The Masters are not the monopoly of anyone, they come for everyone, not for one group of humanity or another. They give a knowledge which is beyond the senses, which is an ocean of intoxication – a mighty effulgence of bliss.

Sant Kirpal Singh

Once you have decided, do it! - August, 7, 1974


Evening Darshan, Sawan Ashram, Delhi, August 7, 1974
This talk was in reply to a letter from the head of the department of records asking Sant Kirpal Singh if He wished the daily recording to be continued


Sant Kirpal Singh: Is there any good of recording everything?

Yes, Sir. This is scripture.

Sant Kirpal Singh: I say you have already got bundles like that. If you are able to edit the transcriptions, it is splendid work. I think it is better that you go on editing all of these. The same thing is repeated. Maybe someday new things will be coming up. If new things come up, it is a different way of expressing the same thing. I think enough has been recorded. There are so many bundles lying untouched. They require editing. Editing means hard work. After editing, it should be seen.

Bulleh Shah was an Indian Saint, a strict Mohammedan, He read all the scriptures of Mohammedan literature. But when he was initiated by his Master, he had access inside to what was referred in the scriptures. So, what did He do? Do you know? He put all scriptures in one place, covered them with a cloth and sat on them. He was a Sayyid – the highest class of Mohammedan. Someone asked Bulleh, “What have you done? You are misguided.” He replied, “No, no. I was reading all these books all through my life. They did not give me anything they referred to. That was given to me by the Master.”

So, all the scriptures you have got and what you are making by recording, doesn't give you anything unless somebody gives you initiation inside. That's why I say, “Is there any more needed?”

Master, they will remind us of You.

Sant Kirpal Singh: One poet says, “Hundreds of Scriptures may be burned, thousands of other books on the subject put to flames: The main purpose is to have love for God. If you have that, throw them away.”

I was just asking you if there was more need of recording anything from day to day. You replied that it would add to scriptures. This will add more trouble unless you have some man who can give you experience inside. These books cannot give you experience. These books are gold and emeralds, of course, but they are sealed books unless somebody can give you inside. What they referred to is in you. Unless you are initiated into that, you won't know. Edit them – verify. Then let them go to the people. Don't add more and more and more. Now it is for you to decide.

The purpose of scriptures is to develop love for God. You cannot have that unless you come in contact with Him. Contact cannot be had outside. It is within you. Someone gives you a contact within. So, all books are words like that. Burn away all scriptures.

The only purpose meant is to develop love for God. If you have developed that, all books can be burned. You become the master of all the scriptures and when you come in contact with that within you, your face will bloom. Otherwise, scriptures are a burden. Maulana Rumi says, “The man who only reads books – all scriptures – is just like a horse or donkey all laden with scriptures.” Scriptures are to be respected. That's all right, but if you don't have what is referred to, then?

Those of us who have worked with Your words have been so blessed. Is this because the radiation also comes through Your words in scriptures?

Sant Kirpal Singh: That's all right. Because you have been initiated, you have some taste of IT. It will help you. If someone goes to explain [things] in Greek. They [non-initiates] will not follow. It will be all Greek.

In other words, this is for initiates?

Sant Kirpal Singh: Yes.

For other people who come later, it will just be like the other books?

Sant Kirpal Singh: Surely.
There was one very big preacher. He was a learned man whom everybody respected. This man had a brother. One day someone asked, “You are very much learned but what about your brother?” He was very much ashamed to say that his brother was not learned. What was he to do? One day he put a heap of books on two sides with a path through them. After doing that, he asked his brother to pass through the stacks of books. “Now,” he told himself, “if anybody asks about my brother's learning, I can say, he has also passed through them.”

One pundit was giving a talk about the life of Lord Krishna. Other people were nodding their heads. One woman was nodding her head and shedding tears. The pundit thought she had understood the talk very well. He asked her, “Were you satisfied with what I have said?” She replied, “I didn't understand your talk. I don’t follow your language. I was simply just closing my eyes and seeing Lord Krishna playing the flute.”

What I have got is worth more than I can say. It is the kernel without the shell. They [scriptures] are just like the shell covering the almond – they only bring the teaching. If someone takes out the kernel ... Now do you see the worth of what you have got?

I have been in touch with many all through India and given open talks. I have come to see that they are learned, but they have no knowledge – real knowledge. Now at Hardwar, which is the centre of the chosen Fathers of India, my effort this time was to just make them sit together (Unity of Man Conference). Even in their own land, they would not sit together.

So, I invited all of them one by one and asked them to come and meet. “I'm inviting you as a MAN.” So, they did come. They wanted to just test me. They began to question me. I asked, “Do you have any experience of what you talk, or is it mere intellectual wrestling?” They soon turned the other way and began to praise. Very few people really have something of the inside. They give many bombastic talks. They beat the tables, sit on the toes of their feet and chant “Om.” I've seen it.

Kabir says, “God is not deaf!”

These things should be understood. They are very definite facts, just as two plus two equals four. Like almonds, some have tiny delicate shells, some very hard. I was a hard nut to crack.

Once, I wrote a poem,
Oh, please God, close all Your Scriptures.
Tell me something of which the Scriptures speak.
Let me see the face of that reality of which You speak.

If you are hearing about how beautiful your friend is, how intoxicated, but you have never seen Him ... then?

When I was first searching, I sat down at night and started some book, which I read the whole night. I put it down and came to the conclusion – there was no way out. I read many books – still no way out.

Only with one word of the Master can you be helped. It is all the grace of God.
We can only speak about it together through the Grace of God.

Don't you think we are very rich people? We have got this wealth. It is high time to develop it. Don't be procrastinating, putting off till tomorrow. Reach your destination, then lie down and sleep. We have not yet gone out of our houses. What is the use of lying there? This is far off, you see, now we are in the physical plane, then astral, then causal, and then the beyond. Your true home is there. We have not yet learned how to go out of the body. So, where all philosophies end, there religion starts.

Are you not a chosen few, fortunate people? There is grace working through different Masters. Edit what you have got.

Master, has it ever happened in the lifetime of a Saint that we have had the privilege of recording everything that is said, word for word?

Sant Kirpal Singh: That is all right. You are adding fuel to the fire. [Master laughs.] Your efforts cannot be underrated. I quite appreciate. You're collecting all the golden words. If you go on collecting, nobody can use them, and they may not be used in the right sense in the future. I don't underrate your efforts, but what is done should be completed first.

Of course, a man who is on the way, when he reads, he gets little bits. Like the unlearned pundit who sees Lord Krishna playing the flute, but doesn't understand the language.

So, this is really what is wanted. Nowhere in churches will they give this straight talk. They give long yarns. So are you going along in meditation?

Not too well.

Sant Kirpal Singh: Something is wrong somewhere. See where you are weak. You are putting out the fire in other houses. You've got to put out your own fire first.

I was sick last week.

Sant Kirpal Singh: You were never sick. Your body was sick.

A sick man has more time at his disposal. More opportunity ... Nobody asks him to go out to do this work or that. He simply lies [and can meditate].

Sant Kirpal Singh: Time is passing ... flying by like anything. So, make the best use of the time. If you do this, you will have pity on yourself. Instead of pitying others, pity yourself. Forget the past, forget the future. Be thankful for every morsel. The whole thing is sanctified.

Forget the past, forget the future. Live in the living present. Be wise enough. Why waste the golden opportunity you have here? You have so much every day by radiation. If you live in the company of a wrestler, you may not talk to him all the time but all the same ... No “trying” ... the word “trying” is used by learned people. If you don't wish to do it, that's another thing. But once you have decided, do it!