What help us to know ourselves what things are not helping factors, and how we can analyse ourselves from the outgoing faculties and intellect is a practical subject. This is truly called spirituality.
Sant Kirpal Singh

Don't forget Him

By Sant Kirpal Singh, Christmas Day, 1971, Manav Kendra

"Which does the Master feel is the most important birthday, December twenty-fifth or February sixth?"

Every day is a birthday, every day is the greatest birthday. You are blessed, you are seeing your Master in the physical body. I am not so blessed. [Master asks someone to read Christmas and New Year's Message 1971. He then asked that the message be typed and distributed to everyone there.] There is a vast difference between the physical Master in the physical body and the Master in the beyond. If He is at the same level with you, you fly in the air with all joy and ecstasy. Even though the Master does not leave the initiate until the end of the world, if we are on the same plane both together... it is bliss giving. How happy we are of course when we are in the physical body with our Master; we can never forget it. When we remember those days, tears are shed, the heart bursts. He is not away from us. I know He (my Master) is in me. Yet, with all that, the physical presence cannot be underrated. That is why, I tell you, you are happy of course. I am not. It does not mean that my Master is not within me. He is with me. He is never away from me even for a moment. But be on the same plane together, that is blessedness.

So every day should be enjoyed as Christmas with Him. You here only to enjoy that. To enjoy only eating and drinking, that is not enjoyment. We should enjoy being on the Way. If we are progressing on the way, we should enjoy Him inside as well as outside. When my Master left physically, I used to tell people who asked me, "Look here, when an officer, that soul, withdraws inside his own room, he just engages a boy to run, to carry on his work." So somebody is running, carrying on His teachings, His work.

You are blessed, you see, but make the best use of it. Master may be hundreds of thousands of miles away; even then, if you develop receptivity, you can enjoy the same blessedness at Satsang that you have in the physical presence. Kabir says if your Master is on the other side of the seven shores and you are on this side, direct your attention to him. You'll get all blessedness. May there never be a day when you forget your Master. To remain in contact with the Master is a great boon. In that case, you don't fall away in lower pursuits. If you see your Master is seeing you every moment of life, how can you do anything wrong? So blessed you are, I wish you Happy Christmas.

The Christ Power is the same working at different poles whether it is in Jesus or one of the other Masters, that makes no difference. Christ Power never dies. We have to become conscious of that, you see. Truly to commemorate, to celebrate the birthday of one Master is to live up to His teachings. But we should celebrate daily. When there is a will – as you think, so you become. If you remember Him daily with an anguished heart, how blessed you become! Unity exists. We have forgotten. We should celebrate the Master's birth daily, at every moment of breath. Guru Amar Das said, "If I forget Him with one twinkling of an eye, so much time, I take it as though a million years have passed." So Master is the very life of the initiate. Don't forget Him. Do nothing more, you'll become what He is. But we are always thinking of the worldly things. If your attention is always diverted to the Master – higher consciousness – you'll be charged with Him. Whatever is in Him, will be transferred to you without request. You'll become the mouth-piece of the Master.

There is one event in the life of one Saint whose name was Bheek. Bheek was the name of the Master. His initiate used to remember Him; he forgot God, he simply remembered, "Oh Bheek, Oh Bheek, Oh Bheek." That was his constant remembrance, repetition of the Master's Name. During the Mohammedan reign, it was a heinous crime to say that Bheek is God. They considered somebody else as God. (Social rules were strict.) Somebody asked him, "Well, who is your God? .... Bheek, Bheek is my God." "Who is your prophet? .... Bheek is my prophet." That was a heinous crime at that time, so he was sentenced to death. The orders were passed and sent out to the King for further sentence. The King sent for him and saw that his eyes appeared to be intoxicated. "Well," the King asked, "Who is your God? .... My God is Bheek." "Who is your prophet? .... My prophet is Bheek." "Release him." "Why, he will run away." "Don't fear, he has some intoxication in him." Then the King requested, "Well, look here, Bheek, your Master, is very good. As there has been no rain in the country for so long, will you kindly pray to your Bheek to give us rain? .... All right, I'll ask him." "When will you return? .... Sometime during the day after tomorrow." So he went away. The next day it rained torrents, cats and dogs; and on the third day, he came up. "Well, very many thanks to your Bheek who has sent us rain." Then, what did the King do? He just ordered the revenue of 21 villages to be taken to his Master so that he may have it for use of those coming to him. "Oh, I won't take these amenities to my Master. He never invited it. He doesn't care for any worldly things." Then he went back and his Master said to him, "When you were just in unison with me and I was in unison with God, what you wanted was given to you." "Why do you do it? .... For the sake of the world over," his Master replied. Sweet remembrance of the Master is the sum total of all practices. We do them only to show that He may not be forgotten in weal or woe. As you think, so you become.

