We are all lovers, devotees of a higher power, thousands of lovers, but the Beloved is one for all. He whom we desire is the beloved of the whole world and is the one God for all men, not specifically for Muslims only, or for Hindus only, or for Christians only.
          Sant Kirpal Singh

Blessed are the pure in heart

Talk given by Sant Kirpal Singh, Franklin, New Hampshire, on 17 October, 1972


The bible says, "Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God". What is meant by "purity of heart"? Purity of heart means that no other thought strikes your mind except God and God alone – no foreign thought. For they shall see God. . . . these are the words: for they shall see God. When there is no other thought except of Him Whom you want to see, that, I think, leaves ample room for Him to come. When the room is full of all unnecessary things – dirt and other things – how can we expect anyone to come into it? So all Masters say, If you want to see God, have nothing else except God in our mind, in our heart of hearts. This is true purity of heart. If any thought does occur to us, it should be of thanks: we should thank God that He has brought us near God. He should not be eliminated. But what do we do? In our worldly thoughts, we just forget God altogether. Truly speaking, in the thought of God we should forget the world.

Even the thought of our body is a foreign thought. Either you remain or He remains – nobody else. God is all alone; do you know? All scriptures say that He has got no parents, no brothers, no sisters . . . so He wants everyone to come to Him all alone; not even with the body, you see; not even with the  intellect. So truly speaking, this is what is meant by "purity of heart." Do you follow me?

You abide in me and I abide in you. What does that mean? You abide in me and I abide in? – you, and no one else. If you have got anyone in your mind, in your heart of hearts, you keep Him in your heart of hearts, then naturally you will be in the heart of hearts of him whom you remember. Like radio; like television . . . if there is no dirt in the instrument, then everything will be face to face. The first thing advised by all Masters is purity of heart.

Hitherto, you know, people used to sit at the feet of the Masters for years before they were given something to start with. But now they cut the story short. So there should be nothing else except Him. When we go to Him, we should have Him in us and naturally we will be in His mind. What do we mean by the word "meditation"? Just the withdrawal of all our attention from outside and from the body below, is it not? With our whole attention we knock on the door. By riveting our whole attention, then . . . He hears. He will sup with you and you with Him. So the whole thing depends on purity of heart.

For purity, many things are helping factors. First of all: you want to wash a cloth stained with blood; you want to wash the blood away. Can you wash it in blood? No. By water. So for that, the first thing required, you see, is honest earning. Somebody asked me about the phrase "sweat of the brow." I never meant that they had to work hard, you see. Working hard is not necessary, but the earnings should be honest; whatever sort of earnings you have, you will develop that very effect in you. If you have gotten anything by ill means, naturally that will give that effect to anyone who uses those things. So that is the first thing.

Then comes chastity of thought, If you are not chaste, our attention is always drawn outside; that is the inspiration of our hearts – where we are attached. So heart is the throne of God, you might say; let nobody sit on your heart except God. As we are now, everyone can sit there; and that stands between you and Him. This is what is meant by "cleanliness."

Body is the temple of God, you know; God resides in it; and we also reside in it. Body works so long as we are in the body. We enliven the whole body. Even with so many doors open, we cannot run away out of it; some Power is controlling us in the body. That Power is the God-into-Expression Power, which is controlling all creation. So you and that Power both reside in the human body, which is the true temple of God. But if you want to have that God Power manifested in you, you must have your thoughts clean. We clean our bodies from outside; that's all right; this house is to be kept clean outside. But we don't pay any attention whatever to the other, the inner, side. If a fish goes into very limpid waters, in which even the sand can be seen from outside, do you think the fish will leave its bad odour? No. So that Power within us sees our heart, you see – what we are doing. That Power sees the very tendencies by which we are being dragged out – unknowingly. Desire is the basis of all, as I told you this morning.

So outer cleanliness is all right, for health's sake; but inner cleanliness is what is wanted. Inner cleanliness is when we have love for all – no evil thoughts for anybody, what to speak of words or actions. As God resides in every heart, and we also reside in the same heart, if we love God, can we deceive anyone when God is with them? No. So you never have recourse to untruthfulness; he who does so must have a good memory. Suppose you tell a lie to somebody, or usurped another's rights, or anything like that; if you have said anything about anybody to somebody else, you are always afraid of them, lest the secret be out. And if someone is telling lies, simply go on hearing what he says: today he will say it one way, tomorrow another way, after ten days a third way; the whole statement changes. Rut the man who is true to his own self, you ask him tomorrow or ten days after or ten months after, he will say the same thing. He has got chaste thoughts; he will not like to deceive the God in you all, in me, in his own self too.

