The Masters are not the monopoly of anyone, they come for everyone, not for one group of humanity or another. They give a knowledge which is beyond the senses, which is an ocean of intoxication – a mighty effulgence of bliss.

Sant Kirpal Singh

Farewell to the Western world

Sant Kirpal Singh's last talk on Third World Tour before returning to India, December 27, 1972, Cali, Colombia

Dear brothers and sisters,

Sant Kirpal SinghI am very gratified to have been able to spend these three days here with you, and to celebrate Christmas with you all. This is my last station in South America, and I can only say that we should all work together in order to truly celebrate Christ's teachings. He gave out that there is always water for the thirsty. This is the true spirituality, in which there is no ritual, no ceremony. This science is the same as taught by Jesus in his time, and all Masters of the past. Those who came to them were given direct experience.

On this tour, thousands have benefited from the physical presence of the Master. You must not underestimate the value of the physical presence of the Master. I am glad that all, young and old, have benefited. Our Master, Baba Sawan Singh, used to say that to sit in the company of a Saint for even an hour was of more benefit than doing a hundred years of meditation alone in your homes.

I am very grateful to the leaders and to all those who have taken a part in arranging things to go smoothly on this tour, and to each one who has done his own part. They are all blessed. The only thing now is to sit at His Feet and imbibe the teachings.

We are all children of God. We were sometime in our homes, but ever since we separated from God, we have not been able to go back. So truly speaking, we are exiles from our homes. This man body is the highest in all Creation, and is the golden opportunity afforded us to go back home. Here all relations have been brought together by the reactions of the past, to pay off your debts, so you can go back home. So you are fortunate you have been put on the Way. The direct way back to God is through the Light and the Sound Principle, the Surat Shabd Yoga, the Yoga of the Attention which is the highest of all yogas.

Remember that you are in exile. Now the only thing that remains is that you would like to go back home, not to go around and around again and again; so, sow no fresh seeds. Whatever has been already sown should be reaped and paid off; and then all of you have your way back home which you have been put on.

The only thing required now is sincerity. Do you want to go home or not? This is the turning point, if you would like to go back home.

You have got your plane on which you have been given a seat. Now you fly on, on the wings of Light and Sound Current, to go back direct to your homes. There are 24 hours of the day and night: put in as much time as you can to rise above body consciousness and be in contact with the Light and Sound Principles within you.

You are fortunate. As Christ said, Many prophets and righteous men have desired to see those things which ye see, and have not seen them; and to hear those things which ye hear, and have not heard them. What more great fortune can there be? But if we do not now utilize that privilege, then it will be our own misfortune, I would say. Resolve from today onward! This physical presence is not always afforded to you. Only those men can derive full benefit from a distance who have developed receptivity.

So your attention should be just like a compass. The needle of your attention should always be directed to the North, to the Master. Then naturally in all your doings you will not be attached. So now, these are my very last words. I am leaving you physically, but not spiritually. That Power is with you all along, only you have just to turn your face inside. Find some time out of the 24 hours.

If you really love the Master, or God in Him, then you should obey the commandments. That is only – what? Have a righteous life; and cut yourself off for some time during the day and night to be in contact with that Power within you. That requires no exertion, no hardship. Simply repose within your own self, by withdrawing your attention from all outside. This is the main thing before us.

You may consider now that you are in exile! And man body is the golden opportunity afforded to you to go back home. This is the main thing. As far as the other things go, just pay off your debts to those with whom God has united you by the reactions of the past. Love them; respect them; God is also in them. But the main thing for all of us is to go back home. This is the main thing. For that you will have to keep your diaries; put in some time, the more you can, the better; develop receptivity, and you will have the same benefit as you have gotten from the physical presence – if you will develop receptivity.

What is receptivity? There should remain nothing between you and the Master – not your body, not your mind, not your intellect. He is all alone and He wants everybody to come to Him all alone. All alone means what? to take your body with you? or your thinking power? No! Be still! – physically still, intellectually still. That's the Way back to God, that will give you a ground on which you can prosper. Be physically still; be intellectually still; repose. If you take a little bit of a back seat, He will drag you up.

So my wishes are with you. I have been quite at home, I would say, among my own brothers and sisters; my own children, I could say. If you would like to please God and please your own selves too, be regular in your meditations. Put in more time. If you come in contact with Him you will be in the world, yet not of the world. Your boat will be in the river, yet the water of the river will not be in your boats. So have control of your attention; keep it always occupied – in what? In sweet remembrance of God. I think this will help you to end your exile period and go back home, that's all.

So East and West, Colombia or the United States or Canada or India or Europe, that means nothing; we are all world citizens. We are all in exile, wherever we are, you see? You know, when you are in exile or in prison, those prisoners love one another, is it not so? So we should love one another while here and try to help each other to go back home, that's all. That Power is with you; if you just turn your face to Him, He will come forward to receive you – hundreds of steps, if you take one step.

So I'm glad that I have been here and have gone all through the tour, and we will also have a boost with the love which we have already got innate within ourselves; that has now given us a little way up, and all of you have been drenched with that flow of love within you. So it is all God's grace that you have had it. And we may expect more – that is, those who have nothing else between them and God.

My best wishes are with all those who have helped make arrangements for this tour, here or there, everywhere. I am pleased with their efforts. The leaders should all serve as examples; example is better than precept. So my best wishes are with all of you, with the grace God.