The Masters are not the monopoly of anyone, they come for everyone, not for one group of humanity or another. They give a knowledge which is beyond the senses, which is an ocean of intoxication – a mighty effulgence of bliss.

Sant Kirpal Singh

Message 1962

Written by Sant Kirpal Singh, 1962,  Message on Birth Anniversary of Hazur Baba Sawan Singh

Hazur Baba Sawan SinghDear Ones,

On this Birthday Anniversary of my Master ( Baba Sawan Singh), I send you my best wishes for your spiritual progress. We are fortunate in that we have attained the highest rung of creation; viz., man body, which is the gateway to God.

Mind that you have not a soul, you are a soul – a drop of the Ocean of All-Consciousness – the Life Eternal. Regain your dignity. You are bound to mind and the outgoing faculties so much so that you are identified by the body and have forgotten your own self and the Overself. The body is the temple of God. The body must be kept pure and chaste in order that God may work through it for your own good as well as for the service of humanity.

To customs and creeds that were made for thy uplift, thou has let thyself become bound. You are enslaved to them, and worship them as the be-all and end-all of life. You must make the best use of them only to attain your purpose in life – which is – to join the Army of God.

How can your life be sublime ? Set up some ideal before you and work for that with heart and soul.

All Masters, to name some, Jesus, Buddha, Mahavira, Mohammed, Guru Nanak, Kabir, who came in the past, were great. We revere Them. The substantial question arises: Are they satisfied with us ? They can be if we live up to what they taught. They taught us to return to Nature and observe simplicity in all things. They taught us to have love of God first in all our affairs, but we made love of mammon first instead.

They taught 'Love and all things shall be added unto you' for God is Love and Love is God and that God can be attained only through Love.

Love God and Love all sentient beings. Love knows service and sacrifice. The secret of life, therefore lies in serving others, helping the poor, feeding the hungry narayanas (gods – souls), sending sympathy and love to those who stand in need of help and strength. By doing this your self will expand to all and you will give vent to thoughts of the past great Masters: – 'Peace be unto all, under Thy Will, the world over, O Lord'.

Apropos – become attuned to the God-into-Expression Power and open your Inner Eye or the single eye to see the Light of God inherent in every form and open the Inner Ears to hear the Eternal Voice of God reverberating in all hearts. You will find that others are not apart from thee, but are a part of thee. They are yours and you are theirs, no separation between thyself and the whole creation. You will rise to cosmic Consciousness and see that all are brothers in God and all are children of the One Eternal who shines in all forms. The mystery of a beautiful life is the love that never dies.

I send you all my love and sympathy.

O, take my life and let it be consecrated O, Lord to Thee;
Take my hands and let them be ever holding Truth for Thee;
Take my feet and let them be ever treading a Path to Thee;
Take my tongue and let it be ever singing Praise of Thee;
Take my heart and let it be ever offered O Lord to thee;

My Master always enjoined; "Not to think evil of others, even those who hate thee and despise thee. If they do not leave off their hateful habit, why should you leave off thy loving habit? If you want to be happy, make others happy. If you want to be blessed, bless others. Those who injure others, are injured. Such is the great law."

With love, Kirpal Singh