The human body is a holy book of God. Study it! Search it! Those who rose above the plane of senses and realized themselves, they realized God. This is the highest ideal of all.

Sant Kirpal Singh

Whoever has true yearning, to him this Power manifests

By Sant Kirpal Singh, translated from the Urdu Sat Sandesh of August 1957

Where there is true search for Him, there God extends help. The Almighty commanded to provide whatever His disciple asks for. The Almighty listens to our inner voice that originates from the inns of our heart and not from the brain or tongue. The tiny cries from an ant can reach Him more quickly than the loud trumpeting of an elephant. When there is demand and urge followed by the strong ambition to attain Him, He devises something or other. Many such instances happened. Remember that Power Itself which is working through some pole! He is not the physical body, though He maintains the human appearance. Our Master (Baba Sawan Singh) would say, "When an electric bulb is fused, it will be replaced by another and yet another. Though bulbs are changing, the light remains the same." That is called the Master- or Christpower, that never dies and keeps working forever. Where there is an intense urge, only there it manifests and becomes the source of solace. Innumerable such instances keep occurring daily.

I went to America. Two, three or four years before I went there, people experienced the radiant form of the Master and also of Hazur Baba Sawan Singh Ji; sometimes both came together to console them, and they used to wonder who had appeared in their rooms. He used to appear in the broad day-light. The question is that of the inner urge. That Power is eternal life, whoever has the urge, there It manifests and directs Itself. Jesus Christ was asked, "O Lord, why do you wander here and there?" He said, "I have yet many sheep to look after." He who stands on the peak of a hill sees where fire burns and smoke rises. Either He Himself goes to that place or He finds some other way to approach this disciple. Some experience a direct revelation, and some find some source; but there is always a way out.

There was an instance during the time of Baba Sawan Singh at Amritsar. It was morning and Baba Ji and I were sitting together, when a Sikh gentleman came to see the Master. Baba Ji asked how he had come. He said, "Last night you appeared and told me to come to this particular house." This is not a miracle but a fact within the law of nature about which we are ignorant yet.

So remember,  oxygen helps where fire burns. Where there is true yearning and urge, there God makes some arrangement. He comes when there is a demand. So in whose heart there is the yearning for Him, there the pole in whom the Christpower works appears – whether someone has seen Him before or not. Such instances keep happening now and then. When on my way back from America I came to London, I received a letter. Therein it was mentioned: "I met one brother, William Thompson, who showed me Your photo. Beforehand You had appeared in my meditation, and I was wonderstruck who that was. It was not my Master, so who was that? I was spurning him back and asked him to go. But when William Thompson showed me Your photo, I started to dance. I did not know (that this was You). Now I cannot reach England because it is so far away." So I mean to say that the same Power keeps working on any pole that appears. It is according to the law of nature. It is no miracle; but such personalities and such poles are rare where that Power manifests. They are in the world and live in the world. The law of demand and supply is constant.

A similar incident occurred in my life, too. In my early age I had an image before my eyes to meet Him. At that age I used to sit outside and remember Him. "O Lord, where are you?" I used to read the teachings of some Saint and write down part of it. Therein every now and then it was mentioned that we can attain Him through a Saint. But it used to come in my heart, "There are many saints and priests everywhere in the world, to whom should I go? It may be possible that I would go to such a personality who had not reached You. In this case my life would be wasted." I was assured and got the advice that we cannot meet Him without a Master. It is a law of nature.

It is a fundamental law that life comes through life. Jesus Christ was asked: "Who knows the Father?" He replied, "The son knows the Father and others whom the son reveals", because He manifests above the body-consciousness. All Saints say the same thing. Even in Koran you will find, "Search for such a personality – without a Master you cannot attain Him." The urge was already there but I was afraid of going to such a Master, who may not have reached Him, because my life would have been wasted. "O Lord, if You exist – You revealed yourself to your devotees in the past – why not now?" So I tried many kinds of meditation and at last a radiant form appeared, whom I took for Guru Nanak. Afterwards that Power accompanied me. I traversed with Him within to different places like Mesopotamia, and could see the circumstances of these places. In those days there was the Mesopotamian war.