If God resides everywhere and we are children of God, brothers and sisters in God, and we love God, we necessarily love His children. Then why should we do something usurping? For one's own sake? If we have got dirty clothes on, which give a bad odour, can we expect anyone to allow us to sit by him? I don't think so. If you have dirty clothes on, you will give out a bad odour; you won't allow anybody like that to sit by you, and neither will he allow you. This is by way of explaining what is what. Guru Nanak says at one place, if a man is wearing dirty clothes with bad odour, can he ever expect those whom he loves to embrace him? No. So the first thing is, you see, purity of heart.

What is that purity? Again I say, all foreign thoughts should be eliminated, except God. As I submitted already, God is all alone, He wants everybody to come all alone. When we go to Him, we take our bodies, our brothers, our sisters, our families, our worldly affairs, this and that thing – pleasures of this world or the next world. They are dirty clothes. Good or bad actions, you see, have the same effect. Of course, we have to start with good actions. But, you see, love unifies; it eliminates all ego. An outer sword, if it is struck against anything, it will cut it into two. If the sword of love is struck, then two will become one. Then you will feel that I and my Father are one.

It is spoken of Laila, the beloved of Majnu (in Persia), that once an injection was made and blood was taken out from her arm; and it is said that Majnu was so much in love with her, in unison with her, that when blood was taken from Laila's arm, Majnu's arm began to bleed. Thoughts are very potent, mind that. I have read books in which I have seen that he who thinks of the Christ being nailed to the cross, within a few days, his palms begin to bleed. You follow? When between you and Him remains nothing else, then, that thing will happen to you.

So it is said, people, where does this filth come from? Mind. Is it? Mind is under the control of outgoing faculties, and enjoys outward enjoyments so much that it is attached to them. You see, if a rabbit passes through a dung heap, he will have bad odour; there is radiation there. Each man has his radiation; whatever thoughts are there are radiated.

Guru Amardas, when he succeeded Guru Angad, said I was some day like you – Saints don't have to come down from heaven; some were made here – I was some day like you but now I have risen through the grace of God, through my Guru. He dragged me up from the depths of the poison of the outgoing faculties and brought me up. Then he compared his previous life and his present life; what did he say? He said, "Sometimes bad odour came out of my body; there was radiation like that. Now perfume radiates from me." Do you know why? Just go into the thing. Thoughts have their own colour, and their own perfume or bad odour also. I give you an example: every day you wash your face and hands with soap, and you may also use some perfume. Leave it for a week; you will see that there is a bad odour coming from your head. Where does that come from? That is the result of the thoughts within our minds. So Guru Amardas said once, "People are after cleaning the body; the poor fellows do not know the whole thing is due to the mind within you."

Again, you see, every thought has its own colour too. By radiation you can find it, if your yogic eye is developed. If there are thoughts of lust or anger, then the radiation will be as though a red black colour is coming up. Those who have got greedy thoughts, it is just like fire burning. If you have pure thoughts, then perfume will come. Our Master used to relate that once when he was passing by he smelled a sweet fragrance. He said, "I looked all around – where is it coming from?" When he passed further, he found one man sitting there. He was a Saint – a God-intoxicated man-and the sweet fragrance was his radiation. Those who have got noses, I would say now, they can smell that thing. Our Master was pure; he smelled it. We don't, because there is so much dirt. If there is a ton of dirt, and we add a little more, what difference does it make? That's why we don't feel it. But those who have got pure hearts, if they even have the slightest addition of dirt, they will feel it.

When I was in active service (I was on the firing line for five months) I was given one orderly to cook my food – this was in 1921. I admonished him, "Look here: so long as you are in the kitchen, mind that, let no foreign thought enter you. Your thoughts may be in reciting the scriptures or in love of God." He said, "All right." A day or two passed all right; at night on the third day when I sat for my meditations I felt something wrong. I called him at one in the morning: "Tell me, who was in your kitchen today? What were you thinking of?" He said, "Nothing." I said, "Don't you tell lies!" Then he said, "Yes, there was a man; we were talking."

So my point is, if there is already too much dirt, and a little more is added, what difference does it make? But if there is no dirt – purity of heart means that thing.