Celebrate your Master's birthday daily. He is not the physical body, He is working through the physical body and those are very fortunate who see Him at the same level. Every moment spent with Him is very precious because in that way you have got the teachings both ways: One third by word of mouth, and two thirds by receptivity. I think that is what I would enjoin on you – become Masters yourselves. "It is I, not now I, but Christ liveth in me." Do you follow me? After all, for what purpose do you do all these practices? To see Him inside, to see Him everywhere, wherever your attention has gone. He is not a son of man, He is God in man. Once He initiates you, He never leaves you till the end of the world. You may go to any corner of the world and that power will never leave you. With all that may happen, He still loves him. If your child is besmeared with filth, would you throw him out? You will clean it and hug it to your breast. This attitude of mind of the Masters cannot be appreciated by those who are groveling in the physical body. So, Happy Christmas to you every moment of life! You people are more fortunate than me, you see. I'm talking of the physical plane – don't misunderstand me.

Yes? Any questions?

"Why have You come for us? Why?"

I'm a friend.

"Why don't You stay with Your Master?"

I'm under orders. Under orders. I was not prepared to live even one moment after Him. I prayed to Him all through life. I was initiated physically in 1924, but I was with Him seven years before I met Him, on the inner planes. In 1927, I had a vision. I saw Master was leaving us twenty-one years before He really left the physical body. I never had a moment of joy afterwards in His lifetime because I always had that sting, I tell you. I knew that was the very thorn of separation which was awaiting me. So I always prayed, "Beloved Master, let me go before You." He said, "No, you are to continue." "Why, why, why do I have to remain after you?" Orders cannot be questioned.

Gurmat Sidhant is a book written by me – through my hands I would say, not by me, but by the God-Master within me. I used to write it down and take it to Master to read it to Him so that He may give the final yes. Once, I wrote what happened to an initiate who is left behind after the Master has left the physical plane. That was a very practical statement, description, given. There was a Master, Dadu by name, who had an initiate who was not at the place when his Master left the body. When he came to His tomb, he lay down on the tomb. And, he repeated this couplet: "Oh Master, without You I could not live for a moment. It is not bearable." So He passed away. The second Guru of the Sikhs, when his Master left the body, became a recluse never to show his face to anybody. To live without the Master is very difficult, unbearable. We know when the Master leaves He is never away from the initiate, but the initiate as a son of man has great suffering. Even now when I remember my Master, I shed tears. But, He left His orders. Why? There is no questioning why.

When I read out that part of the Gurmat Sidhant to Him He said, "That's all right, Kirpal Singh. Read it again!" I had just quoted two or three sentences like that. Then again I read it to Him. Again He said, "Will you read it again?" Again I read it. Perhaps, He was telling me, "You, poor fellow, have the same fate awaiting you." He was perhaps preparing me, "You poor fellow will have exactly the same fate after me." There are so many sweet remembrances of the Master, you see. This is everything. One poet says, "To live in paradise without the Master is a hell for me. And, to live in hell with my Master is a paradise for me." But, these words can be appreciated only by those who are really devoted to the Master.