I was very fond of rivers, ponds, water. I used to sit by the waterside during the night. When I once went to Lahore it came to my mind that I should visit the river Beas. It was Sunday morning when I reached there. Mr. Bua Dass was the station-master in those days. I asked him for the way to the river. He said, "Do you want to visit the Ashram of the Saint?" – "Is any Saint living there?" – "Yes, He lives on the riverside." I thought, "Alright, both jobs will be done (meeting the Saint as well as seeing the river)." He told me where the residence was. It was visible from where we stood and I went there. Hazur was just taking food, so I sat outside. There where no walls and no restrictions; I went upstairs and sat down. Hazur was in His room taking His meal. When He came out, I recognized Him to be the same who had been appearing to me already for seven years. I paid homage to Him and asked, "Why so late?" He replied, "It was the most opportune time."

So I mean to say that these are no miracles but facts. Who has the urge in heart, he will attain Him. God is not man, but He manifests in a human pole. Man is the teacher of man. God selects. It is not like electing a president; it is a selection by God.

If a policeman came just now and told you to get up, you would say, "Alright, Sir", since he is commissioned. This is commission. When a commissioned one sits among thousands and says something, then everybody agrees to it. But if otherwise even ten persons come and tell you to get up, you would say, "Who are you to tell me like this?" Like an outer kingdom, there is also an inner kingdom. We are devoid of that (inner) life; therefore we say that these things are impossible, there is nothing else (than this world). But yet we are pleased that there are still many brothers among us who have this yearning in them and God created the pole through which He worked to unite the humanity with God. This Power is eternal. Bodies change but the same Power works. Who has ever come in contact with such a pole – that Power never leaves him. Our Hazur used to say that the disciple may leave the Master, but the Master never leaves the disciple.

When I went to the West, people asked me, "When will Christ come back?" I asked them, "Has He ever left you?" I repeated the words of Christ: "I shall never leave thee nor forsake thee till the end of the world." The question of coming back does not arise as He has not left you. That Power is still working. The world is never without that Power. That Power is not bound, It works sometimes here, sometimes there. It is not a question of descendants, it is a question of commission. Wherever the pole is formed, there It manifests. Where there is the true yearning in the heart, there the contact of such a personality (the Master) and the yearning soul – whether indirectly or directly – is but natural. It is a question of true urge.

There is a story of Hazrat Zunaid Sahib, who was once riding near the River Dajla. His horse suddenly refused to continue in the same direction, so Zunaid Sahib allowed the horse his will, saying, "God is everywhere; let us see where you will take me." The horse quickly galloped toward a nearby hill and then stopped at a certain place. Zunaid Sahib dismounted and was very astonished to see a man sitting nearby. In the course of conversation with him, Zunaid Sahib discovered that the man had been in search of a true Master for years. After having visited many renowned saints without getting anything, he finally decided: "Let me see whether there is a God. Maybe it is necessary to go to a place which no one else can reach." So he had come over here. After some further conversation Hazrat Zunaid gave him for what his heart desired. Before leaving Hazrat said, "If you wish to see me again, you can meet me in this and this suburb of that city." The man replied, "Actually, I myself dragged you over here, and if I need you again, I may do it again." He said it with a very outspoken statement and without the appropriate respect. But still it is a question of heart to heart attraction. It is said, if the intensity of love is overwhelming, then the attraction itself will bring Him there. Urge should be there, urge is a must. Oxygen helps where fire burns. It is a law of nature. If there is any problem at all, it is that our urge is not sincere. There is no lack in supply. In the company of Saints a continuous vibration of His remembrance starts. This is the blessing of the Godpower which always works to unite the souls.

"I adore such a Master who unveils the dark veil behind the eyes and reveals the unseen." Again it is said: "By coming in contact with a Saint one can see." Or in other words: "The Guru gives a clear demonstration." This is His criterion of being a true Master. Delivering lectures, preaching, propaganda is not His criterion. His criterion is that He can give something. The tree is known by the fruit it bears. If it does not bring any fruit, no one is getting the experience. So there are thousands of vessels bubbling; of what use are they? Vessels are bubbling up, so many campaigns are going around. So watch out what is being preached there! Do not sit there with a bowl (to get something). Why? God has blessed you with intellect, wisdom, and right understanding. See, what he says and listen carefully! It is just possible that acid is bubbling over there and not milk. Maybe selfishness is boiled there. Here is the reality and there is the duplicity. Reality is less to be found than duplicity; but still they claim that reality can be attained there.

