God cannot be known by the outgoing faculties, by the intellect or the vital airs called the pranas.
He can be known only by the soul: like alone can know the like. When is the soul liberated? When it is analysed from mind and the outgoing faculties.

Sant Kirpal Singh

How to develop love for God

From the book "Morning Talks", written by Sant Kirpal Singh

1967-10-23, Delhi, Sawan Ashram
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We want to meet somebody who can tell us about the man whom we want to meet. So by hearing his words, our attention is diverted in that direction. Even to think of Him about whom we have heard, naturally you would like, when that desire grows strong, to meet Him. You would like to be in that country where He resides. When you reach that country, you would like to go to the town where He lives. When you go to that town, you won't stay anywhere, but will go straight to His house. This is but natural.

So for those who have got the human body, this is the golden opportunity in which they can go back to their Father, but first of all, they have to know about the Father. In the scriptures we read about those saints who met the Master, who saw the Master in whom the Word was made flesh and dwelt amongst us. He will tell you of His first hand experiences with God, by hearing which your desire will naturally increase, so much so that you would also like to see Him, to have the same experience of God as has the Master. So by reading the scriptures about those Masters who had first hand experience of God, our attention is diverted in that direction. By doing certain practices, by reading scriptures, by praying for this and that, what is all this for? So that His sweet remembrance may reside in our hearts. God is love. Our soul is of the same essence as that of God, it is also love. Love knows attachment. We are conscious beings and our love should be for an all conscious being. Instead, it has been attached to the physical body and environments and is called attachment. We come again and again to the world where we are attached.

The manbody is the golden opportunity that we have got in which we can change our love from the world to God. Kabir says if we have neglected this subject all through life, now we should wake up and divert our attention from the world to God. So for that, what do we have to do? First of all, we read the scriptures, in which past Masters are speaking about God. We hear about God, learn about God, through past Masters speaking through books. This causes a desire to arise, it grows strong and we feel separation. In His sweet remembrance naturally the heart becomes full and that bursts forth in tears through the eyes.

So all these outward practices, reading of scriptures, are meant only for what? That the desire to see God, love for God should develop. What is the criterion of love of God? Whom you love, He is always in your heart. You never forget him. If you want to love God, then what should you do? You should remember Him every second of your life, never forget Him. When you love somebody, naturally constant remembrance of that person remains in your heart. You wish to have love for that person and naturally, if you have constant remembrance of him and keep him in your heart, that will result in love.

So this is the manbody, in which you see what you are doing and how far you have succeeded. If by hearing about God, by reading scriptures, or by meeting somebody in whose society your sweet remembrance of God develops more, that is good. But best of all, even better than reading of scriptures, just have the society of someone who is overflowing with the love of God. By radiation you will have it. If you go to somebody who sells perfumes, even if he does not sell you anything, you will still get perfume by radiation. If he gives you a phial of scent, then...? The best way to develop the sweet remembrance of God is to have the company of those who are overflowing with the love of God. You have got the man-body and this is the place where you can go back to the Father. You cannot go back until you develop sweet remembrance of God. This as I have told you, can be developed first by reading scriptures, by performing certain rituals, but first rate success will be had when second, you come across somebody who is overflowing with the love and devotion of God. The company of such a person is called Satsang. He is the mouthpiece of God. He will be able to open your inner eye to see the Light of God. True love arises only when you see Him. Until you see Him for yourself, you must have the society of somebody who is Word made flesh. That comes first and precedes God. So the best way to develop love is to meet somebody, who is overflowing with the love of God.

The Masters say that you have got the manbody, which is the highest rung in all Creation, in which you can turn your love from the world to God. Now we have to see how far we have developed. Have we really got love for God? If so, God will meet you, sure and certain. But if you have got at heart of hearts the love of the world, which is called attachment, then you will come back again and again, that's all. We have to develop love of God. Only the question remains, where are we now attached? If we are attached to the physical body and environments, then we will come back again and again. If that very love is developed for God, naturally where will we go? We will go to God. We cannot have love for anybody, but we can have sweet remembrance and that can be developed. We cannot have true love for God unless we see Him. To see God, we need somebody who can open our inner eye to see the Light of God and the inner ear to hear the Voice of God. The man-body is the only opportunity in which we can do it, and we have got it fortunately for so many years. We have joined some school of thought and we have been doing something, but how far have we developed? When rain comes the clouds precede. If there are no clouds, there is no rain. If a fruit bearing tree has blossoms, there is hope for fruit. If there are no blossoms, then there is no hope for fruit. The blossom and the rain clouds are the foreshadow of the fruits and the rain. Similarly, in feeling separation, crying for God, your heart becomes full. Tears rain down like anything. This is a foreshadow to show that you are nearing God. God is coming to you.

A Mohammedan saint was asked whether he first saw God and then said his prayers or whether God came after his prayers. He said, "God comes first, then I pray." He was asked how he knew that God had come. He said, "When my heart becomes full, my eyes begin to shed tears. I then think that He has come, that He is dragging me from within, then I pray."

So this is the foreshadow of the coming of God. Now, just introspect your life and see where you stand. Are you always keeping sweet remembrance of God? Just as if a man has been stabbed and feels pain, so should you feel pain for God. If that is not developed we are nowhere. We are wasting our human life. Remain in whatever society you are, that makes no difference. We are meant for it. You have joined certain schools of thought only for love of God. If you have got love for God in your heart, all your reading of scriptures, your outward practices, have borne fruit. If you have read everything and have learned it by heart and there is not a speck of love in your heart for God, then it is no use. It is better to burn them away. So the main thing is to have love of God. The criterion of love for God is sweet remembrance of God. You never forget Him, even while eating, sleeping, coming or going. If that is developed, then naturally you will go to God. So delve deep down in your hearts and see how you stand. Love is developed by reading of scriptures and outward practices. But the best of all is to meet somebody who is overflowing with the love of God. He gives you this by radiation in His Society. I gave you an example of going to somebody who is selling perfumes. If he does not give you anything, you still have the sweet smell of perfume. If he gives you one phial of scent, then...? You can have this even by sitting thousands of miles away, by directing your attention to the Master. Kabir says, "If your Master lives across the Ocean and you live this side, just direct your attention to Him". From radio and television you can hear somebody's voice, you can see their face. Similarly, the Master is Word made flesh and you can see and hear Him from thousands of miles away. So this is the criterion, now you decide where you stand. Do you remember God always, never forget Him? Do you feel a pain in your heart? Does your heart become full and your eyes shed tears? These are symptoms to show that you have got love for God. Such a man who has got that love within him cannot speak. The tongue of love is mute and dumb. Only tears from the eyes show that he has got that love. So this is the thing that we have to develop in our lives.

We have got this manbody for so many years. Most of our life has already gone. In the little time that is left, we should hurry up and develop this love as soon as possible, so that we may have that ruling passion in us for God, then naturally we cannot come back to the world. If we are sent, then it is not as a prisoner but as a doctor. So today's subject is very clear. We must develop love for God. Do everything dedicated to Him. Those who are overflowing with the love of God, their sweet remembrance, their society also gives a boost to us in that way. All reading of scriptures, rituals or outer performances, bear fruit only when your heart becomes full in the sweet remembrance of God and the eyes begin to shed tears. I think that you can better judge where you stand now. Every day you get something. It should be kept in our hearts and we should see where we stand. If we have got it, well and good. We should thank God. If not, then hurry up. Pray to God that He may develop that love in you for Him. Or have such a society which goes to develop your love in that way.