If your son passes away, your mother passes away, how grieved you feel! I never felt any grief, thank God. That's a great deception – suffering – you usually feel for the physical relations. What about the relation that is spiritual? Anyhow, to be with the Master is a great joy. That God Power never leaves you. So make the best use of the time you have here in the physical plane.

Once it so happened that my Master was photographed for the first time. I was there. He moved from one station to another. I followed Him. At one place, a man who was a big landlord was just entering the room. Standing by Him, he requested of the Master, "Well, Master, will You give me a copy of Your photograph?" The Master's ways are very mysterious. He told him, "Look here, even Kirpal Singh wants it, but I won't give it to him." I was sitting outside, you see. Mysterious are His ways. Later I said, "Well, dear Master, I know Your love for Your Master is the richest. You cannot scale how much love You have for Him! But, still with the love You have given me, won't You give me a copy of Your photograph? .... No, no... Surely I will give you one," That was the first time He got Himself photographed. If you have love, it is the panacea for everything. Love is God and God is Love. But if you want to have this marriage you are having now... it is no good.

"I am still so young and selfish, I wonder if You could reassure me that You'll live till 120."

It is God overhead.

It is all His will. So the Master always tries to quicken the love of the disciple for his Master. He knows what it was like with his own Master.

Guru Nanak, was in a shop weighing out the wheat for those who had paid for it. He was weighing out: one, two, three, four, five, six, seven times, eight times, nine times, ten times, eleven, twelve, and thirteen. The word, "thirteen" is tera in Punjabi. Tera means: "I am Thine, O Lord." When he weighed out the thirteenth, tera, he got intoxicated. He was going to weigh out bushelfuls. When they think of their Master, you see, they are intoxicated like anything.

The Tenth Guru, whose birthday was celebrated yesterday, played the role of a Saint as well as an Avatar. Once, he was found in sweet remembrance of God repeating, "It is You, it is You alone, it is You." Tuee, tuee means it is You alone, nobody else but You, all the world is You personified. He was meditating, "Tuee, Tueehem, You are all, every-thing You are." He got intoxicated and went on repeating this for three days, day and night, "Tuee, Tuee, Tuee, it is all You, Thou Oh Lord, It is all God." How can you imagine, appreciate these words of those Masters? Let us have love like that in us for the Master. If you do penances in that way for one hour, that will give you blessedness as if you had done penances for a hundred years. The reason for all of this is to develop love in us.

If you take the Master as a son of man, what will you get? Sonship: physical relationship. If you take Him as a rich man, you'll have the same thing. If you take Him as God, then you'll become God. There are different angles from which hundreds come to Him – only very few really have that attitude. Guru Ram Das says go and gather together all the riches of the world, from the plains and the ocean, gold and precious stones, and put them all together at one place, then ask a devoted initiate of the Master, "Would you like this, the wealth of the whole world, or the Master?" Master is All. Yet, when we do things, we do not put the Master first, we put the world first.

If you learn this message of Christmas Day, I think you'll become Lords yourselves. You are Lords. You are microgods. Supposing the Father wants His children to progress more than Himself. All children coming to Him must become Saints. Why do you delay? He simply wants you to obey His commandments. You obey the commandments of your mind as compared with the commandments of the Master. We give preference to the commandments of the world, not His commandments. There we lack badly. That is why we have got very little progress. How will you learn by hard labor. The Father will give all profits to you, "take away all." If you are doing practices as absolute, you will have very little. But, if He adopts you as His son, then you'll get everything He has got. Well, this is the message for today. Take it to your heart and live up to it. If you die in that sweet remembrance of the Master you are not to return to the world. Even Yama cannot look at you – he will run away when you repeat the Names of God. What are the Charged Words? They are charged by the Master. The Master is not the physical body, mind that, He is the son of God. I have written this Message (just read out) to remind you of what I say. It is from the intellectual level, but this is more real. It is from God direct. Yesterday, I went for the sweet remembrance of the Tenth Guru. When we went there, we read from Sikh scriptures. I offered my heart to them. Who knows what I was and what He was there. The Guru was always the same. They're all One, you see, all Masters are One. Masters never become two. One bulb is fused and another is put on, when that is fused a further third one is put on – that's all. The Light is One. So we'll have a feast today in sweet remembrance of Christ.