So if you want, I will give you an instance: see to your aura. Each man has his personal aura; some are six inches long, some one foot; a spiritual man's is much longer – as our Master said, you can feel that from a distance. Stand in the sun with your back toward the sun, and look to your shoulders, very intently, you will find smoke coming up. A little more attention and you will find that colour there which is proceeding from your thoughts. That is why the Masters say, whatever sins we have within us, they give effect. Thoughts are very potent. Once Birbal, the minister of Akbar the Great, Emperor of India, told Akbar, "Whatever you think of other people, the same thought strikes the other man too." Akbar asked, "What is the proof of that?" Birbal said, "All right, let us go outside." Akbar the Great and Birbal both went out. At a distance a man was coming, from a furlong or so. Birbal said, "Have some idea about this man in your mind." So Akbar kept in his mind, "I will shoot him." When the man reached him, the Emperor said, "Well, you are excused for anything you say; tell me truly, what struck you when you saw my face?" The man said, "When I saw your head like that, I wanted to beat it down with my fists." These things are to be calmly considered, you see; ignorance of the law is no excuse. Don't be foolish, I would say.

So purity of heart means no foreign thoughts: of anyone or of the world or of your own self. This is what is needed. First is self-introspection-whatever you can witness by self-introspection, then weed it out. But last – all of the filth can be taken out by coming in contact with that Power within you, the Water of Life within you. The sins of hundreds and thousands of births are washed away by coming in contact with that Light. Guru Ramdas says that if there are heaps of firewood there, and you put a little fire to it, then the whole thing will burn to ashes. Similarly, there are heaps of our sins of the past ages – heinous sins. If you come to a Master and take a little ray of that Light within you, that will burn it all away. So the outer things come first [through self-introspection]. If we have to cut a tree down, it must be shorn of its branches first – to enable you to cut the trunk easily, that's all.

So all Masters say, we want spirituality. Spirituality means knowing one's Self and knowing God – nothing more, nothing less. But that wants purity of thought. That is why two things are given to you. Times have changed; you are given something to start with the very first day; the soul which is overburdened with sins of the past, hundreds of births, is given a boost. The burden is a little shaken off. You are dragged upward. You see the Light to start with. And further you are asked to weed out all imperfections, to maintain diaries. And this is what is called spirituality. When you introspect your lives, you see, don't spare yourself. Criticize yourself as you would criticize others. And whatever is there, weed out. Simply saying, "I am a sinner, I am a sinner," that won't do. So the first step is like that. You want spirituality, you want to meet God, is it not?

Desire is the basic thing, as I told you this morning. Desire. You desire something – to meet somebody, to have something, to take possession of something or somebody – what do you do?

You do your best by hook or crook to have it, to take possession of it. You won't care what means you have adopted. And the attraction – in the beginning, it appears to be very attractive, that thing. But later on, what is the result? You will find out. . . . Sometimes you cannot have it; then you have to go through very evil means. That very thing is dragging your mind day and night to the outward things. You feel misery, you see. If you leave off that desire – then? You see, suppose a man wants money, possessions. If he is after a hundred dollars, he will be after two hundred dollars; if he is after two hundred, he will be after a thousand. It will go on like that. Day and night he will be headlong into it; no time to even think of himself. What will be the result? You are drawn too far away from Him Who is within you. You will go where? Where you are attached.

So we people should understand what is what. Spirituality is not difficult; it is a very simple way. All these things which now seem very attractive to us, they result in misery. Guru Nanak says it is a halvah which is poisonous and besmeared with sugar. Even if it is coated with sugar, even then it is poisonous, is it not? All outside things appear to be very attractive, very nice – but the poison is there. They will drag you down, and the world is full of people like that.

So I am just putting before you that desire other than for God gives us misery from day to day. If we try for a thing, and don't get it, then day and night we are thinking of it, we are ready to use fair means or foul to have it. The result is that we are too much attached to it. Naturally we will go where we are attached. This is what we have been doing in the past, in the man body. But the man body is the golden opportunity in which we could have retrieved our Godhood. We have got, you know, discrimination. Make the best use of that. Discriminate – if it is right or wrong. The Vedas say, O God, lead me from the unreal to the real.

We have got that discriminative power, each one of us. In the beginning, when you are just going to do something wrong, you have got a shock from within you – Oh! – from that. Suppose you have gone to steal somebody's things. The first time you steal, you will be afraid; when you have done it once, twice, four times, ten times, you will become brave, you see. That imperial wall which you once broke, that voice from within, constant voice, does not come. In the beginning that always tells you that you are doing wrong, at your heart of hearts. You do feel, but you are dragged outside so much so you cannot . . . you are dragged.