Anyhow, at this moment, let there be a little quotation of a spiritual intoxicated one. There is one poem of Bhai Nandlal Ji which is now presented to you. See, what he says. He was a literate, and came at the lotus feet of the tenth Master (Guru Gobind Singh). He excelled in Persian. He wrote down his sentiments of devotion and dedication and presented these poems to the tenth Master. Bhai Nandlal named it "Bandgi Nama" (a prayer book). When Guru Gobind Singh Ji read through the contents, He said, "It is not Bandgi Nama but it is Sindgi Nama (not only essence of devotion and dedication but also essence of life)." Out of this, one poem is being presented to you.

Listen carefully, what the viewpoint of those is who are spiritually enlightened and which is the viewpoint of the world. This poem is written in response to the one of Hafiz. Here it is given: "O my Saqi, (who serves the wine), o my Master, bestow me with such a wine that may not even be available in heaven." Bhai Nandlal Ji replies to each and every line of that poem. Hafiz recited in his way, and Nandlal recited in his own way. Why? Because he (Nandlal) is devoted to his Master. He used to see the Lord in his Master. When that Power manifests in the Master, then one’s angle of vision changes completely. Those who may not have gained a glimpse so far, they are on the way. Their way of expression will be different from those who have attained that reality.

Listen carefully what he says – he is praying before his Master. Remember: When that Power manifests in a certain pole, then the prayer offered to that pole is a prayer offered to God, because the Lord Himself manifests there. So he says, "O Saqi, o Master, bless me with one bowl of wine, so that by drinking it, my heart may get intoxication and my whole life will be intoxicated." So you see that God is joy itself, ecstasy, and intoxication. That human soul who reflects that power, attains His power and starts also to disperse intoxication. Shamas Tabrez says, "I am such an ocean of intoxication that if I leave my body, and the ashes are put in the soil on which wheat is grown, and from this wheat bread is baked, then flames of intoxication will spread out of the oven in which the bread is baked." He does not even mention anything about the one who eats the bread, he says, that the one who prepares and bakes the bread will be intoxicated. To attain this we go to a competent Master. The knowledge of the holy scriptures we can attain from worldly people, but we cannot get this intoxication! There is only the true Master who makes us drink this intoxication. So he says, "O Saqi, I have come to your threshold; bless me with such a bowl, by drinking which, my soul may become intoxicated." It is the only thing! He also says what will happen through this: "When I look into your divine eyes, all my problems will be solved." Hafiz has stated it in his own way. He says: "At first, it is very difficult to tread this path." – "At first, it is very easy to love, but later it becomes fatal." So Hafiz expresses it as he is still passing through this phase. Bhai Nandlal says, "Give me such an intoxication with which my soul gets intoxicated. Your divine light may bless me, then all my problems will be solved and will not come again." The difficulty exists only so far as the one we long for is away from us.

Once our Hazur went to Rawalpindi. A man named Din Mohd came to Him and said, "First of all, please kindly listen to me!" He used to play on the Dotara (a musical instrument). He started to play and sang: "Two difficulties I faced after giving my heart: one before Your coming and the other after Your departure." Two difficulties – and one is entangled in them. But when He manifests all the time, where are the difficulties then? Hazur said, "Yes, please, henna only brings out its true colour after having been thoroughly powdered." As long as you are conscious about your ego, you won’t be dyed in that colour. When you forget the I-hood after having merged in love, you will get that intoxication.

Hafiz says, "In the beginning this love seemed rather simple to me, but now I am in great difficulty. Now I can’t live any longer, I am in great distress." Bhai Nandlal says, "It is not difficult at all. You just give me one bowl of intoxication, which makes my life intoxicated, and give me just one glance with your divine look so that all difficulties are solved." The difficulty lies only in not getting the contact. Where would be the trouble if we meet? All grievance will vanish. So Bhai Nandlal replies to every stanza of Hafiz’ poem. Some have attained the practical experience. The Master describes every phase He passes through. Thus Hafiz explains the difficulties which come in the way of attaining Him. These difficulties are faced by everyone. And those who have achieved the goal are telling about it after having achieved it. Hafiz, too, achieved the success later on. Not that he did not achieve it; but that poem is about that particular phase when he was passing through these obstacles.