"Will we have a Satsang during the day also?"

This is more than hundreds and thousands of Satsangs what you have got now. Is it not? It is the very gist, the very soul of all preachings of all scriptures. Do you lack anything after what I have told you?

"Someday maybe You'll give us a feast of Satsang all day long? Just for one day?"

Pity it is, the feast is given every day by radiation, but you people don't enjoy it. His very moving on earth is a regular feast. An actor acts in whatever way of life he is engaged. When he's eating, he is acting. The Master is radiating Love.

Even if He is harsh (He never becomes harsh), still that love is radiating. Once it happened so that a lady came up to my Master when He was very busy. He does not become angry, but... This lady came up and bowed down to His feet. He said, "Get away! What is it? I'm busy! Wait!" And this lady said, "That's all I want, Your radiation." You see? His whole attention was there: "Wait! Wait! Get away!" Is it not the whole attention? "That's all I wanted, Thank You." So He radiates Love who has got Life in Him. Very few people really appreciate this because they have no love for the Master.

Hafiz, a great Saint of Persia, referred to the Master as a lady with red lips. He said, "The very harsh words coming out through those red lips are the sweetest in the world blessed!" The Fifth Guru says, "Even when You chastise us it becomes very soothing to me, on account of love." Why is it, sometimes He is strict like that? He wants to give you a lesson in love. He wishes you to become like Himself. And you delay because you have no love for Him. So take this message on the beautiful day of Christmas to your heart, don't forget it, then you'll progress like anything.

"Could you kindly speak more on humility because we need it so?"

You become humble only when you see some higher Power working, that you are merely a puppet in his hands. When you see some higher Power working and you are merely at His beck and call, what are you? How humble. "Blessed are the humble," the Bible says, "for they inherit the Kingdom of God." When there is no ego, that is humility. The word "world," W-O-R-L-D means world. If you take out one L out of it, what remains? Word. Word is God. So humility means striking out the "I" from within you. You are Word personified. Those who are Word made flesh, come up of themselves and reside with us to guide us on the Way. Word was made flesh and dwelt amongst us. And that is the Bread of Life. This Bread of Life comes down from heaven to work on the physical plane along with you. But He is the son of God, not the son of man, the Word in Man, God in Man, you see? Whosoever partaketh of It shall have everlasting life.

How to eat and drink, I explained to you the other day. By receptivity you eat and drink Him, the sweet elixir of the God in Him. In Gurbani also [Hindi quote]. First, He manifests in the son of man, and then that manifested Word in Him, God in Him, unites others also to the Word in Him [Hindi quote]. Word was made flesh and dwelt amongst us. Then the God in him is the Guru [Hindi quote]. If anybody says I am God, I am Guru, they simply act and pose. Shabd is the Guru, Word is the Guru. Word made flesh is the Controller. He has got two phases of life, as son of man and son of God. He is the mouthpiece of God, and if you become the mouthpiece of the Master, then God speaks within you.

"How come, Master, we're so privileged to be with You when thousands of initiates would like to be with You?"

This is the Grace of God, not from me as man. It is all His Grace. He affords the opportunity. You have come from a foreign land, spent thousands of money. With whatever love and anguish, you have come here to stay a month or two. The people living here don't appreciate it like that. There are some who do, but many do not. Some may say the Power of God is there. So this appreciation arises out of a grateful heart. It is His Grace of course.

Manbody is the highest in all creation. Every moment is worth millions, trillions, I would say, billions of trillions of money. Direct every moment to His if we are to make the best use of every moment of life. Kabir said, "The time taken in taking one breath is worth more than the three worlds, physical, astral and causal planes." You see? This appreciation arises only out of a grateful heart. But how many are there who really go to the Master for Master's sake? Very few. Very few who come to the Master for the Master's sake!

"What is Master's sake?"