You follow me, what I mean by purity of heart? I am not telling you a new thing. These are all the things which you already know, but we have to live up to them. These very things which appear to be very attractive, very lovely, this and that thing – these very things later on result in misery, disappointment, and attachment to the world too. In another birth, you will have to be attached like that.

So strange enough, there is one mind, one heart; and there are so many things, so many irons in the fire. Our heart was meant for what? God. That is the throne of God within us. We should not let anybody take possession of that throne except God. But every minute we allow everybody to take possession of our heart. And later on we are dragged like anything. What is the result? Every day that desire grows more and more. Mind is in such a position that whatever it wants, you give it. Still it wants more; it is not satisfied. The Upanishads say, What is that by knowing which you need no further knowledge? By having which you need no further possessions? If you attach yourself to God – then? All things shall be added unto you. These are words the Scriptures say. We simply ruminate over them, you see, we read parrot-like. But we ourselves must go deep down into what is what. In the early beginning of my life, I was a student, you see; I used to read the Sikh scriptures (I was born as a Sikh). That is a big voluminous treasure of spirituality, the sayings of as many Saints as Guru Arjan could take possession of. I used to open that scripture and read one hymn each morning – not two, three or four. I would put it in writing. All through the day, I would consider. "Well, what is in there?" The more you go deep down, the more things come up. Masters' words are few and simple but they are pregnant with meaning,  mind that The more you think over them, the more you go deep down into it, the same radiation comes to you. Your heart is pure, that's the point. That is why I say, as you think, so you become. I am not telling you anything new. So, with one heart, one mind – still you have got so many irons in the fire, increasing day to day. What about that heart? How can that heart expect that God will manifest there? That is why it is said, Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God.

The true temple of God is the human body. The whole creation is the temple, of course – earth below and sky overhead, that is the biggest temple we have got. On the miniature scale, man body is the temple of God in which He resides. The model of it has been made outside by the hand of man; they are models – not original. God does not reside in temples made with stone by the hand of man – find it in your scriptures. You see that it is true; but where does He reside? God resides in the temple which He has made in the womb of the mother. He locked it up and gave the key to the agent in whom He is manifest so that he can open the door and let you in. The Koran says, O man, I am the hidden treasure within you. Why don't you dig me up? All scriptures say that. Guru Nanak says, Well, there are treasures of Divinity within you; why don't you seek the advice of borne Master and have that? It is within you all – whether you are Hindu, Mohammedan, Christian or anybody. And everybody has got the right to dig it up, you see? It is there.

We can do this only in the human body. Now what do we see? For want of practical people, we have forgotten that the body is the temple of God. We made models of the man body outside – dome shaped, nose shaped, forehead shaped – and in them we have put symbols of the God-into-Expression Power, Light and Sound. But there was nobody to give us a demonstration of that true temple of God. how to see the Light within it. Take heed that the Light within you is not darkness, you see? All Masters speak of that; for want of that, we are attracted to the outside things which were made outside, models to show to the new seekers that suchlike Light is within you and suchlike Sound is reverberating within you. The result is, they stick to those things so much that they take that to be real and this unreal.

I don't say to go to temples or churches is bad; it is good. They are meant to show us that suchlike Light is within us. But somebody should be there to tell us what is what. I remember Dr. Johnson, who came to India and sat at the feet of our Master. He was a clergyman first. I went to his church and gave a talk over there. I told them, he first went as a missionary and then sat at the feet of our Master; then he came to know the true import of the scriptures. I went to Wilmette, Illinois, where there is a Bahai Temple made with nine doors, big doors – as high as anything. There was one open door above. I asked him, "What does it stand for?" He said, to let the nine religions come in, that's all. You see, for want of practical people, what happens? When I was in service, I had a Christian superintendent under   me; and the Bishop of Lahore, where we were, was considered to be the most advanced Christian in India. I asked the superintendent, "Go and ask your bishop, 'What does this bell ringing stand for?' " And the Bishop said – do you know? – "It is only to call men together." But when Hindus go to the temples, they ring the bell themselves. You see? Worldly wise are not sure to have everything. God has kept this secret from the worldly wise and given it to the babes. Learning is good; I am not deprecating it altogether. With learning you understand what is what. Learning is a garland of flowers around the neck of a practical man. A practical man with learning will give you the same thing as an unlearned practical man, only very beautifully, in his own words, because in addition to being learned, he has seen, he has lived that life.