Again Hafiz says, "Many whirlpools bar your way. How will you cross?" And he says, "The bell is ringing, get ready and come." He says, "The bells calling for the night rest have no meaning for me nor the temptation of the resting place." And: "The sound of bells comes, gird up your loins and reach the goal immediately." Nandlal replies, "Let the bells ring, what have we got to do with it? I am in His lap. Where else have I got to go? I am already there, where I should have been. I have already reached there, where the bell was ringing. Now if the bells keep ringing – what does it matter to me?" So, he is talking about what he has already attained.

"The men of God are not God themselves, but are also not separate from God." This is what the scared ones say. And those who are bold, they say: "I have seen the God-into-expression-Power. I have seen Him moving about in the human form." When I went the first time to the lotus feet of my Master, I wrote a letter to my brother, "I have seen a personality moving on earth in all the humility of Guru Nanak; but wait till you hear from me again." I mean to say that this is a glimpse one may get of Him. When the karmas of the past get developed, then it comes to man’s credit. One believes just by seeing (the Master); the other one does not, but this does not make any difference to such a personality.

At first the Master appears to be an ordinary person. Someone asked our Master, "How should we address You?" He said, "Take me as your brother, as your father, as your friend, as your teacher. Just act up to what I say. When you rise above the body and you find Him inside, too, and see His glory, then you may say whatever you like." When a competent Master comes, He never says He has come from heaven; He says, "I am your servant, I am your brother, listen to me." When on His command you rise above and see His glory, then call Him as you like. In reality one can only be convinced by heart about His greatness when one goes within. Otherwise all deliver lectures. There is still a difference in the way of delivering lectures. If one speaks with confidence, there is a great clarity in the way of his expression. There is a charging in his expression and words. But still the complete belief comes only after seeing with one’s own eyes. When I returned from America, I received one letter; it is still with me. An instance of the year 1934 is mentioned therein. A lady wrote: "Master met me in Chicago city in 1934. I was carrying some fruit. He took some fruit, ate it and disappeared with the basket." This lady inquired by correspondence from every place what was meant. She could not make out. I wrote her back, "This is something quite natural. That Power materializes and also becomes Word-made-Flesh, and as Absolute Form always stays hidden." It is not a new thing, this is not a miracle, but these are the signs of a competent Master.

Only one who is competent can recognize a competent Master. While passing through the street, an addict recognizes another addict by seeing his eyes. So, when the soul is intoxicated, that effects through the eyes. Why should one addict not recognize the other? The literate would not recognize him, as "Knowledge is one thing and practical experience is something else." When our attention is attached to the intellect, its outcome is knowledge. When our attention comes in contact with the Word by rising above the body-consciousness, its outcome is spirituality. There is a big difference between the two. Just possible that one is highly qualified and may be an eminent lecturer or a great propagandist; but may be that he is quite devoid of spirituality. Spirituality only comes through a spiritual person. Remember, spirituality is neither the heritage of the literates nor can they demonstrate it. So the Master says with immense love, "O brothers, where have we got to go? Whom are we seeking for?" He is right in front of us. God is manifested in Him.

He, whom we have to meet, He stands in front of us. Now our work is only to see attentively. So it will be something from heart to heart. What the Master has attained will be transferred to the disciple. This is the secret of Guru-Bhakti. Nandlal says, "My friend has overpowered each sense organ of my body." Again he says, "Though my name is there, it is only He who exists now. I have lost the discrimination of You and I." This is the very secret of Guru-Bhakti. He says, "The Master is within me, and it is only He – not I." This is the practical experience and the last secret of Guru-Bhakti." Guru Amar Das, who came to the holy feet of Guru Angad Dev Ji after a long search of seventy years, attained that very secret and says: "Through Guru-Bhakti God is attained." Where it manifests, there will be a way from heart to heart.

If a disciple dispels all other thoughts and lives in His constant remembrance, then His spiritual greatness is transferred to the disciple.