The reason you come to Him is to meet God. There is a room. It has four corners. There is a man in one corner who has millions of dollars; and he gives money to whoever goes there. The second corner is only for diseases; and those who come sick to him, he heals. The third is where supernatural powers are given. And in the fourth corner God is sitting Himself. How many will go to God? Very few. People come only for worldly things, here and hereafter, or for healing, or for supernatural powers. How many are there who come to God for God's sake? Very few people come to the Master only for these three things – most of them! The man who comes to Him for His sake, rises with his right foot on the ladder. So you're blessed, you see. God has directed you from within to meet you somewhere where you can have your true chance of life, which is never like the world's relations, frittered away, never ruined, never lost.

Those who have got the manbody have the hereditary right to meet God. Those who think of the Master, who come in contact with all consciousness, will become more conscious. If you think of the material things where there is less consciousness, your consciousness will be decreased. You will go to the lower level of creation. So that is why it is most important to think of God – all consciousness – so that you may not come back in the lower levels of life. If at all you are sent back, that's another thing. As I told you yesterday, they are given the title, "You are My son, go and do this work." When I first went to the West, you see, people told me, "Well, Christ is the greatest." "Oh, I'm glad to hear." "Is there any proof that He said He is the greatest? .... Yes, yes, he said, 'I am the son of God, Father has sent me.' "Then I quoted some references from the Tenth Guru, Fifth Guru and so many others who said the same. Then I asked, "What do you think now?" They are all sons of God. They are begotten Sons of God. They are the same as God Himself.

The Tenth Guru when He was ordered to come back, gave references to His past life too. Very few Masters do state, "I was there." But Tenth Guru gave the place, "I lived there." (I have found the place He referred to, I was there.) He said, "I was in sweet remembrance of God, so much so that I forgot myself. I became one with Him. Then God ordered me to go to the world. I could not dare refuse, even though this was all blessedness, bliss. But God said, 'All right, you go.' And I had to come."

When He was questioned, "Why did you come here?" Orders. He had to come. Then he said, "Well, what should I do? You've sent so many already." Then God told him, "Look here, all who were sent before they preached their own names rather than Mine." You see? These are the words given to the Tenth Guru; he said, "God ordered me." Like that. So when he came here the first thing he gave out, "Whoever tells me I am God, he will go to hell." You see? "Who I am? I am sent by God. I am a slave of you, a slave of you all. Don't think it an iota otherwise. I am son of God. I am ordered to come here to preach His Name, not my name." Then he enjoined so much so, "Whoever tells me I am God he will go to hell."

All others who were sent before (most all of them), we remember them, not God. O Rama, O Krishna, O Prophet Mohammed, and this and that. Is this not a vast difference? He came to awaken the people. "I am Thine, O Lord." All said, "I am Thine, O Lord."

So those who are celebrating today do not appreciate what Christ did. Did not Christ say, "Whoever loves Me will love My commandments, and My Father who has sent Me, He will love him. When He will love him, I and My Father both will manifest to him in vision." Do you remember? You read that in your own Bible. Read your scriptures and see what they say. All Masters say the same thing. If you love Me, keep My commandments. Those who keep My commandments are loved by Me and My Father Who has sent Me. When My Father loves him, I and My Father both manifest to him in an experience. You see? I'm not telling you anything new, only quoting from Christ.

So Tenth Guru came here to revive the true aspect of life. Remember God, or respecting those whom He has sent, Word made flesh. They always direct you to God. "I am Thine Oh Lord." "I am Thine Oh Lord." Every time you are meeting each other. "I am Thine Oh Lord." The man meeting the other, both, "I am Thine Oh Lord." May, by Thy Will, we become One...

"Could You explain to me what the meaning of Kirpal Singh is?"

Names are Names.

"But does it not have a meaning? Singh means something and Kirpal means... ?"

Kirpal means Merciful.

"And Singh?"

Singh means lion. When the two are put together: Lion of mercy. So His ways are full of mercy. He's very strict, mind that. He has got an iron hand, but His gloves are very smooth-like.