What is happening? I was asked on television how peace can come up. I told them, it will happen when man rises above "isms." Remain in the "isms," – the true teaching is the same everywhere: All mankind is one. Soul is of the same essence as that of God. We are all children of God, we are all brothers and sisters in God; and the same God called by so many names is worshipped by all, and He is the Controlling Power of all creation and the body as well. Rise above those isms – remain in them; I don't say leave them. Masters don't touch the outward forms; they don't   come to destroy but to fulfil. But for want of practical people, this happened. The result is that if a little pinnacle of a temple or mosque or church is broken, well, we are ready to sacrifice hundreds of true temples.

Guru Nanak advises: The true nectar, for which you have come to the world, which will give you everlasting life, can be had through the Guru. But for that, you will have to abide by what he says. He tells you natural truths self-evident truths. Those very self-evident truths are given in all scriptures; but if we are stuck fast to one and ask who said that – if Christ said so, "Does the prophet also say so?" – Well, truth is one, whether Prophet Mohammed is there or Christ is there or Guru Nanak is there. The same light is in the temples, mosques and churches. Which is better and which is not better? Just go into it – what is what. What is happening in the world? Guru Nanak went to Persia. One Kazi Ruknuddin put a question to him: "You are a great Saint; you must have seen the house of our Father, God; what is that like?" And Guru Nanak referred to the man body. So man body is the true temple of God. Those eyes which are open, they see that the man body is the temple of God. We have respect for other temples because they were started just to let beginners know the Truth. But there should be some practical man there who will tell you what is Truth. In the temple of God, all should sit together; but in the temples of the Hindus, only Hindus sit together; in the churches of the Christians, only Christians sit together; in the mosques of the Mohammedans, only Mohammedans sit together. But this is the temple of God, you see; have a temple where all can sit together. And that is earth below and sky overhead. I have made no temples there in Manav Kendra, nor in the Ruhani Satsang – only for that reason. You follow me? If you stick to the water-tight bindings, don't hear the words of others – why? If the same thing that is said in the Bible is said everywhere, you must have respect for all. So we have to believe in, we have to have respect for all who are sent by God; they say the same thing. Leave off the outer exoteric side; that changes according to climatic conditions or customs that are prevailing. But the inner way is only what? We must be neat and clean – pure in heart. Have true life and higher contact. This is the end of all the ultimate goal of all scriptures. So you will find in the mosques, what do they do? The mullah in charge goes up into the dome overhead and imitates that Sound coming from above.

Similarly, this body is the true temple or Kaaba. When you rise above body consciousness at the back of the eyes, into the dome, you enter what is called Brahmrendra – "the fox hole of the brain," you see. Rise into it; here you see Light and receive Sound – calling us back to God. And when you catch the Sound, that is called the Sound Principle, Kalma or Nada, and that leads you to the place from where it has emanated. But if you are stuck fast in your religion, you don't see that the purpose is the same everywhere. And what do we do? We simply say that our way is right. There are two things within us: one is sight or Nirat, and the other is hearing or Surat. In the Light we have our starting point, and the Sound Principle guides us where we are to go. You go to a wilderness; it is all pitch dark; nobody to guide you. You cannot stay there overnight because there is danger of your life. You look all around; you don't find light, any lamp burning. So you use your ears: is there any dog barking, any machine running? You hear some sound;  you direct your footsteps that way and you reach that place. On the way there are pits; you may fall down. If somebody gives you some lamp, then? You won't fall in the pit. With light we travel and by sound we are guided. So when you sit in meditation, you find Light, is it not? When do you find Light? When you come up here. By the grace of God, this demonstration you have got. Anybody – A, B, or C – whether he is initiated or not, when he rises up, he will see Light. The Light is there: he is not to light the Light, he is not to visualize the Light, he is not to premeditate the Light; it is always there. We are the children of Light. God is all Light. Take heed that this Light is not darkness, that's all.

Amongst the Hindus, there is a custom, you see. When a man is dying, they just burn some candle or something and put it on the palm of the hand and ask the dying man to look into the flames. And a mantra is read in Sanskrit which means that this light will go along with you here and hereafter. The poor man dies, but the candle and the palm remain here! What light is meant? Guru Nanak says, When you withdraw your attention from all outside, and concentrate at the place at the back of the eyes, there you will find that candle burning. If you light such a candle, that will help you here and hereafter. All Saints have referred to it. Kabir says that there is a light without wick and without oil. . . . Everybody – all those who have gone in – have referred to it. We read this in scriptures; but there is nobody to tell us what is what. So we stick only to the outward rituals and customs, and performance of those rituals we have considered the be-all and end-all. This is wrong. Remain in something, but what you perform, just go deep down into it – what do they stand for?

