Gott kann man nicht erkennen durch die nach außen gerichteten Sinne, den Intellekt oder die Lebensströme, auch Pranas genannt. Nur die Seele kann Ihn erkennen - nur Gleiches kann Gleiches erkennen.

Sant Kirpal Singh

"As I told you, it is the soul alone that can know God. Like knows the like. Soul is a conscious entity; God is all consciousness. So the first thing is that we should know ourselves. All Masters, whenever they came, they gave out the same thing: Know thyself. How can we know ourselves? By liberating ourselves from the clutches of mind and the outgoing faculties; or, you might say, by analysing ourselves from mind and matter; or, still further, you might say, by rising above body-consciousness. When you know yourself, you will see that that very God whom you find within is already there." − Sant Kirpal Singh

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