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Spirituality - What it is

The subject of spirituality is concerned purely with the problems connected with the spirit or soul – to wit, its origin or source, what it is, its seat in the body and its relation thereto, how it functions in the physical world, whether it is possible to separate it at will from the body and bodily adjuncts, the mind and the senses, and if so, the various processes connected therewith. It deals with the spiritual journey through different spiritual planes and the spirit's capability of traversing the same, the ultimate goal or destination to which this journey leads, and other allied topics, such as the welfare of the spirit, how to feed it and with what, for on its health depends the health of the mind and the body. These are some of the vital questions that fall within the purview of our inquiry.

Sant Kirpal Singh


An introduction to the subject, written for the benefit of the growing number of seekers to enable them to discriminate between true spirituality and the numerous techniques and practices leading to occult powers.

First edition 1959

1 Introduction
2 Spirituality
3 True religion is universal love and remembrance of God
4 All men have equal privileges from God
5 Religious differences: their cause and nature
6 Remembrance of God
7 The fundamental truths
8 Place of rites and rituals in religion - their differnt forms and their values
9 Ideal man
10 Spirituality: its need
11 Religion: What it is and what it has become
12 Spirituality vis-a-vis religion
13 Sectarianism
14 The ideal of universal religion
15 Experience of ideal religion: An inner achievment
16 Right target
17 The only true religion - Paravidya or knowledge of the beyond

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