God cannot be known by the outgoing faculties, by the intellect or the vital airs called the pranas.
He can be known only by the soul: like alone can know the like. When is the soul liberated? When it is analysed from mind and the outgoing faculties.

Sant Kirpal Singh

The seat of Naam

From the book "Naam or Word", written by Sant Kirpal Singh

The body is the Temple of God, for God made man in His own image. But it is only after the spirit, through the process of inversion, gets concentrated between and be­hind the two eyebrows that one can hear the divine mel­ody. Guru Nanak, when questioned by the yogins (those engaged in yogic exercises like Pranayam, etc.) about this music, told them:

O yogi, you may have the gift of the Divine Link only if you transcend the body.

This Divine Link is essentially musical in character and has a great magnetic force which pulls the Spirit upward to spiritual realms, as Spirit, Word and God are of the same essence. When like attracts like, the Spirit is irresistibly drawn out of the bodily raiment. Maulana Rumi therefore says:

If I were to give thee a little account of the divine strains,
all the spirits would leave their respective bodily abodes.

Christ too speaks of it:

When the dead shall hear the Voice of the Son of God, they that hear shall live.

This heavenly Harmony is already within each one of us, and we could distinctly hear it if we could by leaving the outgoing faculties through repetition of certain name or names, withdraw the spirit from the sensory plane. The reverberations of this music make us self-absorbed and self-intoxicated.

One dyed in the Naam is ever absorbed within and gets eternal bliss.

All the intoxicants of the world produce but a passing inebriation and a momentary forgetfulness; but a spirit dyed in the colour of Naam or Word is ever-engrossed in the Sound Principle arising from the Deep Silence of the Soul and experiences an everlasting bliss which is inter­minable:

The intoxication of the Naam, O Nanak, works round the clock.

Naam is the Life Principle that works through all that lives and its withdrawal means disintegration, dissolution and death:

I live when I listen to Naam's music, and I die when I forget it.


O my Beloved, I do live when I contact the Naam,
Without that there is no life, my Master has instilled this in me.


So long as this inner contact of the spirit with the Naam which is latent in each one of us is not established, there is no way out for the spirit, and it gets no peace.