ­names, ­you ­will be ­attracted to ­Him. ­The sec­ond is to ­have ­those qual­i­fi­ca­tions ­which ­are ­reflected in ­Him ­from ­God in ­your ­own ­life. ­These ­are sim­plic­ity ­and ­kind ­words ­imbued ­with humil­ity. ­The ­third is to ­live ­strictly up to ­what He ­says, ­not ­even car­ing ­for ­your ­own ­life. If ­you ­leave every­thing to ­the Mas­ter, ­the Mas­ter ­has to ­take ­care of ­the ­child. So ­these ­are ­the ­three ­things ­that I ­have ­explained to ­you ­today. ­These ­things ­are ­not ­given in ­the ­books in a ­digest ­form or in ­such ­detail as ­these morn­ing ­talks con­vey. If ­you ­want to be ­endeared to ­the Mas­ter, ­then ­live up to ­what He ­says. He ­will ­never ­leave ­you, ­mind ­that! ­Christ ­said, "I ­shall ­never ­leave ­thee ­nor for­sake ­thee ­till ­the ­end of ­the ­world". ­The Mas­ter ­never ­leaves ­the dis­ci­ple. He is ­the ­God in ­him, ­how ­can He? We ­are ­created by ­Him. ­You ­are ­God in ­you ­and ­are ­micro-­gods. ­The Mas­ter ­tries to ­bring ­out ­the ­God in ­Him in ­you by mak­ing ­you ­live up to ­strictly ­what He ­says ­and by ask­ing ­you to ­copy ­from ­His ­life. ­These ­are ­the ­main ­things to be under­stood ­and ­lived up to.