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Jap Ji: The message of Guru Nanak

This version of Jap Ji, or the message of Guru Nanak, is sent out into the world in order to feed hungry souls, and quench their thirst for true knowledge of the higher life.

The "Jap Ji" deals with the practical aspect of the problem of spirituality more than with mere theory. Neither is it a mere work of literature. Earlier translations into English have tended to ignore this and have often failed to convey the true import of the original. In this rendering, an effort has been made to concentrate upon the message that the "Jap Ji" contains, rather than to indulge in a literary exercise. The study of this work will help all people, irrespective of the religion that they may profess.

Sant Kirpal Singh

First edition 1959

1 The preface
2 What is Jap Ji?
3 Religion: objective and subjective
4 Divine will - How is it revealed?
5 The objective and subjective aspects of Naam
6 Evidences from the various religions
7 Sound differentiated
8 Misery and pleasure defined
9 Advantages accuring from inner communion of the soul with Naam - or Surat Shabd Yoga
10 Simran – what it means, and its uses
11 Three grand divisions and their features
12 Man is an epitome of the three grand divisions of the creation
13 Possibility of communion of the microcosm with the macrocosm regions
14 Concentration of spirit-current is necessary before it can rise into the higher spiritual planes
15 Uses of the three restrictions and their process

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