So that Light you don't have to light – it is already lit. You are simply to withdraw your attention from all outside. And that Light is not all alone; Guru Nanak says, There is Light within and Sound proceeds there from. The Upanishads also say so. Paltu also said, There is Light burning within you, in the inverted well of the head; and one Sound proceeds there from. So the outward expression of God has two aspects: one is Light, the other is Sound; the contact with which is given you by a Master by raising you out of the body so that you will have something to start with. For that, true living is required. Some people are initiated; they get this very wonderful thing which cannot be had at any cost. They get it free. And they don't live up to it. When they say, "We have got nothing," – "Are you keeping diaries?" They say, "No." – "Are you putting in any time?" – "No." Well, what is the use of it? You will find out how very necessary it is, you see. If we once decide in the human body that we must reach God, then this is the only way. Swami Ji tells us, Well, just collect all your attention to the back of the eyes. The words are expressed in different ways, but they say the same thing. What will happen? You will forget all outside. Your attention will be riveted there and the Light will sprout forth. And you will be convinced you have seen it. Some people say, "We have seen Light, but we are not sure." Only when you see Light, who will be sure in your place? Don't be sceptic, please: when you see something, go on with it. If you keep the commandments of the Master hundred percent, you will work wonders, I would say.

I am not telling you anything new; it is given in the scriptures. The light of the body is the eye – have you read in the Bible? What does it say? – If therefore thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of Light. I am only quoting from different things to show that the inner way is the same, even though these rituals and outer ways of living and customs differ according to climatic influences, etc. You go to the church, where it is considered that to be bareheaded is a sign of respect. But if you go to a Sikh temple bareheaded, they will take it ill, you see? So this is what Masters say. When a Master meets us, when we go to him, we are blind, we are deaf. But when you meet him, you will begin to see and begin to hear. Master's job is just to withdraw all your attention from outside and give you a demonstration of that: how to rise above body consciousness to the seat of the soul in the body and how to open your single eye or third eye so that you see the Light of God. You bear testimony to it – there is Light. This Way, I think, is a very rare gift you have got and you don't make the best use of it. We are greatly fortunate that we have got the human body, which is the highest in all creation.

All who have got it are greatly fortunate. But those are more fortunate who get the Way in and tap inside. When we meet some living Master who gives us the Way up, we all have some capital to start with. And what to say of those who have been put on the Way – excuse me now – who have have been put on  the Way, given something to start with, maybe less or more – but after all, you have got something – and they don't live up to it . . . how unfortunate. Those who have not, by God's grace, met any Master, who have not been given anything to start with, who have met only suchlike teachers who have simply given them outward performance of rituals and customs – singing, this or that thing – those who have not had this fortune, they are not to blame. But I think you might pause to see the fate of that man who has been put on the Way and does not live up to it – how unfortunate. What a heinous crime he commits against his own self.

We are all reading in the same class – humans – to reach God. The Masters' way is not a watertight label to put on. They say, all are human beings; East or West make no difference, it is you who have made these separations. We have read, of course, East is East and West is West and never the twain shall meet. But Masters say, No; it is all the House of our Father; all countries are so many rooms in the House of our Father.

So this is what I say: All Masters come, not for any "ism," you see. They are not the monopoly of any sect. They are the monopoly of the whole world. All the world over, we are all served by two servants – night and day – is it not?

We have got the same privileges from God outside and inside. According to the Karmic reactions, some go high and some low; unless we lose that ego within us, we cannot be saved from coming and going on the Wheel of Life. When Master meets you, he takes you out of the Wheel of Life – you see that your ego is eliminated and you see that "He is the doer, I am not the doer." So this is what the Masters all over put before us: just what you have heard. I have not told you any new thing. But the only thing remaining is to live up to it. If you are stuck fast to anything, that will result in what – you know? In cleverness, narrow-mindedness, close-fistedness; I would say, bigotry. When you rise above, you will see that all are the same. That school of thought is appreciable which turns out true men like that. All these "isms" started with noble purpose; but for want of practical people – I would say because of paid preaching – the whole havoc has been done. What you have heard, you see, take into your heart. I am not telling you any new thing, but to appeal to you that the only thing remaining is – live up to it – and that will come only if you keep the commandments of the Master. A strong man revels in his strength and a weak man wonders how he got it. But he has not got it in one day. You have been given something to start with, you see. And also somebody to help you, Who takes you under His care – that God Power. What more do you want? If even now you have delayed, it is most unfortunate.